Is Acetone a Good Solvent for 3D Printer Clean Up?

Additive manufacturing machinery and 3D printers require cleaning after use to prevent the build-up of resin that could cause damage, but is acetone a good solvent for this kind of maintenance? The answer is yes, acetone actually does a great job of breaking down cured and uncured resin from the nozzle of the 3D printing equipment. Clogged nozzles are a common issue with 3D printers. The resin that is used to print objects cures quickly and if the opening of the nozzle becomes blocked with cured resin after use, you will be unable to continue printing without removing the hardened resin. Simply soaking the nozzle in acetone after use and scraping with a thin wire or probe will remove buildup and prevent clogging that could damage your 3D printing equipment.

Why is Acetone a Good Solvent for Resin Removal?

  • Fast Evaporation – Acetone has a high evaporation rate which prevents pooling that could cause damage from prolonged exposure to moisture. When cleaning intricate parts with acetone you do not have to worry about rusting caused from left behind solvent.
  • Potent Stripping Agent – Acetone is a very strong chemical solvent that is often used to strip lacquers, paints, waxes, and resins. For this reason, acetone is able to easily break down the resin used in 3D printing, making cleanup and aftercare simple.
  • Bulk Availability – Acetone can often be purchased and shipped in bulk quantities allowing facilities that use large amounts of acetone to save money on supplies.

Shopping for Resin Removing Solvents?

If you are interested in purchasing and learning more about acetone for resin removal, Ecolink can help. Ecolink is a trusted provider of chemicals and solvents, that offers bulk quantities and a knowledgeable customer care team to help you find the best solvents for your needs. Contact us today for more information!


Acetone Solvent Suppliers for Small Businesses: 4 Crucial Services

At Ecolink, many of our customers who order acetone are large companies and big organizations, but we also serve small businesses. Small businesses often need cleaning solvents for the same reasons as big businesses, but the economics of solvent purchases can be quite different for these two customer segments.

Acetone Solvent Suppliers and Small Businesses

Every customer wants to purchase solvents economically, but small businesses operating a conservative solvent budget have the most to lose when purchasing chemicals from acetone solvent suppliers. In some cases, the small budget means there’s no financial recourse for purchasing the wrong solvent and/or buying a solvent on the wrong terms.

With this in mind, we look at four crucial services small businesses need from acetone solvent suppliers and sellers of other high-performance solvents. Ecolink offers these services to all of our customers, regardless of their solvent budget, industry, and size.

  1. Technical Assistance

Some acetone solvent suppliers are vendors who expect customers to know what they need before making a purchase. Large outfits often do know what they need. The person or department that manages solvent orders has professional solvent knowledge.

With small businesses, this is often not the case. They need a supplier to provide pre-sale technical assistance that’s not available in-house. Without assistance, their ability to identify the right solvent is compromised and could lead to purchasing the wrong product for the application.

  1. Custom Formulations

When a small business receives technical assistance for selecting a solvent, it may find that none of the supplier’s stock products are a good fit for the application. In this situation, receiving a custom formulation that’s tailored to the business’ unique needs is optimal. It’s what a large business would do, and small businesses should follow suit.

  1. Free Test Samples

You’ve identified what appears to be the right stock or custom solution for the job, but you’d like to see the efficacy of the solution firsthand before making a purchase. When you work with acetone solvent suppliers that offer free test samples, this is a part of the sales process. Once you see how the solution works, you make a highly-informed decision about the purchase.

  1. Supply on Demand

Small businesses typically use less solvent than big ones. Consequently, they often prefer to order solvent “on demand” instead of taking the opposite approach and buying in bulk. Some acetone solvent suppliers only work with large order customers, while other suppliers provide  solvent in almost any useful volume to serve the needs of a broad customer base.

Need an Acetone Solvent?

If so, Ecolink is here to help you find what you need. If one of our stock solvents isn’t the best fit for your application, we can formulate a custom solvent that works flawlessly. Whether stock or custom is right for your needs, free samples are always available. Just make the request.

To get started on selecting an eco friendly acetone solvent, contact us today!  We look forward to assisting you!






What Are The Most Effective Industrial Uses of Acetone?

Acetone is a potent and versatile chemical solvent used across many industries, including industrial manufacturing, in which the most common industrial use of acetone is as a cleaning and degreasing agent. Acetone is often considered to be an ideal solvent for its high evaporation rate. Acetone is extremely effective when breaking up build-up and cleaning, and it evaporates quickly preventing pooling or damage. This high evaporation rate is also a great asset when cleaning smaller, intricate machinery as it will easily flow through tight spaces and will dry on its own, making cleaning in small spaces easier. Another reason acetone is a preferred chemical solvent is due to the fact that it is affordable and it can be sold and shipped in large bulk quantities. In addition to cleaning and degreasing, acetone has many other uses in the industrial realm, including uses as an additive ingredient and as a solvent for the production of many goods. If you are in need of a versatile, affordable, and effective industrial solvent, acetone may be the best option for your business.

