Daraclean Aqueous Cleaner Spec Approvals – Available at Ecolink Inc

Daraclean® and MagnaVu® Specificaion Conformance Chart

Daraclean aqueous cleaners have been tested for a number of soils, surfaces and certified to Allied Signal, AMS, ARP, ASTM, Boeing, Douglas CSD, Canadair, Douglas Helicopter, GEAE, Lockheed, Mil-C-29602, Pratt & Whitney, Raytheon, SCAQMD Certification and Sundstrand standards. Buy with confidence knowing Daraclean aqueous parts cleaners are compatible with your ‘exact’ parts and cleaning criteria.Ecolink Inc has supplied Daraclean for more than 15 years and has a long list of NSN’s for Magnaflux NDT and Daraclean aqueous cleaners. In 1999, the current owner of Ecolink Inc. acquired the Daraclean company on behalf of ITW and Magnaflux. We know this product line intimately and want to earn your trust, respect and (hopefully) business. Please call 800 886-8240 or email info@ecolink.com to save $ and order hassle-free. NO MINIMUM ORDER SIZE and we guarantee a response within 24 hours!


Specifications DF-2 200 203 212 235 236 238 257 282 282GF 283 Magnaflux
Allied Signal EMS53170 X
AMS 1526; Aircraft Exterior Surfaces X* X* X X X X X*
AMS 1537; Alkaline Hot Tank Cleaner X
ARP 1511; Low-embrittling Cd Plate X X X X X X X
ARP 1512; Sandwich Corrosion X X X X X X X X*
ARP 1755; Stock Loss X X X X X X X X
ASTM F-331: Nonvolatile Residue (NVR) X X
ASTM F-483 Immersion Corrosion X X* X X X X X X*
ASTM F-484: Stress Craze Acrylics Plastics X X X X X X X X
ASTM F-485 Unpainted Aircraft Surfaces X X X X X X X X
ASTM F-502; Painted Aircraft Surfaces X X X X X X X X
ASTM F-519; Hydrogen Embrittlement X X X X X X X
ASTM F-945; Titanium Stress X X X X X X X X
ASTM F-1110; Sandwich Corrosion X X X X X X X X*
ASTM F-1111; Low-embrittling Cd Plate X X X X X X X
Allied Signal; EMS 53170; AQ/Semi-Aq. Degreaser X
Boeing BAC 5749; Alkaline Cleaning X
Boeing BAC 5763; Emulsion Aqueous Cleaning X X X X
Boeing BAC 5763, PSD 6-26; Oxygen Systems X
Boeing BAC 5763, PSD 6-36; Type II Spray Deg. X
Boeing BAC 5763, PSD 9-3; Oxygen Systems X
Boeing BAC 5763; PSD 9-10; Oxygen Systems X
Boeing D6-48809 Sandwich Corrosion X X X X X X X X*
Douglas CSD#1; General Purpose Cleaner X X X X X
Conadair; BW: 92/333 X
Douglas Helicopter; HMS20-1267/2125 X
Douglas Helicopter HMS; HMS20-1267/2127 X
Douglas MD P.S. 12024 X
GEAE Method 22; 70-21-22 X X
GEAE CT-882; Heat Corrosion X
Lockheed ADC; G32001 X
Lockheed STM 32-301 X
Mil-C-29602; Cleaning Compounds X
Pratt & Whitney PMC 1438 X
Pratt & Whitney PMC 1445 X
Pratt & Whitney PMC 1421 X X
Pratt & Whitney PMC 1429; Alk,. Cleaner Spray X
Pratt & Whitney PMC 1435 (Dip) X
Pratt & Whitney PMC 1439 (Spray) X
Pratt & Whitney PMC 36604; Hot Corrosion X X X X X
Pratt & Whitney PMC 36604; Non-metallics X X X X X
Pratt & Whitney PMC 33604; PWA 407 Rubber X X X X
Raytheon;MP-921 X
SCAQMD Certification X X X X X X
Sunstrand Data; #037-0228-000 X
96 Hr. Acute Aquatic Toxicity X

