AK225 Flushing Fluid Replacement: Two Options From Ecolink

AK225 flushing fluid (a.k.a. Asahiklin) enjoyed a long run as a go-to solvent for companies that perform routine degreasing and general cleaning of parts, surfaces, and materials. However, the solution’s ozone depleting properties rightly placed it on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) list of solvents that are banned or regulated. AK225 was primarily produced in Japan and has been banned from importation or production in the U.S. since the beginning of 2015.

AK225 Replacement Process: Two Options

As it would normally do, the EPA made AK225 flushing fluid users aware of the solvent’s impending ban before the ban was active. Some companies completed the phase out process in 2014, well before the date of the solution’s ban. The question is whether they implemented a seamless replacement for AK225 flushing fluid or have made do with a similar solution whose efficacy at removing soils doesn’t conform to the strength of the AK225 solvent it replaced.

If your company or organization is in this position, we recommend considering the following two options for finding a final, suitable replacement for AK225 flushing fluid: Implement Fluosolv CX solvent, which can be purchased directly from our online store, or have our team of experienced chemists create a custom solvent that perfectly conforms to your cleaning processes. Let’s take a look at each option.

  1. FluoSolv CX Solvent

Fluosolv CX has the same efficacy as AK225 and possesses several additional advantages, as well, including: an acceptable exposure limit that is nearly double the limit for AK225, no required equipment modifications (e.g. changes to parts washing systems) are necessary for using FluoSolv CX as an AK225 replacement, and FluoSolv CX dries faster than AK225, making the latter a better option for vapor degreasing and aerosol cold cleaning applications.

Moreover, FluoSolv CX is widely viewed as the number one replacement solvent for AK225.

  1. Customized Solvent

Most users should be able to implement FluoSolv CX as a drop-in solution for any ineffective AK225 replacement solution they currently use. However, there are inevitably outfits that need the formulation of FluoSolv CX tweaked to meet unique chemical cleaning requirements. In this situation, we recommend letting our team of chemists create the needed solution.

Once your custom solution is complete, we’ll even send you a free test sample, so you can be certain that the solution works as expected. From there, we can supply your custom solvent on a scheduled basis, or as the need for the cleaner arises. Choose the supply scenario best meets your requirements.

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As new, green, industrial cleaning solutions continue to become available, industrial cleaning solvents that damage the ozone and pose other critical problems should eventually be eliminated. In the meantime, Ecolink is here to provide environmentally preferred stock solvents and custom solvents that deliver the same cleaning power of the solvents they replace.

To get started on implementing the best replacement for AK225 flushing fluid or one of its replacements simply that isn’t the best, please call us today at (800) 563-1305, or use the contact form on our website. We look forward to providing you with a safer, powerful solvent.

AK-225 Phase out: Find a Safe Alternative Now

replacing bad chemicalsFor those industrial businesses that are still using AK-225 to clean and degrease parts, metals, and materials, it may already be public knowledge that this cleaning and degreasing solvent, per federal regulatory demands, is being phased out, with the complete decommissioning of this solution set at the beginning of 2015. No matter how attached industrial businesses might have become to this effective, yet harmful cleaning and degreasing agent, it has been rendered hazardous by the powers that be and must be phased out. If your industrial business is facing the scenarios of having to replace the AK-225 cleaning and degreasing solution, then the time is now to find a safe alternative. Fortunately, Ecolink – a company that researches and designs green alternative, eco friendly cleaning and degreasing solutions – has found a safe alternative that industrial organizations can switch to right away and commence protecting its labor force and the environment.

The eco friendly, green alternative industrial solution that can replace AK-225, and even clean and degrease with more efficiency is called FluoSolv WS. FluoSolv WS is a non flammable and non toxic chemical cleaning and degreasing solution that has already become a replacement for older, hazardous cleaning and degreasing agents such as N-propyl Bromide, or nPB, and Trichloroethylene, also known as TCE. Now, FluoSolv WS is considered the best replacement solution for AK-225. This chemical solvent has a very high allowable exposure limit, making it a safe cleaning and degreasing agent for uses that include wipe and dip cleaners. FluoSolv WS provides outstanding solubility for fluorinated and hydrocarbon oils and grease. This solvent is compatible with almost any type of metals, glass, ceramics, and elastomers. Another important reason why FluoSolv WS is the chosen solution to replace AK-225 has to do with its zero ozone depleting potential – the opposite of what was wrong with using AK-225.

