Our approach is simple: maximize clean parts, minimize chemicals.

  • Based on the best practices of chemical management – i.e. fewer inputs generate fewer outputs.
  • Encompass all phases of chemical lifecycle – procurement through use to disposal.
  • We design your cleaning processes to maximize the number of clean parts or equipment and to minimize chemicals.

Why it works

Your complete chemical source

  • Combine cleaning technology and implementation support personally designed to your work environment
  • Guaranteed EPA, state and OSHA compliance
  • Focused today on tomorrow’s chemical bans and phase-outs so you can1) identify, 2) test, 3) approve cost-effective alternatives to reduce VOC’s including commodity chemicals such as MEK and IPA.

Proven practices and expertise

  • Buy with confidence from chemist owned and operated with over 30 years of critical cleaning experience.
  • Full range of cleaning applications – aqueous formulations for mechanical cleaning, aerosols for contact cleaning, pre-saturated wipes for surface preparation and solvents and degreasers in parts washing machines
  • We design your cleaning processes to maximize the number of clean parts or equipment and to minimize chemicals.
  • Our products meet meticulous technical specifications and deliver help to revise cleaning procedures in order to comply with changing regulations.

Going the Extra Mile

Hassle-Free and Flexible

You can buy as little as a single case to truck load quantities. We will support all of your critical cleaning requirements, independent of quantity size. If you need any special packaging or delivery system, we are well versed with barcodes, RFID and right-sized packaging. We guarantee your satisfaction by offering FREE samples to make sure your needs are met before any sales are generated. In the event one of our off-the-shelf solutions does not completely meet your needs, we offer custom blends that we develop with rapid response. You will enjoy our small minimum quantity requirements on your personally approved custom blend.

Dependable, Every Order

Turnaround time is part of Ecolink’s signature service. We ship all standard stock items within 2 days after receipt order and can ship same day up until 3 PM (Eastern Time). For over 15 years, Ecolink has been consistently recognized by the Defense Supply Center in Richmond, VA for 98% and above accurate delivery in all three categories of right product, right place, at right time.

We invite you to put Ecolink’s proven technology and industry expertise to work in your critical manufacturing and cleaning processes. Whether your goal is compliance, pollution prevention or sustainability, we will help you tackle rising costs of implementation, training and chemical management with proven solutions designed to meet your solvent, degreasing and industrial maintenance requirements.

Ready to take action? Call 800 886-8240 and talk to a real person. No robots. Or email info@ecolink.com and get a response within 24 hours, weekends included!

Testimonial – How to Replace HCFC-141b

Automotive manufacturer faced with a very perplexing situation. How to Replace HCFC-141b from a 24×7 production that was critical to their production and profitability …“We’re in a tough spot. That’s why I think we should lay everything on the table and come up with a Win / Win.”