Ecolink at Work in the Maintenance Industry

While Ecolink is best known for its environmentally preferred solvents and cleaners, the company also offers a broad range of environmentally preferred maintenance products and custom chemical solutions. Ecolink’s maintenance products are manufactured to the same high performance standards as our regular product line.
Every faculty using industrial solvents and cleaners also has walls, floors, windows and surfaces that need to be cleaned, rust to be removed or insects to control. Our environmentally preferred maintenance products complement our critical cleaning products by making Ecolink your one-stop resource for all your MRO chemical needs.

We invite you to consider Ecolink’s proven solutions for your critical applications:

Maintenace Applications Ecolink Recommendation
Non-Acid Drain Opener
Absorbs 1/3 more grease & fats than traditional drain openers and is safe for all plumbing
All Clear
Bathroom Cleaner
Remove rust, calcium, lime scale, slime from toilet bowls, urinals, shower stalls & all ceramic tile surfaces
Fire Ants
For control of dangerous fire ant mounds
Devastate II
Aqueous Cleaner/Degreaser
Powerful cleaner, degreaser & water-based parts washer solvent
Loosen nuts, bolts and fittings with a non-flammable environmentally preferred combination of penetrant, anti-seize and moisture displacement
Pen-T-10 (A)
Neutral pH Auto Scrubber Detergent
Especially effective in automatic scrubbers for cleaning greasy, oily plant floors, aircraft hangers and industrial facilities.
Power Washing/Tank Cleaning
Will clean grease, carbon deposits, coal dust, fuel oil and water based paints from any surface water will not harm
Rip Tide
Rust Removal
Strip rust and corrosion from all ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Rust Rip
Water-based Cleaner & Degreaser
Removes grease, oils wax carbons and inks from virtually any surface. Convenient spray-and-wipe blend requires no mixing or rinsing.
S-34 NG
Metal cleaning
Rapid evaporation, leaves no residue. Effective on a wide range of organic soils. Non-flammable, non-ozone depleting
Hypersolve™ — bulk
Triagen (A)