For more details and specifications regarding FluoSolv WS, you are encouraged to contact Ecolink. Ecolink professionals have conducted their due diligence on FluoSolv WS, and can assist any industrial agency needing to make a transition to an alternative cleaner and degreaser by providing an abundance of information on the solvent, or by helping with the transition to the new solution, or both. Ecolink is considered a valuable resource for replacing harmful cleaners and degreasers. They develop and create green cleaners and degreasers, as well as aiding in the transition from a harmful solvent to a safe solution.

Industrial organizations still using AK-225 should not delay any longer. Allow Ecolink to help you make the switch to a safe alternative now – the FluoSolv WS cleaning and degreasing solution. Once you make the change, you will be providing a safety service to your workforce and to the environment. Call 800-409-3142

AK-225 Replacement Options

AK_225_ReplacementSo how much SHOULD you pay to replace AK-225? That depends on several factors such as Nonflammable? Solvency (Kb value)?  Need for azeotropes? Tolerance of chlorinated solvents? Toxicity exposure limits (PPM)? VOC content?

In order to continue to operate with nonflammable solvents for your degreasing applications you have limited choices. Methylene Chloride, TCE and PERC have documented  health hazards and banned in multiple parts of world and US. nPB, n-propyl bromide hazard alert has proposed 0.1 PPM exposure limit leaving wildly expensive HFC’s, HFE’s and HFPO’s.

Primary suppliers include: Chemtronics®, CRC®, LPS®, MicroCare®, Miller Stephenson, and TECHSPRAY® and now Ecolink offers a complete line of bulk and aerosol options custom made specific to your environment.


The AK-225 phase-out has many industrial consumers navigating expensive cost-benefit trade-offs on replacement options. One of the primary applications of AK-2225, precision degreasing of metals, typically involves vapor degreasing equipment (ex: Baron Blakeslee, Branson) and aerosols. Call 888-996-8436 ext 125 or email to explore custom blends specific to your budget, regulatory compliance requirements.

Fair market value: Bulk = $120-180/gal or $10.50-13.25/lb, Aerosol = $12-22/can


Removing R, RMA, RA Rosin-based flux, no-clean and lead free flux often involves high value parts and people. In bulk and aerosol settings, balancing defluxing performance with worker’s health and safety leaves little margin for error.  There are multiple hot and cold ways of defluxing in equipment or soak tanks and countless aerosol options. So where do you get best bang for $?

Fair market value: Bulk = $110-150/gal or $9.40 – 12.35/lb, Aerosol = $9-18/can

Contact Cleaning Aerosols

Rapid evaporation. No volatile residue (NVR). Plastic Compatible. No ODC (ozone depleting chemicals). Sound familiar? Most of the tried and true blends on the market are slightly different versions of the same recipe. All of them remove oxides, oil, grease and dust from electrical contacts, relays, encoders, slide wires, rheostats, distribution panels and switching devices.

Fair market value: Aerosol = $15-25/can

The tricky part with choosing among aerosol suppliers is two-fold:

1)  Size of can, # of ounces. Simply put, filling more ounces requires fewer cans.

2)  Propellant as % of total fill. This is difficult to catch as there are LOTS of fancy words and CAS #‘s that are impossible to pronounce or determine if it actually cleans.

Bottom line: do not get fooled on price per can. Not sure how to determine if you are paying more than fair market value? Call 888-996-8436 ext 125 or email.

AK225 Phase Out – Find Replacement Solutions

TimesUpStill using AK-225 (HCFC-225ca/cb)?

Not for much longer. Depending on who you ask in the industry and US government regulatory agencies the official mandated phase-out date is December 31, 2014 for HCFC-225 commonly known as Asahiklin AK-225 for precision cleaning, 225AES, 225T and 225ATE for defluxing, drying where alcohol azeotropes are used, 225DH for displacement drying and 225G for oxygen cleaning. Several notable sources are exiting the market by mid-year as early as June 2014. This material is manufactured in Japan and requires at least three months scheduling to allow for ocean shipping. Time’s up! Need help sourcing an alternative? Please call 888-996-8436 ext 125 or email to explore ready-to-ship and sell off-the-shelf solutions or work with our technical team to design custom blend specific to your success criteria in bulk and aerosol packaging.

