Industry Sectors that Ecolink Services

Use the following links below to explore the various industry sectors that Ecolink caters to:


ECOLINK provides aerospace and Department of Defense customers with a long list of qualified solvents, cleaners and degreasers. Our client base includes major airlines, aerospace and defense contractors, as well as NASA. Our conscientious attention to detail has resulted in Ecolink receiving a 100% supplier rating at many of our customers’ locations. Aerospace Products


Ecolink has developed, and continues to develop, a variety of alternatives to hazardous and ozone depleting solvents, specifically for use by the electronics industry.


While Ecolink is best known for its environmentally preferred solvents and cleaners, the company also offers a broad range of environmentally preferred maintenance products and custom chemical solutions. Ecolink’s maintenance products are manufactured to the same high performance standards as our regular product line.


Ecolink’s successful work in the manufacturing sector spans virtually every SIC code. Our environmentally preferred solvents and cleaners are at work in a broad range of applications and operations — from the world’s largest cruise ship to the smallest contact lens


Ecolink is a Defense Supply Center Richmond Silver Medal Supplier with over ten years experience serving the U.S. Military. Most importantly, Ecolink’s solvent replacement strategies, toxic reduction programs and implementation support have helped the Department of Defense meet its strategic goals for environmental compliance. Military Products


Today, Ecolink supplies over 60% of the utility industry in North America with solvents, cleaners, aerosols and related maintenance products. Customers include Duke Energy, Florida Power & Light, General Electric, Georgia Power, Progress Energy, Siemens and Southern California Edison.