Dielectric Solvent


LPA® 170 is a high-purity mixture, dielectric solvent with very low levels of polynuclear aromatics. It is an effective process solvent with a high flash point and minute boiling range.


This solvent may be used in a wide array of applications, including:

    • cleaning metal lubricants
    • as specialty coatings
    • as chemical process solvents
    • as freeze point depressants
    • as pesticide formulations

Regulatory Compliance
If this material is used in a consumer product or in certain other specific applications, some exemptions may apply. Please contact a sales representative for more information on particular FDA regulations or for solvent status as an LVP-VOC for consumer products.

Physical Properties

Properties Method LPA® 170 Solvent
Distillation Range, °F






ASTM D-86 390428




Flash Point, (Tag CC) °F ASTM D-56 >170
Pour Point, °F ASTM D-97 <-94
Specific Gravity 60°F/60°F ASTM D-287 0.805 – 0.825
Density, lbs/gal @ 60°F ASTM D-287 6.72 – 6.88
Avg. Molecular Weight API 172
Aromatics – BTEX, ppm EPA 8260B ND*
Color, Saybolt Universal ASTM D-156 >25
Relative Evaporative Rate (n-Butyl Acetate = 1) ASTM D-3539 0.02
Vapor Pressure, torr @ 20°C API, calc 0.05
Viscosity, cSt     @20°C


ASTM D-445 2.4


Aniline Point, °F ASTM D-611 164
Kauri-Butanol Value ASTM D-1133 31
Solubility parameters, (MPa)1/2 Calculated 15.9
Bromine Number ASTM D-1159 <0.2
Nitrogen, ppm <1
Sulfur, ppm <1
Water, ppm Karl-Fischer <50