*Some restrictions apply

DaraClean Cleaner Formulations

Neutral Cleaners
Daraclean 121 212 235 236
Aerospace No Yes Yes Yes
Foam Level High High Suppressed Suppressed
pH Level (10%) Neutral








Total Alkalinity n/a n/a n/a n/a
Silicates No No No No
Phosphates No No No No
VOC Level 16.5g/L 71.9 g/L 41.6 g/L 59.9g/L


Alkaline Cleaners
Daraclean 282 282GF 283 200
Aerospace Yes Yes Yes No
Foam Level Low Low Low Low
pH Level (10%) Alkaline






High Alkaline


Total Alkalinity 0.43-0.53 0.46-0.50 0.57-0.77 0.75-0.86
Silicates Yes Yes Yes Yes
Phosphates No No No No
VOC Level 24.0g/L 24.0g/L 0.0 g/L 0.0g/L


Heavy-Duty Cleaners
Daraclean MVD MVS 257 238 259
Aerospace Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Foam Level High Low Low High Lo
pH Level (10%) 11.5 11.0 High Alkaline


High Alkaline


HIgh Alkaline 11.5-12.5
Total Alkalinity 2.5 2.5 0.8-0.9 1.0-1.2 1.2-1.6
Silicates Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Phosphates Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
VOC Level 0.0g/L 0.0 g/L 0.0 g/L


Daraclean Caustic


Rinse Additive




Aerospace No No No
Foam Level Low Low Low
pH Level (5%) Caustic


n/a 12.5
Total Alkalinity 2.2-2.5 n/a 7.36
Silicates No No Yes
Phosphates No No Yes
VOC Level 0.0 g/L 41.0 g/L 0.0 g/L

Daraclean Aqueous Cleaners for Aerospace Maintenance

DARACLEAN 259 - 55 Gallon Drum 1

How Is Daraclean Different From Petroleum-Based Solutions?

An aqueous solution consists of a carefully formulated combination of water with specific neutralizers, surfactants, and saponifiers. Several solvents are applicable for general cleaning in the automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, and electronics industries; however, certain additives create complications regarding Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and the release of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP’s). Daraclean is water-based cleaner designed to effectively remove unwanted contaminants from aluminum or zinc alloys without creating an extensive amount of foam. As a low VOC cleaning solvent, Daraclean makes a suitable choice for soaking and agitation processes as well as spraying applications. The agent has a unique self-cleaning quality that allows it to have a longer fluid life. An increased fluid life reduces disposal requirements while supplying a dependable all-purpose cleaning aid. Daraclean is a beneficial choice for companies who desire to step away from more volatile products.

Daraclean Aqueous Cleaners Offer a Safer Contaminant Removal Method

What makes Daraclean aqueous cleaners superior for general contaminant elimination on parts or other items? Daraclean creates a minimal amount of foam throughout the removal process, is safe for a variety of metals, and aerospace qualified. Additional qualities such as biodegradability and low VOC’s make it a safer choice that reduces complications caused by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. Companies choosing this solution do not have to worry about metals rusting when applied at room temperature. Daraclean aqueous cleaners are recyclable meaning they have a longer duration of use than alternative choices. In particular, Daraclean 282 conforms to Boeing BAC 5763 for emulsion cleaning or water-based degreasing. It does not have these components as part of its formula:

• Chlorine
• Sulfur
• Phosphorous
• Nitrates

Certain temperatures and concentrations are recommended for each type of application; however, these items can be adjusted by companies using this solution to receive optimum performance. Daraclean aqueous cleaners are an applicable contaminant remover for soiling of an oily nature including mineral oils, coolants, rust inhibitors, and shop contaminants. The agent provides additional rust protection for in-process applications when not immediately rinsed from the objects surface. A small amount of foam is created when applied with cold water; however, no foam will be experienced if hot tap water is used. Companies using Daraclean are able to pretreat the agent by processes such as skimming or filtering prior to completing disposal. Local sewer district regulations determine the final disposal requirements once Daraclean aqueous cleaners have reached the end of their usage period.

