Benefits of Aqueous Based Cleaning Solutions

Aqueous based cleaning solutions are cleaning agents that are water based as opposed to chemical or solvent based, making them less harsh or volatile in comparison to other industrial cleaners. Water based cleaners can be used for several different cleaning purposes and are just as effective as many solvent based cleaning agents. From parts washing to cleaning industrial machinery, there are many highly volatile solvent based cleaners that can be replaced with aqueous based cleaning solutions. In addition to being a safer alternative to solvent based cleaners there are several benefits to be gained from using high quality water based cleaning solutions.

Why Should You Consider Aqueous Based Cleaning Solutions?

  • Cost Effective – One of the many benefits of switching to water based cleaning agents is that they are generally more affordable than chemical based cleaners. Water is a cheaper ingredient than any other chemical or solvent that may be used in cleaning agents, resulting in a more affordable product. Cutting costs and saving money is important to any business, so implementing the use of more affordable cleaners is a great option to consider.
  • Safety – Water based cleaners have fewer harsh ingredients that could harm the user and the environment. Many water based cleaners require little to no safety gear for use and are environmentally friendly.
  • Less Flammable – Water based cleaners have a high flash point, meaning that it takes a much higher temperature to cause these solutions to ignite than solvent based solutions.

Need Aqueous Bases Cleaning Solutions?

If you are interested in learning more about aqueous based cleaning solutions contact Ecolink. Ecolink is an environmentally conscious supplier of cleaning agents both water and solvent based. Ecolink also offers a line of green cleaners that are environmentally safe and preferred. Shop our aqueous products here or for any questions you may have or to get a quote call Ecolink’s knowledgeable customer care team at  800-563-1305.


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Best Aqueous Cleaning Solution Manufactures

If you are looking for cleaning agents such as parts washer solutions, that are miscible in water, you will want to find the best aqueous cleaning solution manufacturers to work with. A good manufacturer of aqueous solutions will provide you or your company with high purity, high quality, solutions for an affordable price, while also arming you with the necessary knowledge to safely handle these products. If you are looking for a provider that can do all of this, as well fulfill bulk orders of cleaning solutions and solvents.

We are an environmentally conscious supplier of aqueous cleaning solutions, solvents, and chemicals. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the best cleaning agents or solutions for your specific needs, and they can provide you with bulk quantities of the best quality products, without breaking the bank. When looking for great aqueous cleaning solution manufactures Ecolink will cover all your bases and more.


Benefits of Aqueous Cleaning Solutions:

  • Low VOC – Aqueous cleaning solutions are water based, instead of solvent based, containing dramatically lower levels of volatile substances resulting in a “low VOC” or low volatile organic compound, classification. A major benefit of low VOC solutions is that they are much safer to handle and don’t compromise effectiveness.
  • Greener – Aqueous cleaning solutions are the most environmentally prefered class of cleaners. As aqueous cleaning solutions are low VOC and safer for humans to handle, they are also safer for the environment. Less harmful chemicals are present in these solutions, that can pollute air or water making aqueous solutions “green” alternatives to other cleaners.
  • No Odor – Another benefit of low chemical content, is no harsh chemical smell that will irritate the eyes or respiratory system of the user, making solutions such as Ecolink’s aqueous parts cleaner easier to work with than other harsh cleaners.


If you are interested in learning more about Ecolink, aqueous cleaning solutions, and other environmentally conscious solutions contact us today or call 800-563-1305 to speak with a team member!


World Water Day – Highly Concentrated Aqueous Cleaners for Industry by Ecolink Inc.

Highly Concentrated Aqueous Cleaners for Industrial Degreasing

Ecolink was founded in 1991 with an environmental mission to replace ozone depleting solvents and other hazardous chemicals. The international observance of World Water Day is an initiative that grew out of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro. We advocate and promote fewer (first) and safer chemicals for industrial use and encourage all of our employees, suppliers, customers and extended community to make mindful consumer choices that ensure a smaller water footprint, thereby protecting water supplies in other countries. To learn more about World Water Day, visit

At Ecolink Inc. we offer a portfolio of highly concentrated aqueous cleaners. We designed our products to work effectively at very high dilution ratios, which reduces solid waste through decreased packaging + reduces transportation and disposal costs. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your critical cleaning requirements for replacing existing aqueous cleaners or converting from solvent-based cleaners and degreasers. 800-563-1305 or We are chemist-owned and operated and have more than 30 years of aqueous cleaner formulating experience.

