99 Alcohol By Pallet

Are you looking for 99 Alcohol by pallet or in bulk supply? 99% alcohol is a versatile solvent that is used for a variety of applications. Industrial degreasing, paint thinner, surface stripping, and more all require the use of 99% pure alcohol. If you are in an industry that uses a lot of alcohol for production or cleaning and need to find a bulk supplier of 99 alcohol by pallet or large drum, Ecolink can help! Ecolink is a trusted, bulk chemical provider that supplies large bulk quantities of high quality chemicals for an affordable price, including 99% pure alcohol.

Benefits of Ecolink’s Bulk Alcohol:

  • Bulk Sizing – Whether you are looking for 99 alcohol by the pallet or by the drum, Ecolink link can help! Ecolink’s drums are offered in 5 and 55 gallon sizes, and orders by the pallet can be arranged when you talk to a member of our staff. This bulk sizing is not only convenient for facilities that use large amounts of alcohol, but it also provides the benefit of bulk pricing and savings.
  • High Purity – Ecolink offers high purity, high quality chemicals, so you can rest easy knowing that your solvents are free of contaminants and impurities. If you need 99% pure alcohol for cleaning, disinfecting, or other applications, that is exactly what you will receive. 
  • Expert Advice – If you need help deciding on what the best solvent for your use is, or would like to have a better understanding of your solvents, Ecolink’s experts will assist you. Not only will Ecolink arm you with the knowledge and advice you need to make the best decision, they will also provide you with necessary storage and handling information to keep your facility safe. 

Need to Find 99 Alcohol By Pallet?

If you need to find 99% alcohol in bulk or by the pallet, contact Ecolink here! When you choose to work with Ecolink, you will receive quality products and expert advice for an affordable price. Call today to learn more!


What Is Reagent Grade Alcohol?

There are several different grades of alcohol including IPA, tech grade, and industrial grade, but what is reagent grade alcohol? Reagent grade alcohol is a very strong grade of denatured alcohol that is composed of ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, and methyl alcohol. The different types of alcohol that make up reagent alcohol are distributed in the following ratio; 90% ethanol, 5% IPA, and 5% methyl alcohol. Reagent grade alcohol is typically used for laboratory use and scientific purposes such as tissue dehydration, biological sample preservation, and various types of experimentation and analysis. So what is reagent grade alcohol? Reagent grade alcohol is a specialized grade of alcohol that serves very specific scientific purposes, and if you need help deciding if reagent grade alcohol is right for your needs, Ecolink can help. 

Benefits of Shopping Reagent Grade Alcohol with Ecolink

  • Expert Advice – Ecolink and their knowledgeable team of experts are happy to work closely with their clients, to ensure they are purchasing the best chemicals for their particular needs, in addition to fully understanding the chemical products they purchase. 
  • High Quality – When shopping for chemicals, you want to be sure you are receiving a safe, stable, high purity substance, and that is exactly what you will receive when you work with Ecolink. Ecolink is a trusted, well known chemical supplier who not only provides the best quality chemicals, but also helps the client to understand all necessary use and safety information.
  • Affordability – Not only does Ecolink provide high quality chemicals for competitive, affordable prices, but Ecolink also offers bulk ordering options that allow for further savings.

Need more information on reagent grade alcohol?

What is reagent grade alcohol? Reagent grade alcohol is a strong, laboratory grade alcohol used for a variety of scientific purposes. If you need more help to better understand reagent grade alcohol, and if it is right for you, contact Ecolink here!

Why Use Industrial Alcohol For Cleaning?

Using industrial alcohol for cleaning is a great way to clean and degrease industrial equipment after use, to prevent build up and break down sticky residue. In addition to being a great cleaning agent there are many benefits to using industrial alcohol for cleaning in place of other harsh chemical cleaning and degreasing agents. Alcohol is low VOC, meaning it has a low toxicity level, it is affordable, and can be purchased in bulk quantities, which helps to cut costs. If you work in an industry that could benefit from a safe, easy to use industrial cleaner that is also cost effective, consider using industrial alcohol for cleaning your machinery, electronics, and other industrial equipment. 

