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Common Swaps for More Eco-Friendly Products

The transition from non-eco-friendly products to eco-friendly products can be a smooth process if you know some of the common swaps. These common swaps are ideal because they are safer, have fewer chemicals, and have additional benefits that put harsher chemical products to shame. Honestly, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t made the swap sooner. 


When it comes to harsher chemical products, there are options out there that have fewer chemicals but results that are just as great, if not better! 

As you know, we love our clean, green chemicals and the variety of uses they offer, including cleaning solutions! Here are some options and considerations for ingredients you can use to be a bit more eco-friendly, including options on a smaller scale as well. 

What to look for in Eco-Friendly Products? 

  • Fewer chemicals. 
  • Reusables or packaging that offers less waste. 
  • Chemicals and additional ingredients that make sense! 
  • Research the supplier or distributor. 
  • Do your research on the ingredients. 
  • Inquiry! Never feel afraid to ask if you are still unsure. 
  • Weigh the risk of using one chemical over another.

Common Swaps for More Eco-Friendly Products  

On a small scale, oils can be used to disinfect different surfaces and areas. Here are a few examples. 

Tea Tree Oil 

  • Cleansing oil that is perfect for removing odors 
  • Antibacterial qualities 

Eucalyptus Oil 

  • Diluted eucalyptus oil can act as a repellent for roaches 
  • Perfect for mold or mildew 

What Ecolink Offers

  • We offer EPA-approved chemicals that will substitute those harsher chemicals that you don’t want! Below are eco-friendly Solvent Solutions that we offer businesses like yours! 
    • Solvent Degreaser 
    • Paint & Expoxy Stripper 
    • Multipurpose  
    • Wipe Solvent
  • Paint Remover

We offer SAFE STRIP—Eco-Friendly Paint Remover which replaces the following ingredients that are found in most products used for paint removal: methylene chloride and benzene.  

  • Multipurpose 

We offer non-hazardous solvents that have multiple uses and replace typical solvents found in vapor degreasing and metal cleaning such as nPB. 

How Can We Help?

In need of bulk, sustainable, eco-friendly chemical products? Ecolink offers additional EPA-approved chemicals as well as other cleaning solutions! Check out our Solvent Solutions page to see what additional products replace those chemicals you don’t want. A member of our team is available to assist you with any additional inquiries! 


What is a B-Corporation?

Imagine a business with purpose and transparency. A business determined to make a positive impact on the environment and communities embedded.  That is a B-Corporation.

A B-Corporation, also known as B Corp or Certified B Corporation, is a company that has decided to undergo a verification process through B-Lab (a non-profit) that certifies that the business has committed to its mission, and has willing to exhibit the highest set standards for social and environmental performance.

What is the Purpose of a B-Corporation? 

B-Corporations engage and promote adaptation and innovation through positive social and environmental practices.  Being a B-Corporation has several benefits internally and externally. Whether you’re a small start-up company or a large, rapidly growing company, you can apply for B-Corporation certification. While the process can be challenging the impact of being a B-Corporation is powerful.  

What Can a B-Corporation Do? 

  • Evoke change 
  • Create sustainability  
  • Influence sustainable commitments  
  • Connect and collaborate with communities 
  • Broadcast commitment to the mission statement 
  • Make positive changes in and for the environment  
  • Alleviate financial burdens 
  • Create inclusivity  
  • Support the B-Labs Theory of Change 

How to Become a B-Corporation? 

Remember, the process is complex but keeping a few things in mind when trying to become certified will save you a bit of time! In order to become a B-Corporation, one must demonstrate the following: 

  • Align your values  

Your business must demonstrate the highest set standards of business practices.  

  • Make a promise and stick to it 

Make a promise to have a positive influence on the world and follow through! 

Benefits of a Certification

  • Reliability  
  • Sense of community  
  • Positive impact on the world 
  • Gain more traction for your business

How is Ecolink Making A Change?

Here at Ecolink, we look forward to servicing your company! We too are committed to making a positive impact on the environment. We provide products you can rely on and guess what? They’re not harmful to the environment! Get in contact with one of our team members today to see how you can integrate quality and promising chemical products into your business! 

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5 Ways to Be More Environmentally Friendly

Ecolink continuously strives to be environmentally friendly and aware. In doing so, we believe in advocating for the current generation and the ones to come. We have established a reputation for supplying sustainable, eco-friendly products which are hard to come by in the industry. There are several ways to be more eco-friendly and it is a choice we should all pledge to. It all starts with being aware. Here are five ways to be a bit more eco-friendly, no matter what you do! Taking these five small, but impactful steps to become more eco-friendly provides a major payoff and the environment will thank you for it! 

  1. Make yourself aware

As mentioned above, being more environmentally friendly starts with being aware! First, start by assessing if youre doing more harm than good for the environment during production. Do you find yourself wasting products or energy, interacting with toxic chemicals, or simply wasting? If so, set goals to change that! Taking this small, but drastic step would have a major impact on the environment! 

  1. Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk allows your facility to interact with less waste, making sure that packaging is limited and youre buying larger quantities instead of repetitively buying smaller quantities of the products you know you use frequently. 

  1. Invest in Sustainable Products

Buying green chemicals is a great option to be more eco-friendly and they work just as well, if not better than harsher chemicals! Investing in sustainable products means fewer toxic chemicals that you and your business have to interact with. 

  1. Partner with Green Suppliers

Buying from green suppliers can create lifelong connections. Building connections and networking is essential for any business, so why not partner with a company that has your best interest in mind, is eco-friendly, and ultimately has the same mission and values as you? 

