What Are Ink Solvents Ecolink

What Are Ink Solvents and their Components?

In the world of ink, you mainly have two choices: water-based ink or oil-based ink. The term ink solvent refers to the ink containing an oil-based solution. This ink is a relatively inexpensive type of ink that is compatible with inkjet printers. An attribute of solvent inks is that it is waterproof, thus making it resistant to fading and wearing. It is a common ink used to print on different uncoated banners and vinyls because the pigment bonds well with these materials. Normally, the solvent will evaporate or be flashed off with the heaters on the printer, which will leave only the pigment on the material.

Typically, ink solvent is used to print on outdoor products because of its ability to adhere to non-absorbent materials. This ink is excellent for use with long-term outdoor banners and vinyl because it is able to resist fading for five to seven years. However, venting is important for this ink because of the presence of volatile organic compounds.


  • The carrier fluid in this type of ink is an oil-based carrier, and it keeps the other components in liquid form.
  • Pigments produce color in solvent ink. Typically, pigments are applied in powder form in order to enhance the color quality.
  • Resin is the aspect of the ink that makes the color stick and protects it from damage. 


Regular cleanings are mandatory when using ink solvent in order to keep the printer running smoothly. The oil-based solution can be very corrosive because it does not take a lot of heat for the carrier to evaporate. If not cared for properly, the print head used with solvent ink will clog. Therefore, in order to prevent the need to purchase a new print head, the user should not let a solvent printer sit around for a few days without

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Solvent and Eco-Solvent Ink Differences

Ink Solvent and Eco-Solvent Ink Differences

First, let us start off by explaining what eco-solvent ink is and some of its benefits. Eco-solvent ink is an oil-based ink, but what sets it apart from other solvent inks is that it is made from ether extracts taken from refined mineral oil. These inks are odorless due to the fact that their colors are suspended in a mild biodegradable solvent; therefore, they do not contain as many volatile organic compounds. However, before using eco-solvent ink you should consider the type of material you want to print on because these inks require more heat to dry than normal inks.

Benefits of eco-solvent printing

  • Lack of odor in printing area and printed material
  • Ink cartridges are not as harmful to your printing components
  • Easier maintenance

Solvent Ink versus Eco-Solvent Ink

There is no denying the many benefits of using eco-solvent inks; however, it is important to consider the type of printing you would like to do before choosing the solvent. As previously mentioned, eco-solvent ink is not a great choice for all types of materials because of the amount of heat required to dry it. If you are printing on a thin vinyl material, then solvent ink would be a better choice. In regard to costs, eco-solvent inks are more expensive than solvent inks. However, they are usually used by those who have medium-sized printing needs, such as a business or individual that is just starting out. While on the other hand, industrial printing, or large-scale printing, is still typically done with solvent inks. Another important aspect to consider when choosing which type of ink to use is the compatibility with your printer because only some printers are able to function properly with eco-solvent ink.

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What Is 142 Solvent Used For

If you are in a field that uses industrial grade degreasers, polishes, abrasives, and production solvents, then you have probably heard of 142 solvent, and want to know what is 142 solvent used for. 142 solvent is a high purity chemical solvent mixture, with an extremely low polymer aromatic content, that is used for a wide variety of applications and industries. Chemical processing, metalworking, industrial degreasing, lubricating oils, oil drilling fluids, adhesives, and so much more require the use of 142 solvent. One of the biggest benefits of using Ecolink’s 142 solvent is that it has a flashpoint of 140 degrees Fahrenheit, without sacrificing solvent strength. Ecolink produces the strongest 142 solvent with a flash point of this grade, so it can be safely used for industrial applications, while reducing risk of combustion. 

What is 142 Solvent Used For in Industrial Practices?

  • Degreasing – 142 solvent can be used to clean and degrease industrial machinery. Solvent 142 can be used to polish and clean the surfaces of industrial equipment after use to prevent build up and keep machinery operating properly.
  • Product Production – 142 solvent is used in the production of adhesives, degreasing agents, polishes, abrasives, lamp oils, pesticides, and paint thinners. 
  • Freeze Point Reduction – Solvent 142 has a lower crystallization temperature than other liquids like water, and can be used as a freeze point depressant to prevent icing and freezing. 
  • Industrial Process Fluids – 142 solvent is used both as a metal working fluid and oil field drilling fluid to aid in these industrial processes.  

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What Is LPA 142 Solvent?

LPA 142 solvent is a versatile, high purity, chemical solvent that can be used across a variety of industries. LPA 142 solvent is made up of hydrotreated isoparaffins, cycloparaffins, and naphthenics,  and contains very low levels of polynuclear aromatics. Some of the common uses of LPA 142 solvent are for agriculture, chemical processing, adhesives, abrasion, polishing, industrial cleaning, and metalworking. Ecolink, who is a long time provider of high quality chemical solvents, produces a high purity LPA 142 solvent, that is perfect for industrial uses, and currently in stock and ready to ship. In recent months, LPA 142 solvent has been hard to come by, as the supply chain was disrupted by hurricanes and tropical storms. However, if you are in need of a high purity LPA 142 solvent, Ecolink can help!

Benefits of Using LPA 142 Solvent:

  • Flash Point – Ecolink’s LPA 142 solvent has a flashpoint of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that the solvent will not ignite unless it reaches 140 degrees. This is desirable, as this medium flashpoint reduces risk of fire and spontaneous combustion, while still being strong enough to be used for industrial purposes. 
  • Strength – Ecolink’ LPA 142 solvent also has the highest strength of any solvent with a 140 degree Fahrenheit flash point. This solvent is strong enough to be used for industrial purposes while still maintaining a less than 1% aromatic content. 
  • Uses – LPA 142 solvent is incredibly versatile and can be used in the production of adhesives, polishes, lubricating oils, abrasives, oil field drilling fluids, degreasers, lamp oil fluids, and more across a wide variety of industries.  

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Ecolink LPA 142 Solvent In Stock

Ecolink LPA 142 solvent is a high purity solvent that is a mixture of hydrotreated isoparaffins and naphthenics, which is used in a variety of industries including metal working, agriculture, chemical processing, industrial cleaning, polishing, adhesives, and more. Due to recent hurricanes and tropical storms, there has been a disruption in the supply chain, and there is currently a shortage of LPA142 solvent in the United States. However, if you are in need of this chemical solvent, Ecolink has high purity LPA 142 solvent in stock and ready to ship here. If you are in need of LPA 142 solvent, or other chemical solvents, you can trust Ecolink to provide you with a high quality product and expert knowledge for an affordable price!

Benefits of Ecolink LPA 142 Solvent:

  • High Purity – LPA 142 is a high purity mixture that has extremely low levels of polynuclear aromatics. LAP 142 solvent also has a high flash point and narrow range of boiling point temperatures.
  • Knowledge – Ecolink is a long time, trusted provider of chemicals and solvents that can provide you with necessary information to safely use the chemicals necessary for your facility. 
  • Quality – Ecolink provides high quality, high purity, industrial chemicals and solvents, including Ecolink LPA 142 solvent, ensuring you receive the best quality for your needs, and providing peace of mind to their customers that they have a safe, stable chemical solvent.  
  • Eco Friendly – Ecolink prides themselves on providing high quality chemicals and solvents in an environmentally conscious manner. This helps to reduce risk to the environment and minimize the carbon footprint of companies that require the use of chemical solvents to conduct business,

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