Case Studies: Ecolink at Work in Electronics

Circuit Board Assembly Operation

Flux removal

Problem – Historically, circuit board assembly operations have relied on a variety of hazardous solvents to remove excess rosin flux during manufacturing operations. These solvents have either been halogenated, (and therefore toxic or ozone depleting) or highly flammable.

Solution – ECOLINK developed PUROGEN Organic Solvent. The material is used at room temperature in a simple dip tank or applied by hand to boards for spot cleaning. PUROGEN is highly active, effectively removing both polar and non-polar soils then evaporating completely with no residue.

Result – The need to use halogenated solvents, flammable solvents or permit a vapor degreaser for this application has been eliminated. Worker safety and comfort is enhanced while production cleanliness standards continue to be met.

Savings – Because of PUROGEN’s controlled evaporation rate, solvent loss to air is minimized, reducing the cost of chemical purchase. Additionally, because of PUROGEN’s positive compliance profile, costly record keeping is eliminated and compliance is enhanced.

Additional Benefits -Worker exposure to highly volatile solvents is reduced significantly.


Electronics Degreasing

Using a permitted vapor degreaser; HYPERSOLVE™

Problem – With the advent of the halogenated solvent NESHAPS controlling vapor degreasing, finding an effective vapor degreaser as an alternative to CFC-113 and 111 TCA has become quite a challenge. With the phase-out of relatively inexpensive chlorinated solvents due to ozone depletion and the strict regulation of the non-ozone depleting solvents, running an economically efficient cleaning operation has become increasingly difficult.

Solution – ECOLINK offers HYPERSOLVE™ to those who require a safe and efficient vapor-degreasing alternative.

Result – HYPERSOLVE™ is a virtual drop-in replacement for 111 TCA. The average manufacturing facility that selects HYPERSOLVE™ for their vapor degreasing application can eliminate about 60% of the costs associated with the procurement and use of other solvent alternatives, such as TCE.

HYPERSOLVE™ is not regulated under the Halogenated Solvent NESHAPS and requires limited air permitting. Its high PEL/TLV makes it a comparatively safe choice for use in appropriately managed degreasers.

Fleet Maintenance

Electrical panel degreasing, cleaning electrical systems on transit bus fleet with ECOLINK 2005 and ECOLINK 3005

Problem – Transit bus fleet maintenance requires quick service times to insure that buses do not experience extended downtime. Degreasing of electrical panels was previously done with 111 TCA or CFC 113. These chemicals offered high dielectric strength and rapid evaporation. Spot electrical maintenance requires an aerosol solvent that dries quickly and does not leave a residue that could impact the electrical system.

Solution – Ecolink recommends ECOLINK 2005, a non-flammable contact cleaner that offers rapid evaporation and high dielectric strength. ECOLINK 3005 is specifically recommended for applications demanding excellent plastics compatibility.

Result – Many fleet maintenance groups have incorporated ECOLINK 2005 and ECOLINK 3005 into their electrical maintenance and repair programs. It is an ideal replacement for the now-banned ozone depleting compounds previously used as contact cleaners.

Benefits – ECOLINK 2005 and ECOLINK 3005 dry immediately, has no flashpoint and leaves no residue.


Electrical Switch Gear

Cleaning with POSITRON

Problem – Prior to rebuilding electrical switches, large electrical maintenance firms must remove oil, grease and environmental soil buildup on the devices. Since the phase out of 111 TCA, (long the favorite for “spray and go” electrical maintenance), users have been faced with the challenge of identifying an alternative that would effectively remove target soils, yet be free of water and dry rapidly — without the introduction of other hazardous ingredients!

Solution – ECOLINK introduced POSITRON ultra high purity dielectric solvent as a replacement for 111 TCA and other halogenated solvents. With excellent solvency, a high dielectric strength, flashpoint above 140 and a very low certified NVR (< 5 ppm), POSITRON has become the substitute of choice.

Result – Mobile maintenance crews faced with installed equipment maintenance routinely use POSITRON for spot cleaning on-site prior to and during maintenance. POSITRON may be sprayed or wiped on. Its controlled evaporation does not cause rapid moisture condensation. POSITRON cleans more effectively than many hazardous solvents and is economical to use.

Air Regulation Compliant Degreaser

Low VOC Cleaner: ECOLINK 250-SS

Problem—A electrical company needed a solvent for cleaning and degreasing applications for machine parts in equipment maintenance. Previously they had used PD-680 and MIL-PRF-680C; however, they were seeking a solution for better health and safety of their employees as well as setting higher standards and complying proactively with stricter air regulations.

Solution—Ecolink offers ECOLINK 250-SS to anyone wanting an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional Stoddard solvents. This virtually odorless solution may be used in several methods including parts washing, hand wiping, or immersion. It is effective removing soils such as grease, fuel oil, carbon and organic resins from ferrous and non-ferrous metals and most painted surfaces.

Results—Companies that used ECOLINK 250-SS  found that all electrical, mechanical, and environmental performances of ECOLINK 250-SS were as described in its datasheets. This Low VOC degreasing solvent has enhanced worker safety and comfort while stricter air regulations are met.