Insecticide and Fire Ant Killer

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Product Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet

This product is a water-based, residual insecticide in a ready-to-use formulation. It is formulated with an extremely effective and rapid killing agent in combination with an efficient flushing agent that drives insects out of their hiding place and kills them, dead!

It’s combination of long-lasting residual activity, up to 60 days, along with its absence of odor and non-staining characteristics, make this the product of choice whenever pesky, crawling insects and fire ants are a problem.


  • Low odor
  • Long lasting
  • Non-staining
  • EPA registered
  • Rapid kill for roaches, fleas and ticks
  • No SARA or RCRA listed ingredients

This product can be used indoors and out as a ready-to-use spray to kill roaches, ants, ticks, fleas and other insects. For use in homes, kennels, commercial buildings, office buildings, schools, motels, etc.

Spray baseboards, under sinks, and cabinets and other areas where insects migrate.

Key Physical Characteristics

Physical Property Typical Value
Boiling Point 215° F
Color Milky white
Evaporation Rate (Water = 1) 1
Flammability Limits (vol%) N/A
Flash Point, Tag Closed Cup None to Boiling
Odor Mild Insecticidal
Solubility in Water Complete
Specific Gravity (H2O=1) 0.994
VOC 0.00 lb./gl
Vapor Pressure @ 20° C Approx. 17 mm Hg
pH 6-9

(N/A = Not Applicable N/E = Not Established)

Safety and Handling Precautions
Use a NIOSH approved respirator with organic vapor canister if vapor or mist becomes a problem. Impermeable chemical handling gloves are recommended for skin protection. Use chemical safety glasses. Wash hands after using and before smoking or eating.


Product Name Part No. Packaging
DEVASTATE II 265-1 12×1 Qt. Case