Difference Between Heptane and Hexane

It is important to understand the difference between heptane and hexane when deciding which chemical is best for your needs. The scientific difference between heptane and hexane lies in the composition of the two chemicals. Heptane and hexane are both alkanes, and the difference is that heptane has 7 carbon atoms while hexane has 6. While heptane and hexane do in fact differ in composition, the two chemicals can be used for many of the same practices. Everything from cleaning and degreasing to oil extraction and more can utilize either of these chemicals.  If you are in need of heptane or hexane and would like to speak with an expert to decide which chemical may be best for your needs, Ecolink can help. Ecolink is a trusted chemical provider with a dedicated team of experts, and over 25 years experience. Ecolink will happily work with you to find the best chemical or solvent for your practice. 

Heptane and Hexane Uses:

  • Extraction – Both hexane and heptane are used in oil and grease extraction processes. Oil extraction is accomplished by grinding up seeds, nuts, or other oil producing fruits and then soaking them in a solvent that will separate the oil and evaporate. After the chemical evaporates, just the oil is left behind, which can then be processed and turned into cooking oils.
  • Industrial Cleaning and Degreasing – Hexane and heptane can both be used to clean and degrease industrial machinery. Both chemicals effectively break down debris and build up to be wiped away, keeping machinery in running order.
  • Gasoline – One of the more notable applications of both heptane and hexane is as an additive in gasoline. Gasoline pumps around the world display their octane rating which tells the consumer how much heptane or hexane is present in the fuel.

Need to Learn More About The Difference Between Heptane and Hexane?

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The Importance of Reliable Hexane Suppliers

Hexane is an important solvent used in a variety of different applications, and finding reliable hexane suppliers to work with, is vitally important. Hexane is used across many industries including roofing, leather working, glue production, oil extraction, industrial degreasing, and more. As hexane is used so often and in many different capacities, it is important to find hexane suppliers who can provide you with high quality, bulk hexane supplies, for an affordable price. When shopping for chemicals and solvents like hexane, quality is important for both satisfaction and product quality, as well as safety. Working with chemicals can be dangerous, so finding a supplier who will provide you with high purity, properly regulated chemicals, in addition to necessary safety and use information is imperative. If you are in need of a hexane supplier that can provide you with all of this and more, Ecolink can help!

Benefits Of Shopping Hexane With Ecolink:

  • Quality – Ecolink proudly provides high quality, high purity chemicals and solvents, do you may rest assured that you are receiving a stable, properly regulated product. This helps to ensure the quality of your product and the safety of those who handle the chemicals.
  • Affordability – Ecolink also offers competitive pricing, so that quality never needs to be sacrificed when shopping for the necessary chemicals and solvents for your needs. 
  • Bulk Supply – In addition to affordable prices, Ecolink also offers bulk supply from 5 to 55 gallons. This provides the added benefits of bulk pricing, which allows for further savings and convenience.
  • Eco Friendly – Ecolink also proudly operates in an environmentally conscious manner in order to reduce the carbon footprint of chemical use and supply. Ecolink also offers a vast selection of green, environmentally preferred, chemical alternatives, and chemical recycling resources.

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What Is The Difference Between Hexane and N-Hexane?

Are you in need of a hexane solvent and wondering what the difference between hexane and N-hexane is? The answer is that hexane and n-hexane are related as n-hexane is an isomer of hexane and the key difference is in their structures. Hexane has a branched structure and n-hexane has an unbranched structure. The results in hexane having a lower boiling point and n-hexane having a higher boiling point when compared to each other. So while hexane and n-hexane can be used for some of the same applications, typically one is better suited than the other due to these compositional differences. Hexane and n-hexane are used across several industries and applications including shoe making, oil extraction, glue production, leather products, roofing, cleaning agents, and printing. If you are looking for the right hexane solvent for your needs, Ecolink is here to help. 

