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What Dissolves Oil? – Most Effective Oil Dissolving Solvents

Oil dissolving solvents such as acetone or hexane are often used as cleaning agents across a wide variety of industries. These cleaning agents are formulated with oil dissolving solvents to effectively clean everything from greasy cooking pans, to car parts, and even the face and body to break up and wash away makeup and oil build up. Oil dissolving solvents can be used for a broad range of cleaning and different solvents are more concentrated or stronger than others making certain solvents better suited for one use over another. If your business is in need  oil dissolving solvents to use in cleaning or as an additive ingredient , consider investing in a supply of solvents such as these below.

What Dissolves Oil?

  • Acetone – This is a popular solvent to use in many cosmetic products like facial creams and cleansers. Acetone, in appropriate quantities, is gentle enough to be used as an additive ingredient in various face and body products, and effectively breaks up oil and debris that can build up on the skin. Acetone in more concentrated forms can also be used to clean and degrease industrial machinery that is prone to build up with use.
  • Hexane – This oil dissolving solvent is known for its ability to effectively break up cooking oils. For this reason there are many cleaning and degreasing agents that contain hexane as an oil dissolving additive. Hexane is also used in many extraction processes where oils are extracted from organic products like olives, seeds, and vegetables to create oils.

Where to Purchase Oil Dissolving Solvents?

If you are in need of a reliable supplier of oil dissolving solvents like acetone and hexane, or simply wish to learn more about solvents like these, contact us today. We are a long time chemical and solvent supplier committed to eco-friendly practices, high quality products, with the ability to provide bulk supplies.

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What Is A Water Based Solvent and Where are They Sold?

Water based solvents are solvents that can be used for cleaning or degreasing, but the difference between these water based solvents and other cleaning solvents is that one of the primary components, or the “base” is water instead of a chemical ingredient. There are several upsides to using water based solvents in place of chemical based solvents, including the fact that water based solvents are generally more affordable than chemical based solvents as water is simply a cheaper and more accessible ingredient than various chemicals. Another major advantage of using a water based solvent, is that they are usually less volatile. This means that the solvent has a lower toxicity level, making it safer for the user.  Understanding that water based solvents are both more affordable and safer to use than traditional chemical based solvents makes deciding to switch easy, but you want to be sure to find a reliable supplier that can provide you with a water based solvent that is affordable, effective, and high quality.

Benefits of Shopping with Ecolink

Ecolink is a reputable supplier of various solvents that are both environmentally conscious and high quality, all while maintaining affordability. In addition to a wide variety of eco friendly solvents and chemical supplies, Ecolink boasts an incredibly knowledgeable staff that can help you find the right water based solvent for your needs. Many of the solvents provided by Ecolink are also available in bulk quantities ranging from 5 to 55 gallon supplies, giving them the ability to supply their quality products to everyone from small businesses to large facilities.

If you are in the market for water based solvents for cleaning or degreasing, and want to find a quality product that won’t break the bank, contact Ecolink today for more information!