CFC-Free Contact Cleaner

Product Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet

An excellent halogenated replacement for the now-banned CFC-113. Unlike CFC-Free contact cleaners made with alcohol and other flammables, ECOLINK 2005 Aerosol has no flash point. It evaporates instantly and leaves absolutely no residue. These performance characteristics, combined with high dielectric strength, (+ 32,000 Volts), make ECOLINK 2005 Aerosol an ideal electrical solvent.

The performance of ECOLINK 2005 Aerosol is enhanced through the use of HCFC chemistry. HCFC is an interim chemistry, designed to help users of CFCs through the CFC phase-out. HCFCs will be available to users of CFCs long after the CFCs are phased out of production. They are intended to be used for critical cleaning, where no other alternative is acceptable.


  • Non-flammable
  • Fully evaporative
  • Contains NO CFCs
  • Leaves absolutely no residue
  • Safe on plastics, computer components, and other critical surfaces.*

*We suggest that you always test critical compatibility or call us for tech support.

ECOLINK 2005 Aerosol is HCFC-based chemistry used in many electrical maintenance applications. It is approved by EPA for ongoing use in various aerospace and power generation applications. ECOLINK 2005 Aerosol is designed to clean contacts, relays, and other critical electronic components. It is an excellent replacement for CFC-113 contact cleaners with many of the same performance characteristics.

Key Physical Characteristic

Physical Property Typical Value
Boiling Point 89.6° F
Color Colorless
Flash Point (TCC) None
Odor Ethereal and Faintlt Sweetish
Percent Volatile 100%
Solubility in Water Slight
Specific Gravity 1.22 @ 50° F
Vapor Density (Air=1) 4.0
Vapor Pressure 586 mm Hg @ 20° C
VOC Content 49 grams/liter

Safety and Handling Precautions
Good ventilation is a must. Use self-contained breathing apparatus if above TLV. Solvent-resistant gloves and safety glasses, with splash protection, are required. All used and unused products should be disposed of in conformance with local, state, and federal regulations. Keep out of reach of children. Treat this chemical with respect and follow all MSDS instructions.


Product Name Part No. Packaging National Stock No.
ECOLINK 2005 0618-1 12×14 oz Aerosol 6850-01-479-8303