Aviation Cleaning and Airplane Maintenance Chemicals

ECOLINK provides aerospace and Department of Defense customers with a long list of qualified solvents, cleaners and degreasers. Our client base includes major airlines, aerospace and defense contractors, as well as NASA. Our conscientious attention to detail has resulted in Ecolink receiving a 100% supplier rating at many of our customers’ locations. Aerospace Case Studies

Our partnership with the aerospace industry began when we helped the Department of Defense replace chlorinated solvents in the burn chambers of their spectrometers. Today, Ecolink works hand-in-hand with EHS personnel, materials and process engineers and end users to provide high performance products with the best possible environmental and toxicological profile.

We invite you to consider these proven solutions for your critical applications:

Aerospace Industry Applications Ecolink Recommendation
Environmentally Preferred Aviation SolventFor use as a polysulfide sealant remover, cleaning aviation hydraulic fluid, wheel and brake cleaner and a general surface cleaner Aerokleen
Non-Flammable Contact CleanerContacts, relays and other electrical apparatus Ecolink 3005
Ecolink 3005 has undergone thorough testing and conforms to:Boeing D6-17487 Revision P
Contact CleanerContacts, relays and other electrical apparatus Ecolink 2005 Available during during

HCFC-141b transition.

(See 141b Phase-out Guide)

Parts WashingQualified PRF-680A Type II replacement for immersion cleaning New II
Ultra-High Purity Dielectric SolventCleaning electrical, electro-mechanical, hydraulic systems and fuel related soils, both immersion cleaning (parts washing) and spray/wipe applications Positron
Clean-up of Paint Guns and Spray EquipmentReplacement for methylene chloride

Safe Strip

Metal CleaningRapid evaporation, leaves no residue. Effective on a wide range of organic soils Hypersolve™– bulk
Triagen (A) – bulk or aerosol
Wipe Cleaning AgentMay be used to clean electric motors, windings, breakers, bushings and bearings Purity
Clean-up of Adhesives, Decals, and MoreAlso, clean-up of corrosion inhibiting compounds and hard to remove organic soils VG-151
Semi-Aqueous SolventRemove rosin flux, oily film from metal surfaces and even the toughest organic soils such as tar and asphalt Vortex