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Product Description

SuperGreen liquid is designed to remove dirt, grease, and oil. This highly effective and cost efficient solvent, defined under Sara 311, 312, and 313, contains no known hazardous materials. This amazing characteristic makes SuperGreen a safer alternative to the more perilous cleaners on the market. This biodegradable solvent will not harm sewage treatment micro-organisms.

Typical Usage Parameters:

Description Degreaser
Use Concentration 1% to Full Strength
Operating Temperatures Ambient
Foaming Properties Moderate
Floor Scrubbers
Concrete, Brick, Granite
Ferrous Metals
 Oil Splitting Formula Yes
Hard Water Stability Excellent
Color Green
Odor Butyl
HMIS Rating 1 0 0 B
NFPA Rating 1 0 0 N/A

Physical Properties

pH, concentrate ~9.5
Bulk density, #/gal 8.54
VOC (Concentrate) ~40 g/L
Flash Point None
Chelates None
Water Solubility Complete
Biodegradable Yes
Silicated No
Vapor Pressure: 17mm Hg @20°C


Product Name Part No. Packaging
SuperGreen Concentrate SGC-5  5 Gallon Pail
SuperGreen Concentrate SGC-55  55 Gallon Drum


Keep out of direct sunlight. Keep from freezing. Store between 40-120°F


Dispose of in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations. For assistance with disposal contact NuGeneration Technologies at 888-99-NuGen or email: