Is IPA a Good Solvent for Resin Removal?

IPA is a common chemical solvent often used to clean and degrease industrial machinery, but is IPA a good solvent for resin removal? The answer is yes. If you are using 3D or SLA printers in your line of work, you know that these printers must be cleaned after use to remove any leftover resin or build up. Resin build up and spills, if not properly cleaned and removed, can cause damage or impact the functionality of your 3D printer, so it is important that these machines are cleaned with a chemical solvent as part of regular maintenance. IPA is recommended for resin removal on 3D printers for many reasons. IPA is affordable, effective, and will not damage your 3D printing equipment.

Why is IPA a Good Solvent for Resin Removal?

  • Cost Effective – Compared to similar degreasing chemicals, IPA is not only less harsh, but it is more affordable when compared to IPA alternatives.
  • Safe to Use – IPA has a high evaporation rate and low water content which prevents equipment from being damaged by moisture or pooling.
  • Powerful Degreaser – IPA is great for degreasing and degumming, and can easily cut through and dissolve leftover resin build up, leaving behind a clean surface.

Need to Buy IPA for Resin Removal?

If you are looking to purchase IPA, you want to be sure find a knowledgeable chemical provider who will supply you with a high purity, affordable, solvent that is right for your needs. When you work with Ecolink, you will receive all of this and more. Ecolink is an environmentally conscious provider of chemical solvents who will supply you with a high quality product and the necessary knowledge for safe use and handling. Ecolink also has the ability to fill and ship bulk orders, so iff you would like to learn more about Ecolink and IPA for resin removal, contact us today! 


What Is The Best Solvent for Resin Removal for 3D Printing?

Resin removal for 3D printing is a necessary cleaning process that removes any left-over resins after printing. 3D printers must be cleaned after each use as part of regular maintenance, to keep your 3D printer functioning at its best ability. The resin that is used to produce 3D printed objects is thick and hardens quickly, therefore you will need to find a chemical solvent that can easily break up and remove any leftover particles from your printer, without damaging the machine. When looking for chemicals or solvents to remove resin, you want to be sure you find a solvent that is effective and will evaporate quickly to prevent damage. For these reasons many 3D printers use IPA (isopropyl alcohol) to clean 3D printing equipment. 

Benefits of IPA Resin Removal for 3D Printing:

  • High Evaporation Rate – Industrial IPA used to clean and degrease machinery, like 3D printers, contains very little water, which allows it to evaporate quickly. Quick evaporation prevents pooling or prolonged exposure to moisture that could damage your printer.
  • Safety – IPA is generally safe to use when handled properly and requires very little safety gear for use.
  • Effective – IPA is a strong cleaning and degreasing agent that can easily break up resins, grease, or gummy substances that can gather on machinery with continual use. Regularly cleaning printers and machines with IPA will prevent buildup that could cause damage or impact your machine’s performance.

Where to Find High Purity IPA for Resin Removal: 

If you are interested in using IPA for Resin Removal for 3D Printing, Ecolink can provide you with the right purity and quantity for your needs. We are an environmentally conscious provider of chemicals and solvents, like IPA, for industrial needs. Ecolink also has the ability to provide and ship bulk quantities. From 5 gallon buckets to 55 gallon drums, Ecolink has you covered. Contact our knowledgeable customer service team today to learn more or shop our high purity IPA here!

Medical grade alcohol

Best Uses For Medical Grade Alcohol

Need to Buy Medical Grade Alcohol?

Ecolink is a long time, trusted supplier of solvents and chemicals like medical grade alcohol. Ecolink is known for their commitment to the environment, striving to provide products in a more eco friendly manner than traditional chemical suppliers. Ecolink also has an incredibly knowledgeable customer care team, and the ability to supply bulk quantities from 5-55 gallons. Contact us today for a quote for our medical grade alcohol or checkout conveniently online here.

Who Needs Medical Grade Alcohol?

Medical grade alcohol serves several purposes in places like hospitals, doctors offices, in-patient care facilities, and even first aid kits in homes or schools. The difference between medical grade alcohol and standard isopropyl alcohol, is that medical alcohol is a more concentrated, purer form of IPA that is 99% alcohol. Primarily used to sanitize, medical grade alcohol can be used for everything from cuts and scrapes to cleaning medical tools and equipment. If you work in a facility that uses large amounts of medical grade alcohol, you want to be sure that you have a great supplier that will provide you with a high quality product, and has the ability to provide bulk supplies. When you purchase medical grade alcohol from Ecolink, who is a trusted, eco friendly bulk chemical supplier, you get all of this and more. 

What is Medical Grade Alcohol Used For?

  • First Aid – Whether you are in a hospital or school nurses office, rubbing alcohol can be used to clean and sanitize minor lacerations before bandaging. This helps to prevent infection and aid the healing process. Similarly, medical grade alcohol can also be used to sanitize skin prior to administering injections.
  • Cleaning – 99% alcohol can also be used to clean medical equipment. Everything from exam tables, to small tools, and even large medical machinery can be cleaned and sterilized with medical grade alcohol. Alcohol is cost effective and safe to use making it the obvious choice when deciding on a cleaning agent.
does ipa kill bacteria

Does IPA Kill Bacteria: 70/30 vs 99% IPA Disinfectant

If you work in a field that uses a lot of disinfectants and antibacterial cleaners, you may be wondering does IPA kill bacteria? IPA (isopropyl alcohol) is a low toxicity chemical compound that can be used in a variety of different ways from solvents to cleaning agents, and even as a disinfectant to kill bacteria. What you may be surprised to learn, is that a 70/30 mixture of alcohol and water that is 70% IPA is a better disinfectant than pure 99%IPA.


IPA is a potent disinfectant and antimicrobial solution that effectively kills bacteria, fungus, and germs. If you use an IPA solution that is 50% or less IPA it’s effectiveness against germs and bacteria is weekend, however a pure 99% concentration is actually less effective than a 70/30 IPA to water solution.

So why is 70/30 IPA a better disinfectant than pure IPA?

The presence of water in an IPA mixture is necessary in order for the solution to effectively kill germs and bacteria. Without the presence of water, pure 99% IPA concentrations cannot thoroughly penetrate the cells of the bacteria that is being targeted. Water in an IPA mixture works as a catalyst to effectively distribute the IPA to the bacteria, fungus, or germs that need to be killed. Ideally you want to have between 10% and 40% water in your IPA mixture to adequately distribute that active IPA without diminishing its effectiveness. This makes a 70/30 IPA blend, much like what you would find in standard rubbing alcohol, the ideal choice for disinfecting.

So when addressing the question ‘Does IPA Kill Bacteria?’, the answer is yes! Just be sure you are using the right 70% IPA mixture to disinfect, ensuring optimal effectiveness against dangerous bacteria.

Looking for an IPA that Kills Bacteria?

If you are in need of a high quality 70/30 IPA to kill bacteria, we’ve got it. Ecolink is a proud provider of high purity, environmentally friendly chemical compounds, like IPA. Ecolink also has the ability to provide bulk supplies ranging from 5 – 55 gallons. Shop IPA here or  Contact us today to learn more!

What is 70/30 IPA and The Best Uses?

70/30 IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) is a low toxicity solvent made of a mix of 70% pure isopropyl alcohol and 30% water. This is generally the mixture used in first aid products such as rubbing alcohol. 70/30 IPA, like the mixture that is found in rubbing alcohol, is essentially just a diluted form of pure 99% IPA, that has a lower toxicity level and is safe to be used in everyday applications. 70/30 IPA is very veristle due to its low toxicity, and lower flammability levels when compared to 99% pure IPA. This allows 70/30 IPA to be used for a broad range of applications from a common household uses to various professional applications.

What are some of the best uses for 70/30 Isopropyl Alcohol?

? Home First Aid – 70/30 IPA such as rubbing alcohol is commonly used so clean out minor cuts and scrapes before applying bandages.
? Cleaning – This IPA mixture is also great for cleaning around the house. Items like stainless steel appliances, dry erase board, or mirrors can all be cleaned with 70/30 IPA. IPA is a great degreaser that remove stains or sticky substances from items like these.
? Industrial – Much like cleaning stainless steel surfaces at home, 70/30 IPA can be used to wipe down and clean stainless steel equipment in industrial settings, removing sticky residue and drying fast.
? Disinfectant – 70/30 IPA can also be used to clean and disinfect surfaces or items like medical tools, as this IPA is great for killing germs and sanitizing.
? Medical Field – much like with first aid at home, many doctors offices and hospitals will use 70/30 IPA to clean and treat wounds to prevent infection.

If you are in a field that uses large quantities of 70/30 IPA, purchasing in bulk is a great way to save money. Ecolink is a trusted, environmentally friendly supplier of bulk solvents and chemicals, that will provide you with a high quality product at a competitive price. Contact ecolink today for more info or shop 70/30 IPA here.