Today, anyone who uses chemicals is forced into a complicated mix of government requirements, exposure hazards and rising costs — including EPA, state and OSHA mandates, emissions compliance, disposal procedures, environmental reporting, training, penalties and more.

The intelligent solution is to use less chemicals and safer chemicals.

Ecolink is your Clean Ideas resource for reducing chemical costs, streamlining chemical management and improving environmental compliance throughout your operations. Here’s how:

Case Studies
Learn how leading organizations have successfully replaced hazardous chemicals in their operations with Ecolink’s environmentally preferred products.

Compliance Strategies
EPA mandated phase outs of industrial solvents like 141B demand innovative solutions. Let Ecolink develop your solvent replacement strategy so you don’t miss a beat in your critical operations.

Toxic Reduction
Toxics cannot be eliminated from the workplace overnight. Ecolink can help you develop an ongoing toxic reduction strategy that doesn’t compromise your industrial operations.

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