Industrial Uses of Acetone

  • Cleaning and Degreasing Agent – Acetone is often used to wipe down industrial machinery after uses to wash away build up and prevent gumming, keeping machinery clean and in proper working order.
  • Additive Ingredient – Acetone is used as an additive in many manufactured goods such as cosmetics and skin care products. A reliable bulk supplier of acetone can help to keep production costs down in industrial facilities that produce these products.  
  • Solvent – Acetone is very commonly used as a solvent in the industrial production of plastics. High production facilities could benefit from using high quality acetone not only in their production, but also in the cleaning and maintenance of their manufacturing machinery.

Looking for High Quality Acetone?

If you are interested in learning more about the industrial uses of acetone, or would like to purchase high quality acetone for your business, we are here to help. Ecolink is a trusted chemical and solvent supplier of high quality industrial solvents including acetone. Whether you need a standard supply or you want to place a bulk order Ecolink has you covered. For more information about acetone, contact us here today!


Does Acetone Dissolve Resin?

If you are looking for a chemical solvent for resin removal you may have heard about acetone and are wondering, does acetone dissolve resin effectively? Acetone is a potent chemical solvent that is commonly used to clean and degrease, as well as to strip lacquers, waxes, resins, and paints. For this reason, acetone is often used in industrial manufacturing, including 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Acetone can be used to remove leftover resin from the nozzle of 3D printing devices to prevent clogging and build up that could cause the equipment to function improperly. Acetone is a potent chemical solvent that can strip and dissolve cured or uncured resins with ease making cleanup and maintenance of 3D printing equipment easy. So if you want to know if acetone dissolves resin, the answer is yes, and it can be used to effectively maintain your equipment. 

Why is acetone a good solvent for dissolving resin? 

  • Potent – Acetone is a strong cleaning agent that easily cuts through grease, paint, lacquers, waxes, resins, and other substances that could clog or gum up machinery. Cleaning with acetone makes tedious aftercare fast and easy to manage, as the solvent will do the heavy lifting when breaking down these substances.
  • Fast Evaporating – Acetone has a high evaporation rate, making it safe to use on intricate pieces, like 3D printing nozzles, as it will quickly evaporate from tight spaces without causing pooling or damage from prolonged exposure.
  • Lower toxicity – Acetone is highly effective, but is less toxic than other stripping chemicals like MEK. This makes using acetone safer for the user when compared to acetone alternatives.

Shopping for Resin Dissolving Solvents?

If you are interested in purchasing acetone for your industrial business, contact us today. Ecolink is a trusted provider of high purity chemicals and solvents, including acetone, who has the knowledge and ability to help you find the best solvent for your particular needs.

Which Is Stronger, MEK or Acetone?

There are many different chemical cleaning and degreasing agents, including MEK and acetone, that can be used for industrial machinery or 3D printer nozzles, but which is stronger, MEK or acetone? While it is generally understood that MEK is a stronger chemical, both acetone and MEK are potent degreasing agents, but depending on your specific needs one solvent may be better suited for your use than the other. When deciding between purchasing MEK or acetone for your business it is important to understand the characteristics of both chemical solvents and what uses they are best suited for.

 MEK vs Acetone

  • MEK – This solvent is typically considered to be a stronger cleaning agent than acetone as it has a lower evaporation rate than acetone and a higher boiling point. MEK is a clear, flammable liquid that is water soluble and is often used as an industrial cleaner and stripping agent to remove bothe cured and uncured resins. MEK is also used in the production of glues, inks, and paints. MEK does require safety gear when handling to prevent irritation to eyes, throat, and skin.
  • Acetone – While acetone may not be quiet as strong as MEK it is overall less toxic and presents fewer safety concerns than MEK. Much like MEK acetone is also used to clean and industrial machinery and strip resins and and finishes. Much like MEK, acetone is also a colorless, water soluble liquid. Since acetone can be used in many of the same applications as MEK and it is generally less toxic, many industries choose to use acetone in place of MEK.

Shopping for the Best Solvents?

If you are looking to purchase solvents like MEK or acetone Ecolink can help. Ecolink is a trusted provider of chemicals and solvents that can offer bulk supplies and the knowledge to find the best solvent for your needs. To learn more about Ecolink and our chemical solvents, contact us today!