Aqueous cleaning agents are capable of efficiently eliminating contaminants from a multitude of surfaces and often contain rust inhibitors. Additionally, parts may be dried immediately to further reduce the chance of rusting. Daraclean aqueous cleaners help companies minimize costs, labor processes, health risks, and problems experienced with frequent disposal. A water-based solution does acquire sludge, but can be skimmed or filtered thus limiting disposal to only three or four times each year. The solution does not have flammable qualities as experienced with petroleum-based products and limits the amount of VOC’s released throughout use. Aqueous products do clean a little differently than traditional petroleum-based products, but offer the same effectiveness without posing significant harm to handlers or the environment.

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Why Make Daraclean 282 Your Go-to Alkaline Cleaning Solution?

A general cleaning solution is a cleaner that companies rely on for various cleaning operations, or depend on for a specific cleaning operation that demands an excellent safety profile, such as Daraclean 282. This solution is a low-foaming, all-purpose cleaning solution that is certified to meet or exceed aerospace industry specifications for aqueous and alkaline cleaners.

Additional Qualities of Daraclean 282
For companies that perform in-depth cleaning operations, and must use a cleaner whose ingredients are not regulated or banned by the EPA, Daraclean 282 is an excellent option. In addition to the qualities mentioned above, the solution also boasts the following characteristics that make it a desirable replacement for standard cleaners used for aerospace applications.

  • The cleaner produces low-foam and serves as an all-purpose alkaline cleaning solution that is used to safely remove various soils from aerospace equipment.
  • The solution has surfactants, emulsifiers, and corrosion inhibitors that make it safe for most metals and is non-aggressive toward aluminum alloys, magnesium, and titanium.
  • The cleaner has remarkable soil-rejecting qualities. After soils are removed from parts, they are suspended in the cleaner for a short time, and then unwanted soils are removed.
  • Removing solids that Daraclean 282 makes rise to the surface of the solution can be done with skimming tools or filters, which effectively extends the life of the cleaner.

These points show the effectiveness of Daraclean for removing substances that accrete on metal and are difficult to remove with over-the-counter (OTC) cleaners. Unlike many OTC cleaners, Daraclean 282 is formulated to offer excellent cleaning action for a variety of metals that require a cleaning solution that excels at maintaining the function and appearance of the following metals, any of which can be highly reactive when the wrong metal cleaner is applied.

  • Aluminum
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Brass and bronze
  • Carbon steel and cast iron
  • Stainless steel alloys
  • Nickel and superalloys

The solution also demonstrates moderate effectiveness for cleaning magnesium and titanium. It should be noted that Daraclean 282 is not rated to clean zinc. In addition, the solution tends to demonstrate the least efficacy when it is used to remove carbonized soils from the metals above. If this prevents a problem for your cleaning operations, remember that Ecolink can create a customized solution that conforms to the requirements of your aerospace cleaning operations.

Need a New Alkaline Cleaner for Metal?
If so, Daraclean is likely to accommodate your needs, and then some. In addition to the solution’s superior cleaning power and chemical formulation that effectively treats most metals, the solution also has the advantage of not being regulated or banned by the EPA, and it is available in a 55-gallon drum that makes it economical, and easy to store in confined locations.

Is Daraclean 282 a suitable replacement for the solution that you currently use to clean aerospace metal? To find out, contact the chemical specialists from Ecolink. If Daraclean is not a good replacement, we will develop a solution that is tailored to address your unique needs. For more information about Daraclean 282, call us at (800) 563-1305, our use our contact page.

We look forward to providing you with a ready-made solution or a custom solution that meets your stringent cleaning needs for aerospace applications, without interference from the EPA.