Ecolink 1171-hf has been Discontinued. A good replacement is MIL-PRF-680 TY V, 250SS and can be found online at by searching stock number NGT-584-7241

ECOLINK 1171HF – Low VOC Degreasing Solvent

Low VOC Degreasing Solvent

Product Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet


ECOLINK 1171HF is a low VOC (25 gm/l) solvent degreaser. ECOLINK 1171HF will evaporate at about the same rate as isopropyl alcohol (IPA) without leaving a residue. ECOLINK 1171HF is safe for use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. ECOLINK 1171HF is strong enough to remove grease, fuel oil, carbon and organic resins yet safe on most painted surfaces. After hand wipe cleaning with ECOLINK 1171HF, surfaces are ready for painting, bonding or other critical applications.


  • Excellent solvency for a wide range of soils
  • Evaporates quickly – similar to IPA
  • Leaves no residue
  • Low VOC – meets stringent air quality standards
  • Controlled vapor pressure

Applications & Directions

Use undiluted. Spray or wipe ECOLINK 1171HF on surface to be cleaned, oil dirt and carbon will flow off surface. Reapply if necessary. To speed the drying process, wipe the surface with a dry cloth or use compressed air. Ecolink 1171HF may also be used for flushing of paint guns.

Key Physical Characteristics




Clear colorless liquid


Sweet napthalenic

Flash Point, Tag Closed Cup


Evaporation Rate

(nBuAc=1) ~1.4

Specific Gravity


Vapor Pressure

(mm Hg) <45 @ 20°C

VOC Content

25 grams/liter

Distillation Range

132 – 280° F

Shelf Life

2 Years Minimum


Product Name Part No. Packaging
ECOLINK 1171HF 1172 -55 55 Gal Drum
ECOLINK 1171HF 1172 -5 5 Gal Pail
ECOLINK 1171HF 1172 -1 4 x 1 Gal Case