The History of Recycling

 What is Recycling? 

Recycling is converting or repurposing waste into a new, usable product, allowing its lifespan to provide a variety of uses—eliminating waste. 

The Origin of Recycling  

Due to a lack of resources, this method, recusing/recycling became a common practice. It is said that there is no particular person who can take credit for the process of recycling but the earliest forms of this practice date back to ancient times. With the timeline dating back several centuries ago, the evolution of recycling is drastic.  

Throughout history, different areas of the world have gone about recycling a bit differently due to resources and relativity. 

A Brief Recycling Timeline 

While it is possible to go on and on about the history of recycling, this breakdown will give you a gist of the adaptation and evolvement. It is important to keep in mind that recycling at times (i.e., during war) had to be utilized due to shortages. It is also important to keep in mind that depending on the time and the circumstances, the popularity of recycling fluctuated. 

Origins and Types of Recycling  

  • Recycling of paper 
  • Everyday essentials  
  • Waste removal/processes

The late 1600s-1800s 

  • Upcycling recycled cloth and rags 
  • Collection of waste, metals, and of course, paper

The 1900s 

  • Recycling bins introduced, Green Movement, First Earth Day 
  • Recycling laws were introduced (via Congress due to waste becoming a developing issue) 
  • Reuse and recycling programs  
  • Sortation plants for waste 
  • The trend of single-use items 
  • Incentives for recycling

In Recent Years

  • Reusable bags and cups 
  • Paper products begin to replace plastic 
  • The link between waste and climate change 
  • Recycling of electronics 
  • Banning of plastic bags in certain states 
  • Continued awareness of waste, and the impact it has on the environment 

Why Should You Make A Change? 

You should recycle because it’s a choice that will pay off in the long run! There is no doubt that the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle (a phrase created during the 1900s) hold weight and their payout is worth it! 

What Does Ecolink Do?

Ecolink does not shy away from the importance of keeping our environment safe and clean. That’s why we offer you chemical products that have fewer chemicals. We take pride in what we do and with over 30 years of experience, you can feel confident about shopping with us! Looking for industrial-grade chemicals for your company? Get in touch with us today! We look forward to connecting with you. 


Using Fewer Industrial Chemicals

Chemicals and solvents are essential cleaning and degreasing products for many industrial manufacturers, but these harsh chemicals can have a negative impact on the environment if you aren’t working with ethical suppliers, or you are not properly disposing of your chemical waste. However, it is possible to find, use, and properly dispose of these essential chemicals in an affordable manner, while also using fewer industrial chemicals, and without sacrificing effectiveness.

If you are looking for an environmentally conscious chemical supplier that can help you accomplish all of this, Ecolink can help. Ecolink is a trusted provider of high quality, and high purity industrial chemicals, that is passionate about eco friendly practices. Ecolink can help you find the best solvent for your needs, provide you with a bulk supply to fit your business demands, and provide you with information on how to properly recycle your chemical waste in a manner that will save money and help with using fewer industrial chemicals.

Effects of Recycling Chemical Waste:

  • Use less product – Recycling chemical waste allows the chemicals to be cleaned and recirculated which reduces the need to produce new chemicals for industrial use, resulting in dramatic decrease in the amount of industrial chemicals that are annually used.
  • Save Money – The process of cleaning and recycling chemical waste is cheaper than the process of traditional disposal. This means that recycling services end up costing less money than hiring disposal services, while still providing the same convenience of coming to you to pick up the chemical waste.
  • Reduce Pollution – Recycling is better for the environment as chemicals are being cleaned and reused instead of disposed of in hazardous manners, that could cause harm to the handlers and the environment.

Need Environmentally Conscious Industrial Chemicals?

Ecolink’s knowledgeable customer care team is ready and waiting to help you find you find the right industrial chemicals for your business and help you create an environmentally friendly recycling plan. Contact us here today to get started!


industrial solvent recycling services

Why Use Industrial Solvent Recycling Services?

Industrial solvent recycling services are a great option for industrial manufacturers who are looking for a safe, cost effective, and environmentally friendly way to remove their solvent waste from their facility. Industrial solvent recycling comes with many benefits. Recycling is the environmentally preferred method of chemical waste removal, in addition to being a safer and more cost effective alternative to using traditional chemical disposal services. Industrial solvent recycling services are just as convenient as disposal services, making recycling not only the best option for the environment, but for your business as well. 

