Electrical Contact Cleaners & Dielectric Solvents for Turbines, Generators, Contacts & Relays

Today, Ecolink supplies over 60% of the utility industry in North America with solvents, cleaners, aerosols and related maintenance products. Customers include Duke Energy, Florida Power & Light, General Electric, Georgia Power, Progress Energy, Siemens and Southern California Edison. Energy & Utilities Case Studies

Ecolink’s partnership with the industry began in the late 1980’s when utilities faced new EPA mandates that restricted the use of ozone-depleting solvents. Ecolink partnered with Westinghouse to develop an effective solvent alternative for its turbine maintenance, resulting in the first environmentally preferred solvent for the power generation industry.

We invite you to consider these proven solutions for your critical applications:

Utility Industry Applications Ecolink Recommendation
CFC-Free Contact Cleaner
Contacts, relays and circuit breakers
Ecolink 2005 — aerosol
Dielectric Solvent
Cleaning turbines, generators and electrical components
Electron — aerosol or bulk
Parts Washer and Dip Tank Solvent
Environmentally preferred dielectric solvent
Nuclear Grade, Parts Cleaner
Unique high-grade hydrocarbon that provides its strength, has no odor & high flash point, safe on all types of mechanical apparatus
New II
Non-Flammable Penetrant
Penetrant, moisture displacement and light lubrication
Pen-T-10 (A)
Ultra-High Purity Dielectric Solvent
Cleaning electrical components
Positron — aerosol or bulk
Environmentally Preferred Paint and Coating Remover
Gasket, paint & coatings removal, and wood refinishing
Safe Strip-G
Nuclear Grade, Aqueous Cleaner/Degreaser
Cleaning, degreasing & parts washer solvent
S-34 NG