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Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet (Aerosol)

POSITRON embodies a series of important improvements over hydrocarbon/terpene blends previously used to replace 1,1,1 trichloroethane and CFC-113. POSITRON dries more rapidly and completely than any other terpene-based solvent available today. Thanks to the use of a patented distillation methodology, this material has very low odor.

POSITRON contains no oxidizers, and will not cause moisture condensation problems since it does not evaporate too rapidly. Unlike other electrical solvents,POSITRON is non-toxic, (see MSDS).


  • Non-toxic
  • Lower odor
  • Faster dry-time
  • More aggressive
  • Ultra-low residue
  • Safe & easy to use
  • No hazardous fumes
  • High dielectric strength, (ASTM D-877 test procedures to 48,000 volts.)
  • No SARA or RCRA listed ingredients

For use by customers seeking a high-performance environmentally preferred alternative. POSITRON is used for a variety of electrical cleaning tasks. Use POSITRON in place of chlorinated solvents for all types of electrical and mechanical cleaning.

Use undiluted. Spray or wipe POSITRON on surface to be cleaned; oil dirt and carbon will flow off surface. If additional cleaning is desired, wipe with rag or brush.

Key Physical Characteristics

Physical Property Typical Value
Boiling Point 348° F
Color Clear, Colorless Liquid
Flash Point, Tag Closed Cup 142°F
Odor Mild Terpene
Solubility in Water Negligible
Specific Gravity (H2O=1) 0.807 @ 25° C
Vapor Pressure (mmHg) .052 mm Hg @ 20° C
VOC Content 803 gm/liter

Safety and Handling Precautions
Use with adequate ventilation. If vapor mist is generated, use a NIOSH certified organic vapor respirator with a dust and mist filter. Nitrile gloves and Safety glasses are recommended. Treat as combustible liquid. All rags used in conjunction with this product must be placed in a metal sealable container after use to avoid possible spontaneous combustion. Keep container closed. Avoid excessive contact with fumes or liquid. Refer to label and MSDS before use.


Product Name Part No. Packaging National Stock No.
POSITRON 060-55 55 Gal. Drum 6850-01-412-0028
POSITRON 060-5 5 Gal. Pail 6850-01-412-0026
POSITRON 060-1 4 x 1 Gal. Case 6850-01-411-8815
POSITRON-22 226-1 12 x 22 oz.
Pump Spray
POSITRON (A) 696-1 12 x 16 oz net Aerosol 6850-01-445-3545