What Is Hexane Extraction?

Hexane extraction is a form of oil extraction that uses the chemical solvent hexane and evaporation to pull the oils from various oil seeds, fruits, nuts, and olives to create cooking oils. There are several different processes that are used to extract oil that involve pressing or squeezing to extract, but hexane extraction is much faster and efficient, especially if you have the need to produce large quantities of oil.  With hexane extraction the oil seed is ground up and soaked in the solvent. As the solvent evaporates it leaves behind the oil that can then be turned into edible cooking oils such as olive oil, canola oil, or sunflower seed oil. This is the fastest and easiest method to extract a large amount of oil in a short amount of time.

Why is Hexane a Preferred Solvent for Extraction?

While many solvents can be used for extraction, hexane is preferred for several reasons. Hexane has a low toxicity level and produces no hazardous or poisonous fumes that could pose a threat to the user.  Hexane also has a rapid evaporation rate and low boiling point that allows the maximum amount of oil to be quickly and effectively extracted from the oilseed. Another major benefit of hexane extraction is that the chemical solvent hexane does not disturb the nutritional value of food that you are extracting oil from. 

Where to Find Hexane for Extraction? 

If you are in need of hexane for extraction, you will want to find a reliable chemical provider that will supply you with high purity hexane for an affordable cost. Ecolink is a long time, environmentally friendly, chemical provider and we can help with all of your chemical needs. We can provide high purity hexane, such as 99% pure food grade hexane for extraction at an affordable rate. We also offer bulk quantities that help cut costs and ensure high production facilities will always have enough of their necessary solvents on hand. If you are interested in learning more about Hexane and Ecolink, contact us today! 


Why Purchase Bulk High Purity Hexane?

Hexane is a chemical solvent that is very versatile and used across several industries, serving a multitude of different purposes. If your business uses large amounts of hexane for the production of goods, cleaning, or other purposes, you should consider purchasing bulk high purity hexane to help cut costs without sacrificing quality. For everything from cleaning and degreasing, to product manufacturing and edible oil production, hexane is a necessary chemical. While hexane is common enough to find a variety of suppliers, as with any chemical solvent, you want to be sure you are purchasing a high purity chemical that is not diluted or polluted with contaminants. Pharmaceutical and food grade hexane is a purity level that refers to hexane that is 99 percent pure. This is the preferred grade of hexane to effectively and safely carry out many of solvent and cleaning purposes hexane is regularly used for.  For this reason, if you are planning on using large amounts of hexane for your business, you should find a reliable supplier of bulk high purity hexane.

Industries that Could Benefit from Bulk High Purity Hexane:

  • Oil Extraction – Hexane is often used to extract cooking oils from seeds and fruits.
  • Pharmaceuticals – The pharmaceutical industry often uses hexane in the production of tools and molds.
  • Consumer Goods Manufacturing – Adhesives, leathers, silicone, and more all use hexane as an additive ingredient in production.
  • Industrial Cleaning – Hexane is an oil dissolving solvent which makes for a great cleaning and degreasing agent for industrial machinery. Cleaning with hexane will prevent grease build up and keep machinery in good running condition.

Looking for Bulk High Purity Hexane?

If your business is interested in finding a reliable supplier of high purity chemicals, contact us today! We are an environmentally friendly bulk supplier of chemicals like hexane, and we will provide you with the necessary knowledge to find the best chemical for your needs.



Why Is Hexane Used for Extraction?

Extraction is a process that is used to harvest oils from organic products like seeds, nuts, olives, fruits, and vegetables to produce oils, but why is hexane used for extraction, and how does it work? Hexane is a chemical solvent that presents as a clear, odorless liquid that has a high evaporation rate and low boiling point, which makes hexane an ideal chemical for extraction. In addition to having the ideal properties for extraction hexane also produces no toxic fumes which is preferred for the safety of the user.

How Does the Hexane Extraction Process Work?

Now that you know that hexane is a preferred chemical for oil extraction, you may be wondering how the process works. In chemical extraction of oils, the seeds or other oil producing fruits are ground up and flattened into a round and then covered in a solvent that will extract oil from the subject. This mixture is then left to sit and the solvent will evaporate, leaving behind the extracted oils. This one method of chemical extraction while others use the help of heat and steam to aid the process. So why is hexane used for extraction? Because hexane evaporates quickly and will boil at 154.4 degrees Fahrenheit, in addition to having low toxicity levels, hexane is the preferred solvent for both methods of extraction. 

