Environmentally Preferred Aviation Solvent

Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

AERO KLEEN is an exceptional cleaner formulated without chlorinated solvents or other hazardous ingredients. AERO KLEEN is intended for use as a polysulfide sealant remover, for cleaning of aviation hydraulic fluid, as a wheel and brake cleaner and as a general surface cleaner. With its high flash point, AERO KLEEN provides an unprecedented degree of user safety.

AERO KLEEN, Environmentally Preferred Aviation Solvent, is strong enough to remove grease, fuel oil, hydraulic fluids, carbon and organic resins. Unlike other solvents, AERO KLEEN can be used without extensive protective equipment. Common sense chemical precautions are required.


  • Safe on all metals
  • Excellent solvency
  • Aerospace NESHAPS compliant
  • No hazardous ingredients as defined by the EPA
  • Not a flammable or combustible liquid, (TCC Flash point above200° F)
  • Conforms to McDonnell Douglas Corp. CSD#1, Type 3, Boeing Commercial Airplane BAC 5750, and DC 17487 specifications.
  • No SARA or RCRA listed ingrdients

Use undiluted. Spray or wipe AERO KLEEN on surface to be cleaned. Oil, dirt and grease will flow off surface. Wipe surface with rag or brush if additional cleaning is required.

For polysulfide sealant removal, apply AERO KLEEN and allow it to remain in contact with the sealant until sealant becomes soft. Reapply if necessary.

Key Physical Characteristics

Physical Property Test Method Typical Value
Boiling Point(IPB-FBP) Calculated 362° F
Flash Point (TCC) ASTM D-56 216° F
Odor Sweet
Physical Form Appearance Clear Liquid
Pounds per Gal,(15.6 C/60° F) Calculated 9.05
Specific Gravity,(15.6 C/60° F) ASTM D-287 1.086 @ 20° C
Vapor Density >1
Vapor Pressure,(mmHg@ 68° F) ASTMD-2879 0.06 mm Hg @ 20° C

Safety and Handling Precautions
Precautionary measures: Always use with adequate ventilation. Avoid vapors. May cause dizziness or headache. Avoid prolonged or repeated exposure to unprotected skin. Do not ingest. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep container closed when not in use. Consult MSDS.


Product Name Part No. Packaging National Stock No.
AERO KLEEN 1161-55 55 Gal. Drums 6850-01-442-0755
AERO KLEEN 1161-5 5 Gal. Pails 6850-01-442-0769
AERO KLEEN 1161-1 4 x 1 Gal. Case N/A
AERO KLEEN 1161-12 12 x 1 Qt. Case 6850-01-442-0530
AERO KLEEN 1161-16 16 x 1 Pint Bottles 6850-01-442-0527