Environmentally Preferred Solvent

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Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

QED-T is an exceptional solvent degreaser formulated without chlorinated solvents or other hazardous ingredients. The base for QED-T is a unique high-grade hydrocarbon distillate that dries very quickly without leaving a residue. QED-T is safe for use on all types of electrical apparatus, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and many rubber and plastic surfaces.

The physical properties of QED-T are a nice balance between safety (flashpoint), evaporation rate, toxicity, and odor.

QED-T is strong enough to remove grease, fuel oil, carbon and organic resins yet safe on many plastic and rubber surfaces. After use, QED-T evaporates rapidly leaving no residue of any kind. After hand wipe cleaning with QED-T, surfaces are ready for painting, bonding or other critical applications.


  • Mild Odor
  • Contains no water
  • Very rapid evaporation
  • Fully evaporative, leaves no residue
  • High dielectric strength for use on electrical apparatus

Use undiluted. Spray or wipe QED-T on surface to be cleaned, oil dirt and carbon will flow off surface. If additional cleaning is desired, agitate with rag or brush.

To speed the drying process, wipe with a dry cloth or use compressed air.

Key Physical Characteristics

Physical Property Test Method Typical Value
Specific Gravity ASTM D-287 0.775
Flash Point, Tag Closed Cup ASTM D-56 104°F
Odor Mild Citrus
Physical Form Clear Liquid
Solubility in Water (% @ 77°F) Calculated < 0.01
Vapor Pressure,(mm Hg @ 68°F) ASTM D-2879 Approx. 2.0
VOC (gms/l) Calculated 775 gm/l
Shelf Life 3 Years Minimum

(N/A = Not Applicable N/E = Not Established)

Safety and Handling Precautions
Always use with adequate ventilation. Rubber gloves are recommended. Treat as combustible liquid. Place rags in a metal sealable container after use to avoid possible spontaneous combustion. Keep container closed. Avoid excessive contact with fumes or liquid. Consult MSDS.


Product Name Part No. Packaging
QED-T 0150-55 55 Gal. Drum
QED-T 0150-5 5 Gal. Pail
QED-T 0150-1 4 x 1 Gal.