Where Can You Buy Hexane? 

If you are in an industry that uses hexane for extraction or other solvent and cleaning purposes, you will want to find a reliable supplier of high purity hexane, that will not break the bank. Ecolink is a long time supplier of chemicals and solvents, including hexane, that will provide you with the knowledge and help to choose the best solvent for your needs at a competitive price. Ecolink also offers bulk quantities from 5 to 55 gallons and offers many environmentally preferred chemicals and cleaners. To learn more about hexane, or any other industrial chemical contact us today!

Why Buy Bulk Hexane Solvent?

Hexane solvent is commonly used across a multitude of industries for purposes such as a cleaning agent, solvent, and additive ingredient in manufactured products. Any industry that uses large amounts of hexane solvent to either produce goods or clean their machinery would inevitably need to have a large supply of hexane on hand at all times, and for this reason should find a reliable bulk supplier. Buying in bulk will provide your business with the added benefits of always having product on hand while saving money and cutting down cost of materials, as bulk supplies are available at more affordable rates than standard quantities. If you feel your business could benefit from buying in bulk, you should consider working with an affordable, reliable, and environmentally conscious bulk chemical supplier, like Ecolink.

Who Should Consider Bulk Hexane Solvent from Ecolink? 

  • Oil Extraction – Extraction is the process of extracting oils from goods like olives, sunflower seeds, vegetables, or fruits to create cooking oils. Hexane works great for this process due to its high evaporation rate and low boil point which is optimal for successful extraction. If your business is oil extraction, bulk hexane would greatly benefit you.
  • Manufacturing – Many manufactured products like leather, adhesives, and silicon molds use hexane as an additive ingredient in production which would require a large bulk supply.
  • Industrial Cleaning – Hexane works great as an industrial cleaner and degreaser for manufacturing machinery. Hexane effectively dissolves oils and evaporates quickly making it the perfect cleaner to prevent build up and keep machinery in running order.

Shopping for Hexane?

If you are interested in purchasing hexane solvent for your business, we can help. Ecolink is a long time provider of bulk chemicals and solvents that is committed to environmentally friendly practices and offering a selection of green chemicals and solvents. Shop Hexane here or contact us today for more information.


Common Uses For Pharmaceutical Grade Hexane

Pharmaceutical grade hexane is a high purity grade of hexane also referred to as food-grade hexane that is available in purity levels as high as 99% with very minimal impurities. In addition to high purity, other benefits of pharmaceutical grade hexane are a low boiling point, minimal odor, low toxicity, and no poisonous fumes. For these reasons pharmaceutical grade hexane is a commonly used solvent for uses ranging from food production to cleaning. If your business is looking for a versatile, low toxicity solvent, pharmaceutical grade hexane may be the perfect solvent for you. In addition to being versatile and safe to use, hexane is also affordable and offered in bulk quantities from suppliers like Ecolink. So what are some common uses for bulk supplies of pharmaceutical grade hexane?

  • Oil Extraction – High purity hexane is often used in a process called extraction where oil is pulled from products like seeds, olives, and vegetables to create cooking oils. Hexane’s fast evaporation rate and low boiling point make it a perfect solvent for this process.
  • Adhesive Manufacturing – Hexane is a popular solvent ingredient in the production of adhesives and glues.
  • Industrial Cleaning and Degreasing – Hexane is also a great degreasing agent that can be used to dissolve oil and clean industrial machinery to prevent build up from oil or grease after use.
  • Pharmaceuticals – Hexane has become a popular solvent in the pharmaceutical industry, used to manufacture products like tablet molds.

Looking to Buy Pharmaceutical Grade Hexane? 

If your business is in need of a solvent such as pharmaceutical grade hexane, we can help. Whether you are interested in learning more about solvents like hexane and their uses, or simply need to find a reliable bulk chemical and solvent supplier, Ecolink has the tools to help you find the best product for your needs. Contact us today to learn more!