• Do you need better performing industrial chemicals for a critical application?
  • Do you need help complying with latest regulatory revisions and/or manufacturer’s specifications?
  • Are you less than happy with your current chemical sourcing (i.e. integrated supply) and or waste management service provider?
  • Do you want to outsource the management of your overall environmental and economic footprints associated with your sourcing, use and disposal of industrial chemicals?

Did you answer YES to one or more of these questions? We are glad you found us on-line. We handle all requests for FREE consultation from very large to very small applications with complete discretion. Contact us today at info@ecolink.com or 800 563-1305 to have one of our specialists customize a sustainable process for your organization.

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Our Methodology

Ecolink works with leaders to accelerate cleaning performance, regulatory compliance and/or manufacturer specification conformance at a low(er) total cost of chemical ownership. Our disciplined process has been used successfully by large, complex organizations including GE and Siemens Energy, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, US Department of Defense and benefits non-profit organizations such as The Nature Conservancy (TNC). Ecolink creates and leads virtual multidisciplinary teams, and brings a disciplined process to chemical retention. Not familiar with chemical retention? We define chemical retention as the maximum capacity for retaining industrial chemicals derived from the intentional design and deployment of integrated chemical systems consisting of high performance chemicals, chemical delivery and filtration systems. We study and optimize the relationships between 1) materials, 2) methods, 3) machines and 4) people involved in your chemical lifecycle.

Members of our team speak across the US about lean-to-green strategies for minimizing chemical-related waste and pollution.

Our signature mantra “Is it essential & efficient?” stems from an industrial design flaw that ‘most’ chemicals are not efficient, essential or necessary.  Ecolink works with very big organizations as well as entrepreneurs and community leaders with big ideas to answer the following mission critical questions:

  • How green are your chemicals and their packaging?
  • How many miles do your chemicals travels (round trip)?
  • How well does your chemical perform?
  • How long does your chemical last?

We have observed several common traits among organizations who ‘sustainably’ partner with us:

  • More than 20% of your operating budget involves equipment, fleet
  • The age of your equipment, fleet is 5+ years [out of warranty]
  • You operate in multiple states, countries with multiple regulatory reporting requirements (ex: SCAQMD and OTC)
  • You operate in a source-use-dispose-repeat chemical cycle (ex: Safety Kleen®)
  • Your internal and external (i.e. regulators and neighbors) satisfaction scores are low for chemical-related processes
  • You are buying chemicals with total cost of ownership greater than $50/gallon
  • Less than 40% of your chemicals are reclaimed and reused

Getting Started

Starting with 20 chemicals (your top 10 and bottom 10) as measured by $, volume and/or hazardous waste profile we work with your team to re-engineer your chemical processes using 3 proven steps.

(1) Door-to-door analysis: we find pain points and areas that can be improved that you wouldn’t necessarily think to change

(2) Prioritize recommendations: we help you implement a long-lasting overhaul through a portfolio of solutions (chemicals, equipment, process engineering and training)

(3) Document results: we measure productivity derived from your streamlined chemical lifecycle, improved employee safety, enhanced efficiency and benchmarked processes.

The total cost of a chemical is frequently hidden behind various package sizes (pints vs. quarts vs. gallons) and container types (aerosols – net fill vs. net weight vs. % propellant; aqueous – % solids vs. % water). Normalizing your chemicals to gallons of ‘useful ingredients’ enables you to adjust for environmental performance measurements and account for increases or decreases in consumption over time. Calculating your ratio of active to inactive ingredient offers a way to separate productive from non-productive chemicals. We have observed as much as 80% of industrial chemicals in use deemed “essential” are not “efficient.” To get a total cost of ownership we encourage assigning a safety, health and sustainment score that accounts for:

  • chemicals in use [petroleum, VOC’s]
  • packaging [paper, plastic, steel, wood]
  • freight [carbon, mileage, loading/unloading and material handling time]
  • disposal or release [air, land, water].


Service Offering

  • We offer FREE product testing of our competition and provide an evidence-based review on the merits.
  • We invite you to participate in peer learning exchange where we have case studies, white papers and select customers and vendors to share their best practices and lessons learned.
  • Long-distance coaching & technical assistance is available utilizing the latest mobile technologies to look over your shoulder and see exactly what you need to improve. This saves valuable time and money + dramatically improves your success rate.

Accountability, Transparency & Personal Guarantee

For more than 20 years, organizations have hired Ecolink to solve one or more chemical-related problems affecting – aging equipment, cash flow, changing regulations, worker health and safety – to improve economic and environmental sustainability. We customize every engagement to help you envision, define and reach the next step you’re ready to take.

Ecolink meets leaders where they are, so let’s find out where you are. Are you ready? Is your team? We offer a hassle-free 30-day trial to evaluate any of our chemicals and/or one of our chemical delivery (i.e. parts washing system) or filtration systems. Each solution is designed to prevent pollution and protect your profits. You simply pay at end of the trial period only if you are 100% satisfied. Moreover, we will work with you and your team to find the most sustainable chemical solution even if it is not one of our own. Your non-sustaining chemical problem is our priority. Everyone wins when you switch to using less and saf(er) chemicals.

We invite all current and prospective clients to look behind our curtain by extending an open invitation to tour our facility. Each of our Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) contains a plain English section for quick, easy reference. All of our ingredients are listed on our MSDS and you can always ask John our chemist about the reasoning behind each ingredient. With more than 35 years of formulating, our chemist is well versed in aqueous and solvent solutions along with aerosol, parts washing system and pre-saturated wipe delivery systems. Ecolink has long track record of participation and investment among the US sustainable community including membership into the Partnership for a Sustainable Georgia to validate our claims. In October 2010 Ecolink earned two awards for energy conservation and environmental stewardship. We are committed to promoting environmental education in K-12 schools and work closely with GA DECA to encourage high school marketing students to promote sustainable government, non-profit, academic organizations along with public and private companies.

Ecolink wants to assist your organization in its sustainability efforts through maximizing chemical retention and cost avoidance initiatives. Contact us today at info@ecolink.com or 800 563-1305 to have one of our specialists customize a sustainable process for your organization. We aspire to be your first choice for lean(er) chemical solutions for the next generation.