Why is Recycling Better than Disposal?

  • Cost Effective – Disposal services have more costs involved in their process to properly dispose of chemical waste, and these expenses get passed onto their clients. The process of cleaning and recycling chemical waste is cheaper, and allows the recycled chemicals to be recirculated, which translates to savings for businesses who choose to use recycling services.
  • Convenience – Just like disposal services, industrial solvent recycling services will come to you to pick up your solvent and chemical waste. However, with recycling you can trust that your waste will be handled in a manner that is safe for the environment.
  • Eco Friendly – When you recycle your chemical waste, you can feel good about your decision, knowing it is protecting the environment, by reducing chemical and hazardous vapor pollution. Recycling also allows for chemicals and solvents to be recirculated and reused, which reduces the amount of new chemical products that need to be produced.

Looking to Learn More About the Importance of Industrial Solvent Recycling Services?

Ecolink would be happy to help! We are a trusted provider of industrial chemicals and solvents, with eco friendly practices. For more information about Ecolink and solvent recycling, call or contact us here today!


What is Industrial Solvent Recycling?

If you are currently looking for an environmentally safe way to remove chemical and solvent waste from your industrial facility, you may be wondering what is industrial solvent recycling? Industrial solvent recycling is an environmentally preferred practice of removing chemical and solvent waste from your facility to be cleaned, recycled, and recirculated as usable chemicals and solvents. This practice can be used in place of more hazardous chemical disposal methods. An added bonus of industrial solvent recycling is that it is more cost effective than using disposal services and just as convenient. 

Why Should you Consider Switching to Industrial Solvent Recycling?

  • Save Money – Simply put, recycling is cheaper than traditional disposal and just as convenient. Just like with removal and disposal services, industrial solvent recycling services will come to you to pick up your solvent waste. However, there is less cost involved in recycling than in disposal, which means these extra costs won’t get passed on to you, as the client.
  • Save The Environment – In addition to saving money, recycling solvent waste allows you to do your part in protecting the environment. Recycling is safer for the environment as chemical waste isn’t being disposed of, but rather cleaned so it can be reused and recirculated, reducing the need to produce more new chemical solvents.
  • Prevent Injury and Illness – Traditional disposal of chemical waste exposes many people to harmful fumes that can cause injury and even long term health issues. Recycling involves much less direct contact, making the process safer for everyone involved.

Ready to Learn More About Industrial Solvent Recycling?

Ecolink is a long time provider of industrial chemicals and solvents, who prides themselves on their eco friendly practices. Call or contact us here today to better understand the importance of industrial solvent recycling.


solvent recycling companies

Solvent Recycling Companies

Solvent recycling companies are essential for businesses who use large quantities of chemicals and solvents for cleaning or production, in order for these businesses to properly remove the solvent waste from their facility in a manner that is safe for the environment and the employees. Many businesses remove their solvent waste by hiring solvent waste removal companies to pick up the waste and dispose of it. However, it is just as easy to have solvent recycling companies pick up and recycle your solvent waste, which is environmentally friendly and allows usable solvent to be recirculated. In addition to being a more environmentally conscious practice, using solvent recycling companies is also more cost effective than simply disposing of your solvent waste. If you are looking for a safe, cost effective, and environmentally conscious way to remove and recycle your solvent waste, consider working with solvent recycling companies.

Benefits of Solvent Recycling

  • Save Money – Recycling simply costs less than traditional disposal methods of removing solvent waste from your facility. As solvent recycling companies are able to clean and recirculate the solvent waste as usable solvents, their overhead is lower than that of companies that have to dispose of the waste. This translates to savings for your business as the extra cost is not passed on to you.
  • Reduce Waste – Solvent recycling reduces chemical emissions that are released with traditional disposal methods. Recycling also allows solvents to be reused, helping to reduce the amount of new solvent products that need to be produced for regular use.
  • Safety – Recycling solvent waste reduces exposure to the dangerous vapors that are released with disposal. This protects users from repeated exposure that could cause harm and health concerns, keeping the workplace safer.

Looking for Solvent Recycling Companies?

If you are interested in learning more about solvent recycling, contact us today! We are an eco friendly provider of industrial chemicals and solvents, and believe in solvent recycling to help reduce waste pollution and keep those who handle chemicals and solvent waste safe.