how is methanol produced

How Is Methanol Produced? 

How is methanol produced and what is it used for? Methanol (Methyl-Alcohol) is the simplest form of alcohol, commonly referred to by its chemical  symbol CH30H. It is widely known as the chemical building block for many  products manufactured today including building materials, paints, plastics, and parts for  manufacturing automobiles. It is also considered a clean resource for powering boilers and cooking  stoves, buses, cars, fuel cells, ships and trucks. 

Methanol (Methyl-Alcohol) is water soluble and biodegradable. It is built of four parts  hydrogen, one part oxygen and one part carbon. It is the simplest of the organic chemical group known as alcohol. However, understanding how methanol is produced is a bit more complicated.

How Is Methanol Produced and Manufactured?

  • Step 1. To produce methanol a raw material (usually derived from plants) requires to be  chemically altered or synthesized. 
  • Step 2. Using chemical processing or gasifying, synthetic gas can be created from almost anything that  is or was plant derived. 
  • Step 3. Catalytic (causing chemical change) reforming of the raw material into its chemical parts and  then Combined reforming to produce the synthetic gas. 
  • Step 4. Catalytic (causing chemical change) reforming of the synthesized gas into methanol. 

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Where To Find Bulk Methanol Drums

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Benefits and Uses of Methanol:

  • Versatility – Methanol is a commonly used chemical that spans a variety of industries and applications. Some common uses of methanol include an alternative fuel for motor vehicles and in the production of other chemicals used for plastics, paint and textiles. Methanol is also used in the production of antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid, as it has an incredibly low freezing point of  ?114 C, ?173 F.
  • Affordability – Methanol has a low production cost, and in turn is an affordable solvent when compared to other, similar chemical products. The ability to purchase bulk methanol drums also helps to keep the price low, making it accessible to all manufactures. 
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Where To Purchase Methanol Drums

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