Ecolink at Work for Manufacturing

Ecolink’s successful work in the manufacturing sector spans virtually every SIC code. Our environmentally preferred solvents and cleaners are at work in a broad range of applications and operations — from the world’s largest cruise ship to the smallest contact lens. Manufacturing Case StudiesEcolink is especially proud of our work with the global mining sector, where our efforts have been key in reducing the amount of hazardous material that enters our eco-system in these critical, natural areas. When today’s leading corporations seek a chemical supply partner that can add value in today’s competitive environment, Ecolink is their choice. We invite you to contact us to learn how Ecolink products are helping people in your industry work smarter, safer and more competitively.Here is a sampling of proven Ecolink solutions for manufacturing applications:

Manufacturing Industry Applications Ecolink Recommendation
Dielectric solvent
Cleaning motors, generators and electrical components
Electron — aerosol or bulk
Parts washer and dip tank solvent
Environmentally preferred dielectric solvent
Aqueous cleaner/degreaser
Cleaning, degreasing & parts washer solvent
Non-flammable penetrant
Penetrant, moisture displacement and light lubrication
Pen-T-10 (A)
Ultra-high purity dielectric solvent
Cleaning electrical components
Positron — aerosol or bulk
Critical hand wipe cleaning QED
Aqueous cleaner/degreaser
Ultrasonic degreasing of machined parts
Clean-up of Paint Guns and Spray Equipment
Replacement for methylene chloride
Safe Strip
Environmentally Preferred Paint and Coating Remover
Gasket, paint & coatings removal, and wood refinishing
Safe Strip-G
Metal cleaning
Rapid evaporation, leaves no residue. Effective on a wide range of organic soils
Hypersolve™ — bulk
Triagen (A)