Ecolink at Work Cleaning Electronics

Ecolink has developed, and continues to develop, a variety of alternatives to hazardous and ozone depleting solvents, specifically for use by the electronics industry. See Electronics Case Studies

For years prior to its phase out, 1,1,1 trichloroethane (TCA) and CFC-113 were the solvents of choice for all electronics cleaning and maintenance. While there is no simple drop-in replacement for the now-banned ozone depleters, ECOLINK’s technical staff can help direct you to the best solution.

We invite you to consider these proven solutions for your critical applications:

Electronics Applications Recommendation
Non-Flammable CFC-Free Contact CleanerContacts, relays and circuit breakers
Ecolink 2005 (A)
Very Fast Drying Contact CleanerNo odor. Non-ozone depleting ECC (A)
Non-Flammable Contact CleanerNo flash point, zero VOC content
Ecolink 3005 (A)
Dielectric Solvent CleaningFor turbines, generators and electrical components Electron — aerosol or bulk
Parts Washer SolventPowerful, high-grade hydrocarbon has no odor & high flash point,
safe on all types of mechanical apparatus
New II
Non-Flammable High Dielectric PenetrantPenetrant, moisture displacement and light lubrication Pen-T-10 (A)
Solvent DegreaserRemove contaminants from electrical equipment and motors, while
energized. Non-flammable, ozone-safe, and rapid drying
Ultra-High Purity Dielectric SolventCleaning electrical components Positron
— aerosol or bulk
Solvent DegreaserSafe for use on all types of electrical apparatus, ferrous and
non-ferrous metals and most rubber and plastic
Contact and Metal CleanerNo Flashpoint, non-ozone depleting
Triagen (A)