Benefits of Working with Industrial Alcohol:

  • Low Toxicity – Alcohol is a low VOC (low volatile organic compound) which means it is not harmful to the environment or humans when used correctly and is generally safe, requiring minimal protective gear to use.
  • Fast Evaporation Rate – Alcohol has a high evaporation rate, allowing it to completely dry in a short amount of time. This makes alcohol the preferred cleaning agent for electronics as it will not cause moisture damage.
  • Cost Effective – Alcohol is safer and more affordable than other chemical cleaners and degreasers, it is also available to be purchased in bulk from industrial suppliers like Ecolink, which further helps to cut costs.

Where to Purchase Industrial Alcohol For Cleaning:

If you are interested in purchasing industrial alcohol to clean and degrease items like manufacturing machinery, electronics, or 3D printers contact us today! Ecolink is an environmentally friendly supplier of solvents and chemical cleaners. They can help you find the best industrial cleaner for your needs, and provide bulk quantities to help cut costs. Ecolink’s knowledgeable customer care team is always available to answer your questions and provide you with the knowledge you need to choose a chemical or solvent.

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What To Look For In An Industrial Alcohol Supplier

When looking for the best industrial alcohol supplier for your business you want to be sure you are working with a provider that will not only supply you with a high quality product, but knowledge and support as well. When you work with a chemical and solvent supplier like Ecolink, their knowledgeable staff will help you to find the perfect industrial solvent or cleaner for your needs, while providing you with products like alcohol or acetone that are both high purity and environmentally conscious. Ecolink proudly supplies bulk quantities of industrial chemical supplies in an environmentally conscious manner including products like industrial alcohol, acetone, and even low VOC “green” cleaning solutions.


If you are looking for an industrial alcohol supplier that will ensure you are receiving the best product for your needs, is eco friendly, and won’t break the bank, consider working with Ecolink.

Who Could Benefit from Working With a Bulk Industrial Alcohol Supplier?  

  • Industrial Manufacturing – Alcohol is a great cleaner and degreaser for industrial machinery, and is used to wipe down and degum equipment after use. In a manufacturing facility that uses large amounts of alcohol for cleaning and degreasing, buying in bulk will help save money.
  • Medical – Medical offices and hospitals often use alcohol to clean medical tools and equipment, and could benefit from a bulk supply and reliable supplier.
  • Electronics – In addition to cleaning machinery, alcohol is also perfect for cleaning electronic devices and components. Since alcohol has a high evaporation rate, it can safely clean electronics without causing damage from moisture or pooling.

Looking for a Great Industrial Alcohol Supplier?

If you are interested in learning more about working with Ecolink as your industrial alcohol supplier, contact us today. Ecolink would be happy to assist with all of your industrial and bulk chemical, cleaner, and solvent needs. Call 800-563-1305 or shop our alcohol products online here!


What is Cleanroom Grade Alcohol?

Cleanroom grade alcohol is a high potency IPA (isopropyl alcohol), such as 70/30 IPA, that is used to disinfect, clean, or dissolve nonpolar substances. This grade of IPA is highly antimicrobial and has the ability to kill bacteria, fungus, and germs that can cause infection or disease. This grade of IPA is also known for having a very high evaporation rate. This means that when a cleanroom grade alcohol is used to clean or disinfect an object or surface, it will dry very quickly limiting the subject’s exposure to moisturel. For this reason, cleanroom grade alcohol is often used to clean electronic devices and components without causing damage from moisture exposure or pooling. If you are in a field of work that uses large amounts of cleanroom grade alcohol, buying in bulk from a reliable supplier can help save money without sacrificing quality.

Who Could Benefit from Purchasing Cleanroom Grade Alcohol in Bulk? 

  • Cleanrooms – Cleanrooms are controlled environments that keep out pollutants like dust and bacteria that could contaminate the product being produced or studied in these rooms. To keep surfaces or products clean and free of contaminants they can be wiped down or disinfected with cleanroom grade alcohol.
  • Medical Offices – From doctors offices to urgent care facilities, school nurses, or home first aid, alcohol is widely used to clean and disinfect minor cuts and scrapes. Cleaning a minor wound with an IPA kills harmful bacteria and prevents infection.
  • Manufacturing – Due to IPA’s high evaporation rate and ability to clean and dissolve sticky substances, high grade IPA’s like cleanroom grade alcohol are often used to clean machinery and other electronics.

Looking to Purchase Cleanroom Grade Alcohol?

If you are interested in buying a bulk supply of cleanroom grade alcohol, contact us today! Ecolink is an affordable, bulk supplier of high purity chemicals and solvents like cleanroom grade alcohol.