Can a Low or Non Toxic Degreaser Clean with Industrial Strength?

Because of the strong and desired move toward finding green alternative industrial degreasers that are safer for people to use and for the environment that is eventually exposed to the chemicals, many industrial businesses have already made the move to find a non toxic solutions for their industrial cleaning needs. However, some industrial companies have refrained from making the switch to such degreasers due to the concern that the cleaning solution is not effective for jobs that require cleaning with industrial strength. Many people believe that industrial organizations that stubbornly refuse to transition to eco friendly, green alternative degreasers and cleaners do so because they simply do not care about the environment, and are willing to take the risk of putting their workers in harms way. This is not the case.

Those who are quick to point the finger must understand how critical it is for an industrial business to have an efficient and reliable cleaning component. To maintain the integrity of all manufactured items, industrial companies must have a degreaser that will effectively rid parts, materials, and metals of dirt, grime, grease, oil, rust, sticky substances, or any other potentially detrimental particles that can cause problems when those parts and materials are put into use. If an industrial organization’s parts, metals, and materials are not cleaned properly or efficiently, an entire operation could be devastated, merely because a single part was not thoroughly cleaned. This is why most companies find themselves constantly balancing safety with effectiveness and this poses a difficult problem for business tasked with cleaning parts for assembly.

All parties involved can rest easy, because Ecolink – a company that has been providing industrial strength, eco friendly and green alternative cleaning solvents to industrial businesses for years – has the research and test results that prove non toxic degreasers can clean with industrial strength. If you are a decision maker or executive at a business that uses and needs industrial strength cleaning solutions and have not made the switch to an eco friendly alternative, please contact Ecolink right away, and a representative will happily provide detailed information on all their industrial strength degreasers and cleaning solutions with environmentally preferred manufacturing.


Making Industrial Cleaning Safer with Citrus Degreasers

For a long while, many industrial companies have been using harmful chemical agents when cleaning parts, metals, and materials to use for specific jobs. These chemical compounds have been putting workers who use or come into contact with the cleaning solutions as risk, and it also emits harmful gaseous toxins into the air, negatively affecting the air and ozone layer. Some companies, including Ecolink, have been searching for solutions to bring an alternative to the table that can replace harmful degreasers when industrial cleaning must be applied to parts, metals, and materials. Now available are citrus degreasers, which are industrial cleaning solutions that take the hazardous chemical compounds out of industrial solvents.

Citrus degreasers are an eco friendly orange peel based cleaner that has been tested and proven to rid parts, metals, and materials of dirt, grime, oil, grease, sticky residue, and other potentially harmful particles. Citrus degreasers are fortified with natural and powerful citrus extracts that are considered a green alternative that can clean as well as or better than other industrial cleaning agents. Citrus degreasers are also considered a sustainable and renewable industrial cleaning solution that is biodegradable, meaning the chemical components will begin breaking down once it is exposed to the air or comes into contact with soil.

Because of its excellent efficiency and reliability, Ecolink strongly recommends that industrial organization make the switch to citrus degreasers when performing industrial cleaning. Citrus degreasers are eco friendly, so right away you are improving your company’s carbon footprint and removing your workers from harms way. Ecolink can provide more detailed information on citrus degreasers and its benefits, and help your business make a smooth and easy transition right away. The professionals at Ecolink are versed in the benefits of citrus degreasers, and can provide information that explains and proves that this green alternative solution is an excellent industrial cleaning solvent.