Environmentally Preferred Parts Cleaner

Product Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet


PARTS KLEEN PLUS Environmentally Preferred Parts Cleaner is an exceptional solvent degreaser formulated without chlorinated solvents or other hazardous ingredients. PARTS KLEEN PLUS is a unique blend of high-grade petroleum and terpene hydrocarbons that provides its strength and has a high flash point.

PARTS KLEEN PLUS Environmentally Preferred Parts Cleaner is strong enough to remove grease, fuel oil, carbon, adhesives and organic resins. Unlike other solvents, PARTS KLEEN PLUS can be used without extensive protective equipment. Common sense chemical precautions required. (See SDS).


  • Mild Odor
  • Fully evaporative, leaves no residue
  • Not classified as an ignitable hazardous waste
  • High flashpoint


Use undiluted. PARTS KLEEN PLUS works very well in a drum mounted parts washer or any immersion tank. (Not for use in high pressure enclosed cabinets.) You may also spray or wipe

PARTS KLEEN PLUS on a surface to be cleaned. Oil, dirt and carbon will flow off surface. If additional cleaning is required, re-apply and agitate with rag or brush. To speed evaporation, use compressed air or wipe with a dry rag.

Key Physical Characteristics

Physical Property Test Method Typical Value
Boiling Point Range ASTM D-86 349-414°F
Flash Point (TCC) ASTM D-56 145° F  (63°C)
Non-Volatile Residue  ASTM D-1353 < 5 mg/100 ml
Physical Form Appearance Clear Liquid
Pounds per Gal,(15.6 C/60° F) Calculated 6.85
Specific Gravity,(15.6 C/60° F) ASTM D-1298 0.821
VOC Content  821 grams/liter


Safety and Handling Precautions

Always use with adequate ventilation. Rubber gloves are recommended. Place rags in a metal sealable container after use to avoid possible spontaneous combustion. Keep container closed. Avoid excessive contact with fumes or liquid. Please read MSDS prior to use.


Product Name Part No. Packaging
PARTS KLEEN PLUS 0118-55 55 Gal. Drums
PARTS KLEEN PLUS 0118-5 5 Gal. Pail