Different uses of Hexane vs N-Hexane:

  • Hexane – Hexane has a low boiling point and is often used as a solvent  in the production of products such as glue for shoe making, leather products, and roofing materials. Hexane is also used for industrial cleaning and degreasing for its ability to break down and remove debris, preventing damaging build up on manufacturing equipment. 
  • N-Hexane – While n-hexane can be used in some of the same processes as hexane, its primary use is in oil and fat extraction to create cooking oils. Due to n-hexane’s evaporation rate and boil point, it is ideal for this process. 

Need more information on the difference between hexane and n-hexane?

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What Is Hexane Extraction?

Hexane extraction is a form of oil extraction that uses the chemical solvent hexane and evaporation to pull the oils from various oil seeds, fruits, nuts, and olives to create cooking oils. There are several different processes that are used to extract oil that involve pressing or squeezing to extract, but hexane extraction is much faster and efficient, especially if you have the need to produce large quantities of oil.  With hexane extraction the oil seed is ground up and soaked in the solvent. As the solvent evaporates it leaves behind the oil that can then be turned into edible cooking oils such as olive oil, canola oil, or sunflower seed oil. This is the fastest and easiest method to extract a large amount of oil in a short amount of time.

Why is Hexane a Preferred Solvent for Extraction?

While many solvents can be used for extraction, hexane is preferred for several reasons. Hexane has a low toxicity level and produces no hazardous or poisonous fumes that could pose a threat to the user.  Hexane also has a rapid evaporation rate and low boiling point that allows the maximum amount of oil to be quickly and effectively extracted from the oilseed. Another major benefit of hexane extraction is that the chemical solvent hexane does not disturb the nutritional value of food that you are extracting oil from. 

Where to Find Hexane for Extraction? 

If you are in need of hexane for extraction, you will want to find a reliable chemical provider that will supply you with high purity hexane for an affordable cost. Ecolink is a long time, environmentally friendly, chemical provider and we can help with all of your chemical needs. We can provide high purity hexane, such as 99% pure food grade hexane for extraction at an affordable rate. We also offer bulk quantities that help cut costs and ensure high production facilities will always have enough of their necessary solvents on hand. If you are interested in learning more about Hexane and Ecolink, contact us today! 


Why Purchase Bulk High Purity Hexane?

Hexane is a chemical solvent that is very versatile and used across several industries, serving a multitude of different purposes. If your business uses large amounts of hexane for the production of goods, cleaning, or other purposes, you should consider purchasing bulk high purity hexane to help cut costs without sacrificing quality. For everything from cleaning and degreasing, to product manufacturing and edible oil production, hexane is a necessary chemical. While hexane is common enough to find a variety of suppliers, as with any chemical solvent, you want to be sure you are purchasing a high purity chemical that is not diluted or polluted with contaminants. Pharmaceutical and food grade hexane is a purity level that refers to hexane that is 99 percent pure. This is the preferred grade of hexane to effectively and safely carry out many of solvent and cleaning purposes hexane is regularly used for.  For this reason, if you are planning on using large amounts of hexane for your business, you should find a reliable supplier of bulk high purity hexane.

Industries that Could Benefit from Bulk High Purity Hexane:

  • Oil Extraction – Hexane is often used to extract cooking oils from seeds and fruits.
  • Pharmaceuticals – The pharmaceutical industry often uses hexane in the production of tools and molds.
  • Consumer Goods Manufacturing – Adhesives, leathers, silicone, and more all use hexane as an additive ingredient in production.
  • Industrial Cleaning – Hexane is an oil dissolving solvent which makes for a great cleaning and degreasing agent for industrial machinery. Cleaning with hexane will prevent grease build up and keep machinery in good running condition.

Looking for Bulk High Purity Hexane?

If your business is interested in finding a reliable supplier of high purity chemicals, contact us today! We are an environmentally friendly bulk supplier of chemicals like hexane, and we will provide you with the necessary knowledge to find the best chemical for your needs.