Eco-Spray ZV-2 – Zero VOC Cleaner Degreaser

Eco-Spray ZV-2
Zero VOC Cleaner Degreaser

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This precision cleaner brings the future of industrial maintenance to your workplace today. This zero VOC formula makes use of the latest innovations in solvent chemistry resulting in a high purity, no-residue, fast dry formula. Use Eco-Spray ZV-2 to clean metal and composite surfaces. Unlike high VOC solvents such as MEK, citrus terpenes, and n-propyl bromide, Eco Spray ZV-2 is able to perform a variety of cleaning jobs without contributing to the formation of photochemical smog. Eco Spray ZV-2 is particularly effective at removing silicone oil and grease contaminants.


  • Evaporates quickly

  • Low toxicity

  • No ozone depleting solvents such as HCFC-141b

  • No halogenated solvents

  • Leaves absolutely no residue

  • Safe on all metals and other critical surfaces*

Applications & Directions
Eco-Spray ZV-2 quickly and easily removes dirt, dust, light oils, grease, flux and other deposits from metal surfaces. Simply spray to flush off soils and surface will air dry in seconds.
*We suggest that you always test critical surface compatibility or call us for tech support.

Key Physical Characteristics


Typical Value

Boiling Point

212 ° F.


Clear, Colorless Liquid

Evaporation Rate

(nBuAc=1) > 2.5

Flash Point, Tag Closed Cup

Approx. 0o F



Solubility in Water


Specific Gravity

(H2O=1) 0.783

Vapor Density

(Air=1) >1

Vapor Pressure

(mm Hg): Approx. 116 @ 25oC

VOC Content

Exempt compound (0 gm/L)


Product Name Part No. Packaging

Eco-Spray ZV-2

55 Gal Drums
Eco-Spray ZV-2 5 Gal Pails
Eco-Spray ZV-2 4 x 1 Gallon Cans