Prevention of Chemical Water Pollution – Keeping our Water Safe

clean waterMany people enjoy planting vegetation, herbs, and other types of plants and greenery when the warmer seasons permit. In addition, people with lawns and a good bit of land must perform lawn care in order to keep their lawns looking nice. Unfortunately, and as any lawn care service provider and casual gardener can attest, with planting and lawn care come issues that must be dealt with. Pests, insects, fungus, and weeds are some of the many problems that persist when trying to plant a nice garden or take care of your lawn. Lawn control care products do exists that help fight off these myriad issues, however, many of these chemical lawn care products have issues of their own. Pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides are all poisons designed to destroy pests, weeds, and fungus. The problem resides when the poisons find themselves permeating into waterways and leach into ground water systems, which consequently leads to serious water pollution and very damaging effects for both human health and the health of the environment. Some pesticides are so hazardous that a handful are have been identified as carcinogenic, while others can cause reproductive defects and even damage vital organs. Even many fertilizers that are used to feed agricultural productivity are considered detrimental because they add excess nitrates and phosphates to both the soil and water. Just in the last few decades alone, findings of nitrogen and phosphorus in soil stemming from both sewage and excess fertilizer, which poisons both soil and water, has almost quadrupled.

How do we keep our water safe? First, identify preventive measures. Some preventive measures include using eco friendly, green alternative chemical lawn care products that minimize and altogether eliminate harmful poisons found in these products. Ecolink can provide people with comprehensive information regarding eco friendly, green alternative chemical lawn care products, along with how to make a seamless transition to these products. In addition, there is far too much waste when using these chemical lawn care products. Both lawn care service providers and even casual gardeners purchase far too much chemical lawn care products that end up being wasted, dumped, and thrown out, or even used to excess, which consequently leads to more water pollution. At least, as it pertains to lawn care service providers, there are chemical leasing options that directly reduce chemical waste. A leasing agreement allows the lawn care service provider to receive only the necessary amount of chemical lawn care products, as long as that service provider buys the product only from the seller. This is a wonderful way to prevent chemical water pollution.

If you require more information on leasing chemical lawn care products and where to find eco friendly, green alternative chemical lawn care products, consulting with Ecolink will definitely get you on the right track.

Is Water Pollution Still a Problem in the U.S.?

With so many eco friendly and green alternative activists, regulatory agencies, and watchdog groups and organizations all over the United States, it definitely has become harder for businesses and corporations who conduct unsafe and hazardous disposal methods to get away with such laziness and duplicity. However, no matter how many organizations rise up to ensure the safety of the planet, some businesses still get away with polluting the environment, whether it be intentional or unrealized. Unfortunately, the correct answer to the question posed: “Is water pollution still a problem in the U.S.?” is yes.

Look no further than a water pollution issue that took place just recently with a company called Cooper Power Systems, which incurred a chemical spill at its facility in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that injured seven employees. The unfortunate incident involved a spill of over fifteen gallons of acid from a pressurized hose. To add insult to injury, of those people who were exposed to the spill, they became injured because the powers that be at Cooper Power Systems performed cleanup duties of a dangerous chemical that were not befitting the health and safety needs and standards. Because those workers had not been trained to handle a chemical spill, nor did they have the needed and required protective gear to shield themselves form the chemical, they became needlessly injured – a horrible result that could have been prevented. It was only after this unsettling circumstance took place that Cooper Power Systems the necessary corrective actions to clean up the spill. Due to negligence and failure to protect its workers, along with the environment, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also known by their acronym, OSHA, found Cooper Power Systems guilty of committing several indecent practices, and levied a fine of $166,000.

It is unfortunate that even in our present society, where an onus is put in safety protocol and protective the environment as best we can, there are companies out there who continue to fail holding their ethical standards to the rules and regulations set forth by federal regulatory agencies. Luckily, for those of us who care about our planet and out fellow human beings, there are companies around, such as Ecolink who look for ways to help companies like Cooper manage and understand the chemicals they use. Ecolink works to present companies with eco friendly, green alternative solutions that can often replace the hazardous chemical compounds still in use by the company.

If your business is looking for ways to improve chemical management, contact Ecolink to learn how to reduce, reuse, and in some cases even recycle your industrial chemicals. Ecolink experts can help your company transition to  chemical solutions that will help keep your workers safer.  Smart businesses will evaluate their chemicals to discover safer choices to avoid accidents, lawsuits, fines, and potential injuries that might certainly be prevented.