Product Application Benefits Flash Point VOC
BULLDOG Maximum Effectiveness Degreaser Spray & wipe dip immersion

pressure washing

aqueous parts washers

  • Extremely aggressive
  • Super concentrated
  • Dilute up to 100:1
None 105 gm/l
DARACLEAN Aqueous Cleaners Multi-line high-tech, engineered aqueous cleaners None Contact Ecolink for information on specific Daraclean products
HEAVYWEIGHT Non-Butyl Industrial Detergent Spray & wipe dip, immersion

pressure washing

steam cleaning

  • Rust inhibited to protect ferrous metal
  • Aggressive on wide range of soils
  • Non toxic
  • Dilute up to 60:1
None 73 gm/l
PINNACLE Neutral pH Degreaser Pressure washing Automatic floor scrubbers

Spray & wipe

  • Dilutes effectively up to 60:1
  • Completely VOC compliant
  • Safe on most substrates
  • Non toxic
None 2 gm/l
RIP-TIDE Aqueous Solvent Dip, immersion Pressure washing

Tank cleaning

Water based paint cleanup

  • Plastic safe
  • Low odor
  • Non toxic
  • Dilute up to 30:1
183° F
51 gm/l
S-34 NG Cleaner – Nuclear Grade Spray & wipe Dip, immersion

Aqueous parts washers

  • Meets VOC requirements
  • Aggressive on a wide range of soils
  • Dilute up to 60:1


None to Boil 25 gm/l


Custom Aqueous Solvents: How to Purchase Them Economically

Most companies and organizations that invest in custom aqueous solvents do so out of necessity. They need a water based solvent but can’t find a ready made solution that meets their needs. The only option is creating a custom solvent that addresses all requirements.

Because custom aqueous solvents are manufactured from scratch, they frequently cost a bit more than stock solvents. You may have no option but to pay the price; however, there are four simple steps you can take to purchase your solvent economically. Let’s look at what they are.

  1. Request Three Separate Quotes

 Suppliers of custom aqueous solvents have different price structures, so it pays to shop around, as the old saying goes. Chances are that most of the quotes you receive will be in the same ballpark, but one price will be lower than the rest.

Choosing a supplier that offers the best price points is the first step toward saving money on your aqueous solvent purchase. But before you buy, confirm that the price is the regular price, not a special offer that won’t be available the next time you need to order solvent. 

  1. Purchase in Concentrated Form

 You have the option of purchasing your solvent in ready to use form or in concentrated form that must be diluted with water. If you’re familiar with the water dilution process for the type of solvent you need, buying in concentrated form allows you to use the highest percentage of water, while maintaining the efficacy of the solvent for the application.

  1. Purchase As-Needed or in Bulk

The volume in which you order a custom aqueous solvent also impacts price. For large-scale solvent users, buying in bulk is commonly the best option, as it typically offers a lower price per volume than a standard purchase. For small-scale users, purchasing solvent on an as-needed basis is often the best option. It allows them to use only as much solvent as required and prevents over investing.

  1. Recycle the Solvent if Possible

Whether you can recycle your solvent depends on its formulation and how you use the solution. For example, using a vapor degreasing solvent in a closed parts washer can facilitate solvent recycling, as long as the washer has the technology required for the job. If you can recycle your solvent, it could become a big cost saver in the long run.

Get Custom Aqueous Solvents Here

Ecolink is a seasoned supplier of eco friendly cleaners available in stock and custom formulations. We have years of experience creating unique solvents for the unique needs of specific users. We offer eco friendly, custom aqueous solvents that are ready to use or come in concentrated form, provide a variety of supply volume options, and supply free test samples of solvents on request.

To get started on creating a custom aqueous solvent, please call us today at 800-563-1305, or send us an email through our contact form. We look forward to supplying a custom solution at a competitive price you can afford!