  1. Proper disposal

Properly disposing of waste and avoiding contamination is ideal. Plus, this helps reduce the displacement of the toxic or general waste that is harmful to the environment. 

Looking to become more Environmentally Friendly? 

Making small changes can have a huge impact on the environment and we are here to support you along the way! Looking for a reliable eco-friendly supplier? Our team at EcoLink looks forward to aiding you in your journey to being more eco-friendly. Dont hesitate to reach out today with any inquiries! 

Why Using Green Solvent Degreasers Are Important

Degreasers are commonly used as industrial cleaners to remove substances such as grease, paint, oil, lubricants, and other organic films from machines, tools, and floors. When it comes to choosing a degreaser, most tend to lean towards solvent based degreasers. Solvents are liquids or gases that can dissolve or extract other substances. Common uses for organic solvents are in industrial products such as paint thinners, spot removers, detergents, dry cleaning, and even found on the consumer level in nail polish removers. Solvent-based degreasers can rapidly dissolve oil, grease, paint, and other contaminants. However, having solvent-based ingredients in degreasers means more regulation from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) due to the health hazards that are associated with traditional solvents.

Traditional Solvent Health Hazards

The health hazards that are associated with traditional solvents include toxicity to the nervous system, reproductive damage, liver damage, kidney damage, respiratory impairment, etc. Also, some of the ingredients that are found in traditional industrial degreasers can cause significant unwanted side effects such as damage to equipment or contamination of waste-water. Some of the problematic ingredients include emulsifiers, petroleum products, inhibitors, chelating agents, and more. While some of these ingredients help degreasers with having enough power to handle various types of manufactured parts, components, and materials, you should not have to compromise safety for power.

The Advantages of Using An Green Solvent

Using a hazardous ingredient-free solvent such as Ecolink’s QED provides the power that is needed to remove substances such as grease, fuel oil, carbon and organic resins while being environmentally safe and being safe on many plastic and rubber surfaces. Ecolink’s QED product is:

  • Odorless
  • Contains no water
  • Rapidly leaves no residue of any kind
  • Very rapid evaporation
  • High dielectric strength for use on electrical apparatus
  • Contains no OSHA or ACGIH listed ingredients
  • Surfaces are ready for painting, bonding, or any other critical applications after hand wipe cleaning surfaces with QED

Interested in an Environmentally Solvent Degreaser That Is Green?

Utilizing a hazardous ingredient-free, eco-friendly solvent degreaser such as Ecolink’s QED will not only provide the power of traditional solvent-based degreaser but will also be safer for work environments as well as safer for the environment. To find out if an eco-friendly solvent degreaser is the best option for you, please call us today at (800) 563-1305, or send us an email through our contact form. For over 25 years, we’ve provided stock and custom cleaners that have an amazing efficacy. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing how we can help with your degreasing needs!

Using Natural Solvents: Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past 20 years, industrial solvent users have become increasingly interested in switching to solvents that have a natural formulation, sending the market for these solvents on a stratospheric climb that continues today, as more companies and organizations stop using solvents from yesteryear in favor of greener options.

If you’re thinking about getting in on the action and switching to a line of solvents whose efficacy is supported by natural ingredients, but you have some pressing questions about natural solvents before you make the switch, the answers below can be helpful.

  1. What’s the difference between natural and organic solvents?

 Organic solvents are made from ingredients taken from living matter. Natural ingredients are not derived from living matter but taken from a natural source. For example, citric fruit acid is an organic ingredient, while water is natural ingredient.

  1. Do natural solvents have toxic ingredients, or are they safe?

It varies by solvent. In most cases, creating a natural industrial solvent entails the goal of creating a safer solvent. Common examples of natural ingredients that are harmful to human health include betula alba, juniperus oxycedrus, and pinus sylvestrisr.

  1. Can natural solvents reduce my chemical waste disposal bill?

If you swap a solvent with toxic ingredients for a solvent that has natural, non-toxic ingredients, it may decrease your chemical waste disposal bill. The more toxic the spent solvent in your waste trap, the more it generally costs to have professionally removed.

  1. Do safe natural solvents require personal protective equipment?

In most cases, applying natural solvents should optimally be done while wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). In the case of “safe” solvents, the lowest level of PPE can often be worn. The goal is usually to avoid ingredients that cause acute, non-critical health issues (e.g., dizziness, upset stomach, and watery eyes).

  1. Can I order a custom natural solvent formulated for my needs?

If you work with a solvent supplier that creates custom formulations for specific users, the option of receiving a custom natural solvent should be on the table. Ecolink offers naturally formulated, custom solvents that are environmentally safe or environmentally preferred.

  1. Does a natural solvent usually cost more than a standard solvent?

Not necessarily. In fact, some standard solvents have a higher price tag than natural solutions. Some naturally formulated solvents contain a short list of ingredients that are inexpensive and easy to  formulate. Using this type of solvent on an extended basis can significantly reduce solvent expense.

Contact Ecolink Today

Ecolink is a supplier of environmentally safe and environmentally preferred solvents. Among our selection of industrial grade solutions, you’ll find many products that feature natural, non-toxic ingredients instead of harsh chemicals that are regulated or scheduled for regulation by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In addition to selling stock solvents, we also create custom formulations for specific users.

To learn more about our products and services, please call us today at (800) 563-1305, or send us a message through our contact form. We look forward to answering your questions!