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Ecolink specializes in the sales and marketing of environmentally preferred cleaning technologies. These products reduce hazardous waste and minimize worker exposure to toxic substances, while meeting demanding performance requirements.

Ecolink provides a broad range of industrial solutions including EPA compliant solvents, aqueous cleaners & degreasers, job specific specialty solvents, high performance janitorial maintenance products and custom chemical solutions.

Environmentally Preferred, EPA Compliant Solvents

Ecolink has developed non-aqueous replacements for IPA, MEK, TCE and other hazardous solvents. These solvents comply directly with EPA and OSHA requirements. Formulations are offered for nearly every application including electrical maintenance, aerospace and military cleaning, dip tanks, parts washers, pre-paint, flux removal and more.

Aqueous Cleaners and Degreasers

Ecolink offers a full array of high performance water-based cleaners. Aqueous products are formulated to address a broad range of application challenges from immersion cleaning, enclosed wash cabinet use, steam and pressure washing and ultrasonic cleaning. Many aqueous formulas meet multiple military and aerospace specifications. Ecolink aqueous products are shipped in concentrate for on-site dilution prior to use.

Specialty Solvents

These industry-specific solvents work like IPA, MEK, TCE and other solvents without the environmental hazards. Some are nonflammable, some offer very rapid dry time, others remove specific target soils. A range of solvents is offered for electrical contact cleaning, degreasing, flux removal, spot cleaning and more.

Environmentally Preferred Maintenance Products

Ecolink offers a complete line of environmentally preferred industrial maintenance products including paint remover, lubricant/penetrant, rust remover, and insect sprays as well as a complete line of hand cleaners and other janitorial products through our Sentry Brand.