Ecolink NF-45 – Industrial Metal Cleaner

Ecolink NF-45

Industrial Metal Cleaner

Product Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet


An excellent replacement for HCFC-141b and TCE based cleaners. It evaporates very quickly and leaves absolutely no residue. These performance characteristics, combined with good materials compatibility, make ECOLINK NF-45 an ideal degreaser.


  • Non-Flammable

  • Rapid Evaporation

  • Non-Conductive

  • Leaves no residue

  • Safe on all metals and many plastics, electronic components and other critical surfaces*
    *We suggest that you always test critical compatibility or call us for tech support.

Applications & Directions

ECOLINK NF-45 is designed to clean contacts, relays, and other critical electronic components. It is an excellent replacement for HCFC-141b contact cleaners with many of the same performance characteristics. Point spray opening away from face. Spray surface to be cleaned until well saturated. The rapid penetration and evaporation of Ecolink NF-30 will remove contaminants in a single application. Re-apply only if necessary.

Key Physical Characteristics


Typical Value

Boiling Point

45° C



Flash Point, TCC



Ethereal, Faintly Sweet

Percent Volatile


Solubility in Water


Specific Gravity

Approx. 1.30

VOC Content

~585 grams/liter (45% by weight)

Vapor Density

(Air=1) >1.0


Name Part No. Packaging
Ecolink NF-45 (A) 2020-19 12×19 oz Aerosol
Ecolink NF-45 2020-1 4 x 1 gallon cans
Ecolink NF-45 2020-5 5 gallon pails
Ecolink NF-45 2020-55 55 gallon drums