Turbine Maintenance
Cleaning motors, windings and critical surfaces with ELECTRON

Problem – Before the phase out of 1,1,1 TCA, chemical cleaning of rotating electrical equipment was a relatively simple matter: Tent the area, wheel in a barrel of chlorinated solvent and blast the accumulated oil and grease from the surface using the chlorinated solvent as a “liquid sand blasting medium”. Now that most of the fast-drying non-flammable solvents have been banned due to ozone depletion, the industry has had to rethink turbine maintenance strategies.

Solution – Ecolink was the first to introduce a non-ozone depleting, high dielectric solvent that could be safely used for the cleaning of all rotating electrical equipment. This product, Ecolink’s ELECTRON, was quickly approved and adopted by both Westinghouse and GE as the TCA replacement of choice.

Result – ELECTRON, and its sister solvent POSITRON, are now used throughout the world to clean motors, stators, windings and other energized equipment. These solvents are non-hazardous, user friendly and highly effective. Because they are non-aqueous and have a high dielectric strength, users can clean electrical apparatus with confidence that entrapped material will not cause arcing.

Savings – Because ELECTRON and POSITRON are not hazardous, they require no special disposal and may be handled just like used turbine oil. In fact, if the solvents mix with turbine oil, they do not cause the waste category of the turbine oil to change (as was the case with halogenated solvents). ELECTRON and POSITRON both exhibit a controlled dry-time (POSITRON dries a bit faster). Less solvent is needed to remove tough soils. Both products are also available in aerosol for spot maintenance applications.

Nuclear Power Plants
Cleaning critical hard surfaces with S-34 NG

Problem – Historically, nuclear power plants have struggled to find a cleaner/degreaser that meets its environmental requirements and “unrestricted consumable” specs. Importantly, prominent labeling for “restricted” or “unrestricted” solvents must be permanently affixed to avoid violations. Adhesive labels are typically applied to generic solvents which often fall off the containers. As a result, containers are disposed, and wastage and costs increase.

Solution – ECOLINK has developed S-34 NG — the first heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser specifically for nuclear power plants. As tested by an independent laboratory, S-34 NG meets the “unrestricted consumable” criteria and is shipped with permanent silk-screened labeling.

Result – Nuclear power plant personnel now have a high-performance cleaner that meets the unrestricted consumable criteria, eliminates the need for adhesive labels, cuts labor costs and reduces product waste.

Savings – One of the nation’s largest nuclear utilities has used Ecolink’s S-34 NG to replace 14 different cleaner/degreasers. After four years of use, the utility now enjoys significant cost savings through volume leveraged buying. S-34 NG’s ease of use and exceptional performance has made it the product of choice in many conventional power plants as well.

Additional Product Benefits — Ecolink’s S-34 NG is an aqueous cleaner/degreaser that is non-flammable and non-corrosive. S-34 NG is used to clean machinery, equipment, carbon, floors, and as a hot dip tank solution. Safe on all metals, it contains a special rust inhibitor. It is available in quarts or drums for dilution with up to 20 parts water, depending on the application.

Utility Transmission & Distribution
Controlling Fire Ants with DEVASTATE II

Problem – Fire ant mounds are regularly found near power poles, breaker boxes and underground power lines. When disturbed, fire ants become aggressive and inflict painful, debilitating bites, making it difficult for crews to work near these mounds. Conventional granular products must be applied 24 hours in advance — unrealistic for power line work in the field.

Solution – DEVASTATE II is an EPA registered product that kills fire ants in minutes. Importantly, DEVASTATE II will not harm grass, trees, plants or other foliage. It is packaged in quart bottles with a convenient flip-top.

Result – A major utility with a serious fire ant problem, year-round has experienced exceptional performance and ease of use with DEVASTATE II. After two years of use, replacing a 24-hour granular product with DEVASTATE II has saved numerous man-hours while protecting crews.