Anaheim or Bust! – The Final Results!

Thank you all for participating and we truly appreciate all of your contributions to make this contest a reality. You truly made our 25th anniversary one to remember and to set the tone for our next 25 years. Congratulations to all.


1st Place & Grand Prize Winner: Sequoyah High School!!!



You are our Grand Prize Winner!! You’ve earned your chapter $4,000.

Take a look at your report card highlights:

YouTube: 11 high-quality videos totaling nearly 7.5 minutes- bonus points for drone use! Talk about ending in YouTube week in style. Your videos received 540 combined views & 126 likes!

LinkedIn: 3 Blogs promoting the contest, Ecolink and your work. Networking at it’s finest!

Page Analytics: Your school generated the most page views and were the 6th most trafficked page on our whole site! You also boasted the highest time on page of any school over the course of the contest.

2nd Place Winner: Kell High School!


As runner-up, you’ve earned your program $2,000!

Here are your Report Card Highlights:

YouTube: 25 total videos totaling over 1600 views & 11 minutes!! One video managed to generate 1500 views on it’s own – very impressive reach.

Twitter: You fully embraced our story theme in week 3 and contributed more green stories than the rest of our contestants combined!

Your school boasted the highest raw point total of any contestant and were top 3 in most of our page metrics. You were in it to the end and we thank you for you A+ effort.


3rd Place Winner: Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe! Congrats!



If slow and steady doesn’t win you the race- it will at least get you in the top 3! LFO was a weekly winner 5 weeks in a row! You consistently contributed on our featured platforms and after weighing your raw points – surged ahead to a 3rd place finish. Congrats on earning your program $500!

Check out your report card:

YouTube: 6 videos with a combined 119 views. We were very impressed to see your program put in the effort on a weekend to produce your final videos.

Weekly winner – 5 weeks in a row! Participation counts and you earned a large participation bonus by being active on all of our featured platforms.

Page Metrics: Of the page metrics we measured, you scored second overall which added serious points to your final raw total!


Honorable mentions go to Brookwood for most photos + facebook activity & North Forsyth for embracing our LinkedIn connection challenge!


*Below you will find your school’s weighted point differential, which we arrived at by taking your raw point total (consisting of page analytics such as page shares, views & sessions as well as your off-page activity such as pictures and video) and averaging by the number of students in your programs.



Final Ranking School Raw Point Total Weighted Total*
1 Sequoyah 2841 47.35
2 Kell 4109 43.71
3 Lakeview Fort Oglethorpe 2290.5 30.54
4 Tift 385 29.61
5 Brookwood 2,344.5 18.03
6 Habersham 540.5 10.81
7 North Forsyth 811 6.14
8 South Gwinnett 424 6.06
9 Veterans 309  5.06
10  Kennesaw Mountain  206  4.12
11  Hutchings Career Center 29  2.63
12  Woodstock  200  2.63
13  Northside  39  2.6
14  North Murray 39  1.22
15  Chapel Hill  44 0.34
16  Houston  41  0.34


Again, thank you all for participating and making this such a memorable 25 year anniversary.


Please let us know if you have any questions about how we arrived at these totals and we will be more than happy to reconcile our scoring.