Environmentally Preferred Contact Cleaner

Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet


This product is a unique contact cleaner that is virtually odorless and immediately evaporative. ECC delivers performance equivalent to chlorinated solvents without the environmental or regulatory hazards. Compared to HFE and HFC based contact cleaners, ECC is extremely economical.

ECC is not an ozone depleting compound. It contains no CFC, HCFC, PFC, or other EPA regulated materials. ECC is EPA-SNAP approved as a replacement for CFC-113 and 1,1,1 trichloroethane.


  • Odorless
  • No “phase-out” date
  • Dries 100% residue free
  • Very rapid evaporation rate
  • No alcohol, propane, butane
  • No 1,1,1 trichloroethane, HCFC-141b

Use ECC for cleaning all non-energized equipment. Its high solvency is excellent for cleaning in-place electronics, relays and other types of installed apparatus. Unlike other chlorinated solvents, ECC is safe for use on virtually all plastic and rubber compounds, as well as all metals.

Spray ECC onto the surface to be cleaned, using the spray head or the enclosed extended tube. Allow solvent to air dry or blow off with clean compressed air to speed dry-time.

Key Physical Characteristics

Physical Property Typical Value
Appearance Colorless Liquid
Flash Point (TCC) < 13° F
Initial Boiling Point 204° F (96° C)
Odor Mild Petroleum
Solubility in Water Negligible
Specific Gravity 0.698 @ 60° F
Vapor Pressure 2.2 psia @ 100° F
VOC Content 582 gm/liter
Volatile, % by Volume 100

Safety and Handling Precautions
ECC is a flammable material that should never be used around open flames, (welding torches, for example). Aerosol cans should be stored in a cool place. The MSDS contains complete environmental, safety and health data. Please read the MSDS prior to using this material.


Product Name Part No. Packaging
ECC 0318-55 55 Gal. Drum
ECC 0318-5 5 Gal. Pail
ECC-22 654-1 12 x 22 oz Aerosol