How eChem lets companies link corporate business strategy with EHS goals

As the saying goes, “you get what you measure,” yet many companies in environmentally impacted industries have not developed comprehensive environmental performance metrics. For those that have tried, the question of how to link environmental measures to corporate and business unit strategy has been difficult to overcome.

Ecolink’s eChem System helps companies align the goals and business drivers of their Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) function with the company’s strategic plan. eChem also helps companies develop performance measures that take into account the full range of environmental management issues. We do this using a balanced approach that directly links goals and objectives and groups performance metrics in four categories:

  • Financial
  • Risk & Control
  • Customer/Stakeholder Satisfaction
  • Operation & Process

To develop these systems, the eChem System employs a cross functional team of environmental and chemical professionals with experience in the design and implementation of Chemical Management systems.

Which Companies Benefit from eChem?

  • Your company should consider eChem if it is having difficulty developing EHS performance measures,
  • Your current performance metrics are not generating the desired level of performance,
  • Your EHS strategy and Corporate strategy are not linked, or
  • You are planning major changes to the organizational or operational structure of your

The eChem Strategic Process

Ecolink will implement the eChem process through this series of steps:

  • Review your company’s vision, strategy and key business drivers.
  • Assist you in translating vision and strategy into “linked” EHS goals and objectives.
  • Develop a Balanced Scorecard that supports the EHS function’s goals and objectives
  • Put your EHS mission into action through the development of personal balanced scorecard.
  • Assist you in the implementation and integration of the balanced scorecard into your EHS function management.

Aligning EHS Goals with Corporate Business Strategy

The goals and objectives of the EHS function will be linked to your company’s overall business strategy, enabling the EHS organization to make proper business decisions. This will allow the company to focus on those activities that best satisfy corporate goals and will greatly facilitate the continuous improvement process.

Few companies have an accurate measure of environmental, health and safety costs at the corporate, facility, or product level, thus opportunities to improve financial performance are often lost. Growth strategies are also flawed where reliable information about future costs is not available.

Ecolink is uniquely positioned to assist companies in developing reliable data about environmental, health and safety costs. Our environmental professionals work with business and financial teams to quantify such costs and identify opportunities for financial improvements.

eChem Turns Compliance into a Green Bottom Line

eChem offers chemical consulting and compliance support to help clients enhance shareholder value through heightened profitability. Through a broad mix of chemical management services, companies can minimize their overall chemical liabilities and utilize environmentally preferred strategies to achieve efficient and effective compliance. Ecolink’s eChem professionals help our clients optimize business results through planning efforts aimed at ozone depleting solvents and other hazardous chemicals.

Ecolink provides clients with an integrated array of strategic chemical management solutions that can help minimize international, federal, state, and local liabilities in an increasingly complex regulatory environment. Ecolink helps our clients anticipate their next steps to address current, yet ever-changing, legal and governmental requirements that accompany these developments.

By closely monitoring developments in the state and federal regulatory environment, and keeping abreast of evolving corporate goals, we can design and implement an organizational structure that maximizes a company’s bottom line. To accomplish this, we draw upon our technical knowledge of cleaning technology and EPA and OSHA regulations, extensive industry experience, and a close analysis of specific circumstances impacting a business.

Reducing Environmental Impact, Regulatory Risks and Worker Exposure

eChem provides a range of resources that assist our clients in maximizing shareholder value, minimizing compliance controversies, and coping with environmental risks and economic issues they may encounter in litigation or regulatory controversies. CRS can help clients:

  • Defend against EPA, OSHA, and ISO 14000 audits.
  • React to the changing regulatory and pricing environment in hazardous chemical handling and disposal.
  • Demonstrate and document the large economic and environmental benefits that the company provides to its local community, state, or region.
  • Employ sophisticated economic analysis and expert testimony to manage risks and defend against potential litigation.
  • Increase the financial value of operations to maximize the value of the company to its shareholders.
  • Guide a refocusing of management accounting and executive compensation to create global business optimization.

Practice Environmental Leadership through eChem

Ecolink gives corporations the tools to become recognized for their environmental leadership. Ecolink can also help corporations seeking environmental due diligence advice for corporate mergers and acquisitions. Let Ecolink provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the technical issues you face as well as a thorough understanding of the financial and business implications as you move your organization into the spotlight of environmental leadership.