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Finding the Right Bulk Hexane Supplier

Bulk hexane supplies are often used as industrial solvents when manufacturing products such as adhesives and paint thinners. Hexane can also be used as an industrial cleaner for various manufacturing processes and can be found as an ingredient in products like fast drying glues, rubber cement, and paint remover. Desirable for its low boiling point, flash point, solubility, and surface tension, hexane is used across several industries, and being able to purchase this solvent in bulk can help your business save money.  If your business uses hexane as a solvent or cleaner, you want to make sure that you find a reliable, cost effective, and high quality provider, ensuring your specific needs are met.

Bulk Hexane Supplier – Benefits of Purchasing Bulk Hexane 

Ecolink is a long time, environmentally conscious provider of bulk chemical supplies, including hexane. Ecolink understands the importance of quality when it comes to using chemicals like hexane, that have such a broad range of applications.

  • Gasoline
  • Laboratories
  • Military and Aerospace
  • Roofing
  • Oil Extraction
  • Textiles
  • Shoe Making

All of the industries and processes have a regular need for hexane. Being able to purchase hexane in bulk is not only convenient and cost effective, but when purchased from a company like Ecolink, you can trust that you will be receiving a quality chemical, allowing you to manufacture a quality product.

There is a lot to consider when deciding where to purchase chemicals. Concerns about safety, environmental impact, proper use, and chemical purity, are all important when shopping for a chemical like hexane, but with the help of Ecolink, you do not have to worry. Ecolink’s bulk chemical supplies are sold from 5 gallon pails to 55 gallon drums, they are high purity, and Ecolink’s mission is to supply these necessary chemicals, without negatively impacting the environment. Ecolink will also work with you to make sure you understand the chemical you are purchasing, and that you receive the chemical that best suits your specific needs.  If you could benefit from purchasing chemicals like hexane in bulk, shop our products here or contact us today!


Uses for Bulk Acetone and Finding a Reliable Supplier

Acetone is a naturally occurring compound chemical that is used as a solvent or cleaner in many industries such as cosmetics, medicine, and gasoline, which require a bulk acetone supply. Acetone is an organic chemical that is safe to use in personal care products while still being potent enough to remove substances like grease, oil, or paint. If you are in a business that requires the use of acetone, finding a reliable and cost effective supplier, to provide pure, high quality, bulk acetone, is very important.

Uses for Bulk Acetone 

Acetone is a versatile chemical that can be found as an ingredient in many cosmetic products, used as an industrial degreaser, or used to thin paint. These are some of the uses for bulk acetone.

  • Cosmetics – Acetone is the main ingredient in nail polish remover used in salons or sold for consumer use in drug stores.
  • Environmental – Acetone is used to contain oil spills preventing oil from spreading in water. Acetone is also used to clean oil from animals that are affected by oil spills, as it is safe for animals and humans, when used properly.
  • Gasoline – Acetone is an additive used to thin gasoline, allowing gas to move more easily through the engine, increasing fuel efficiency.
  • Medical – Acetone can be used to disinfect medical tools and equipment.
  • Industrial – Acetone works great as a de-greaser and cleaner with a fast evaporation rate making it perfect to de-gum and remove substances from machinery, glass, metal, or electronics.

Acetone is much more cost effective in comparison to similar cleaners and de-greasers used in these industries, and finding a reliable bulk supplier of acetone is key. Ecolink is an environmentally conscious provider of bulk chemical supplies, including acetone. We provide bulk supplies of high purity acetone from 5 gallon pails to 55 gallon drums. To learn more about bulk acetone and find out if it is the right chemical for your needs, contact us today!

99% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) 55 Gallon Drum

Finding The Right Bulk IPA Supplier For Your Company

Isopropyl alcohol, also known as IPA, is a versatile, colorless compound chemical, best known for its ability to clean and disinfect, especially in industrial settings which call for bulk IPA supplies. While IPA is used in several applications across many fields such as cosmetics, hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, and ear drops, this is a much more diluted form of IPA than what is used for industrial cleaning. Industrial IPA is 99% pure isopropyl alcohol, and has an extremely fast evaporation rate, making it a great cleaning agent for machinery, electronics, and other highly porous materials. Purchasing bulk IPA for cleaning is also much more cost effective than bulk supplies of similar agents like ethanol, methanol, or butanol. For these reasons, IPA is a great choice to use as an industrial cleaning agent, and finding a reliable supplier of bulk IPA is extremely important. Ecolink is an environmentally conscious supplier of eco friendly chemicals such as IPA. Selling bulk IPA in quantities (55 gallon IPA drums), Ecolink is reliable, and provides a high quality product that won’t break the bank.

Who Is Ecolink?

Ecolink provides bulk supplies of many eco friendly chemicals including IPA. If you are looking for the right cleaning agent for your company, Ecolink provides free samples of their chemical cleaning agents that you can try before you buy, to ensure you find the right cleaning agent for your business. If you feel your business could benefit from the use of a high purity IPA and the help of a knowledgeable bulk IPA supplier, consider Ecolink who can help find the right chemical cleaning agent for your industry.
● Electronics
● Medical
● Machinery
● Industrial
All of these industries and more need a high purity IPA to clean and disinfect without damaging the product or leaving behind dyes or residue. Bulk IPA from Ecolink can do just this, while being environmentally aware and cost effective. Visit www.Ecolink.com to learn more about bulk IPA and browse their full list of products and services.


Can You Use Acetone for THC Extraction?

THC extraction is a process where the THC component of the cannabis plant is extracted to be used in the production of various THC products. While products such as butane or alcohol are sometimes used in this process, you can also use acetone for THC extraction. Like other methods of extraction where a solvent is used to extract THC, you simply soak the cannabis plant in acetone, run the liquid through a coffee strainer, and then allow the acetone to evaporate. The resin that is left behind is THC and should sit for 24 hours after extraction before use. Once the acetone is evaporated, and the byproduct has sat for 24 hours, the THC can now be used as is, or in the production of other THC products.

Why Acetone is a Good Solvent for Extraction

  • Acetone is a naturally occurring, organic, non-toxic solvent that in small amounts is actually not poisonous if consumed. If you are extracting THC to produce products that will be consumed or inhaled, an organic, non-toxic solvent like acetone is a great option for extraction.
  • Acetone evaporates very quickly and has a low boiling point. So whether you purge your solvent in open air through evaporation, or use a hot plate to boil the liquid out, acetone can be used in either adaptation, and get the job done fast.
  • In addition to being organic, non-toxic, and having the ability to purge quickly, acetone is also a very cost effective solvent. Acetone is simply cheaper than butane and other solvents traditionally used in extraction, making acetone a no brainer if you are trying to decide what solvent to use.

Looking for Acetone for THC Extraction?

Not only can you use acetone for THC extraction, but it is organic, fast acting, and a cheaper alternative to butane. If you are considering using acetone for extraction, speak to our chemical experts. Ecolink  produces eco friendly chemicals and solvents, like acetone, for commercial use. Contact us today to learn more about acetone, and see if it is the right solvent for you.