 AK225 Phase-out 12/31/14

Asahiklin3,3-dichloro-1,1,1,2,2-pentafluoropropane (HCFC-225ca) CAS #422-56-01, 3-dichloro-1,1,2,2,3-pentrfluoropropane (HCFC-225cb) CAS #507-55-1 are commonly applied as carrier fluids for silicone and fluorinated lubricants (electrical or sleeve testing, low temp drilling fluid, mechanical testing (low viscosity, high density) as a coolant;  heat transfer fluid; precision cleaning of small intricate metal and non-metal parts to remove minor oils, grease, finger prints and particulate matter; defluxing agent to remove solder flux after solder reflow step.

 Vapor Degreasing

Vapor DegreasingA primary application of AK-225 is in vapor degreasing systems including Baron Blakeslee, Branson Ultrasonics and Crest Ultrasonics.  Degrease any component (automotive, aerospace, medical instrumentation and implants, optics and electronic) from all light weight hydrocarbon oils such as engined fluids, brake fluids, hydraulic fluids as well as sub-micron particles. Deflux in applications where you cannot tolerate ionic or metallic impurities on the surface of parts post-cleaned. TechSpray® is a notable supplier. Call 888-996-8436 ext 125 to explore options.

Aerosol Applications

Aerosol ApplicationsAerosol applications of AK-225 require rapid evaporation, leaves no residue, powerful cleaning, non-flammable and plastic-safe. Avionic and electrical contact cleaning, all purpose degreasing and defluxing aerosols that meet this criteria cost $30 – $50 per can and be careful when reading propellant % to calculate “useable content.” When looking at alternatives you need to navigate need for solvency (heavy vs light), plastic safety, flammability and cost per can after measuring % propellant. Buying at least 50 cases per year? We have lots of options to save you $ and time. Email before time runs out…

AK 225 Ban

HCFC 225 BAN 12-31-14 (CAS # 422-56-0 AND 507-55-1)

human-sources-of-flourinated-gas-emissionsBeginning January 1, 2015, HCFC-225 (also called “AK225”), a common precision solvent for high-end cleaning, will be banned for usage, per the Clean Air Act under the Montreal Protocol.

HCFC-225 is a mixture of two isomers, HCFC-225ca and HCFC-225cb. A common source of HCFC-225 is from Asahi Glass Company as Asahiklin AK-225, a precision cleaning solvent. AK-225 has many unique properties, including good solvency, and thermal stability. AK-225 is nonflammable. AK-225 is VOC exempt, per the EPA. VOCs are smog producing compounds that are highly regulated. AK-225 also has a low acute toxicity (the exposure level of AK-225 is 100 ppm 8h TWA), low viscosity, high density, and low surface tension. Due to the ozone depleting potentials of HCFC-225ca and HCFC-225cb, 0.02 and 0.03, respectively, it is now being phased out.

Property characteristics

  • No volatile residue (NVR)KleenATMS
  • Rapid evaporation
  • Non-flammable
  • Plastic-compatible
  • Solvent stability, eliminate need for stabilizers (examples: NPB, TCE)
  • Exposure limits 100 PPM compared to TCE 100 PPM and NPB 10 with 0.1 PPM pending *
  • Reclamation, recycling easily handled with simple distillation equipment with no decomposition and/or if you have a 2 sump vapor-degreaser

To date, the EPA has approved more than 300 substitutes for over 60 different uses. Potential substitutes for HCFC-225 include 3M HFEs, DuPont™ Vertrel® Solvents, and FluoSolv® Performance Fluids.

What is your application? Do you need bulk and/or aerosol packaging?epa compliance

  • Vapor degreasing
  • Defluxing of PCB’s and hybrid circuits
  • Contact cleaning for energized circuits
  • Dissolve fluorinated lubricants, i.e. DuPont™ Krytox® Greases
  • Carrier fluid for low temp drilling fluid
  • Electrical sleeve testing
  • Cleanliness verification

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