where to buy heptane

Where To Buy Heptane

Wondering where to buy heptane in bulk? Ecolink is a trusted, industrial supplier of many chemicals, including heptane. We offer heptane in different bulk quantities like our 55-gallon drum available here in our shop. 

Heptane, being a straight-chained hydrocarbon produced by distilling petroleum, is a highly insoluble compound used often in household and industrial-scale settings. 

Heptane Description and Common Uses: 

  • Heptane is a hydrocarbon produced by distilling petroleum. 
  • It is highly insoluble and is used in household and industrial settings. Heptane is also often utilized as a diluent in solvents because it is highly insoluble (meaning it has incredible diluting ability).
  • Heptane is widely used as a non-polar industrial and laboratory solvent and is known more broadly for its role as the standard measuring system in the octane ratings listed on gasoline pumps around the world. 
  • Heptane appears as a colorless liquid with a mild solvent-like odor. 

What Are Other Names For Heptane?

Heptane is also commonly referred to by the following chemical names; Naphtha Petroleum, n-heptane, hydrotreated light, Brake cleaner, aliphatic hydrocarbon, and  heptane (B) commercial grade. 

What Are The Benefits of Using Heptane?

  • Extremely insoluble. 
  • Absorbs organic substances. 
  • Low boiling point. 
  • Low density. 

Benefits of shopping for Heptane with Ecolink

  • Bulk Supply – Need to know where to buy heptane in bulk? Ecolink is a trusted chemical supplier that offers heptane in quantities of 5-gallon buckets and 55-gallon drums.
  • Expert Knowledge – Ecolink has over 30 years of knowledge and experience in bulk chemical supply to share with their customers. Our skilled chemists can answer all your questions and ensure you find the best chemical products for your needs.
  • Environmentally Conscious – In addition to traditional industrial chemicals like heptane, Ecolink also offers a variety of environmentally preferred chemical alternatives. If you are interested in making your facility more sustainable with the use of green chemicals, Ecolink can help. 

 Where To Buy Heptane

If you would like to learn more about heptane or find a reliable bulk supplier, contact Ecolink here! Our trusted team of chemists is ready to help!


n heptane uses

N Heptane Uses 

N heptane uses are vast. Besides being considered a great solvent, n heptane uses include it being a standard-bearer in the testing of the knock intensity in gasoline engines, in laboratory testing for the preparation of reagents, and as a research chemical. Other common uses of n-heptane include but are not limited to, as isomers in solvents for glues, lacquers, and inks, as an industrial solvent for extracting natural gas, in organic synthesis, as an anesthetic, and as ingredients in gasoline and petroleum solvents. N heptane is a standard for octane rating measurement and n-heptane is also a component in trimethyl butane, a known ingredient in aviation fuel. If you are looking for a trusted, bulk provider of N heptane, Ecolink can help. 

Benefits of shopping for N Heptane Solvents with Ecolink 

  • Bulk Supply Ecolink provides convenient bulk sizing including 5-gallon buckets and  55-gallon drums that can accommodate different size facilities and cost savings for  bulk quantity orders 
  • Expert Knowledge Ecolink’s team of expert chemists provide advice based on 30+  years of study and field experience ensuring all our clients are provided top-notch  advice to help you choose the most suitable N Heptane Solvent for your applications  while ensuring we teach you the proper safety and handling to protect you, your  employees and end-users of our products
  • Product Quality – You can trust that the chemicals you receive from  Ecolink are high quality, stable, and safe to handle with proper use.
  • Environmentally Conscious – Ecolink also offers a large list of traditional chemicals, but we also offer environmentally conscious, green chemical alternatives. Ecolink is dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of the chemical industry and can help you make your practice more eco-friendly. 

  Want To Learn More About N Heptane Uses? 

If you would like to learn more about N heptane, find a bulk supplier, or receive expert advice to help you find the right chemicals and solvents for your applications, contact Ecolink here. Our dedicated staff is available to answer your questions about n heptane uses and more to ensure you receive the best chemicals for your needs.

Difference Between Heptane and Hexane

It is important to understand the difference between heptane and hexane when deciding which chemical is best for your needs. The scientific difference between heptane and hexane lies in the composition of the two chemicals. Heptane and hexane are both alkanes, and the difference is that heptane has 7 carbon atoms while hexane has 6. While heptane and hexane do in fact differ in composition, the two chemicals can be used for many of the same practices. Everything from cleaning and degreasing to oil extraction and more can utilize either of these chemicals.  If you are in need of heptane or hexane and would like to speak with an expert to decide which chemical may be best for your needs, Ecolink can help. Ecolink is a trusted chemical provider with a dedicated team of experts, and over 25 years experience. Ecolink will happily work with you to find the best chemical or solvent for your practice. 

Heptane and Hexane Uses:

  • Extraction – Both hexane and heptane are used in oil and grease extraction processes. Oil extraction is accomplished by grinding up seeds, nuts, or other oil producing fruits and then soaking them in a solvent that will separate the oil and evaporate. After the chemical evaporates, just the oil is left behind, which can then be processed and turned into cooking oils.
  • Industrial Cleaning and Degreasing – Hexane and heptane can both be used to clean and degrease industrial machinery. Both chemicals effectively break down debris and build up to be wiped away, keeping machinery in running order.
  • Gasoline – One of the more notable applications of both heptane and hexane is as an additive in gasoline. Gasoline pumps around the world display their octane rating which tells the consumer how much heptane or hexane is present in the fuel.

Need to Learn More About The Difference Between Heptane and Hexane?

If you would like to learn more about heptane or hexane, or are in need of a reliable supplier, contact Ecolink here! Ecolink and their knowledgeable team are standing by, ready to help you find the right chemicals for your needs.


Difference Between Heptane and N-Heptane 

What is the difference between heptane and N-heptane? There are many different types of heptanes, which are mixtures that contain 25% or less of n-heptane. N-heptane is the pure form of heptane, that is often used as an industrial degreaser as well as in the petroleum industry. N-heptane is a very potent chemical when compared to other heptanes so it is important to understand the difference between heptane and n-heptane. N-heptane is a clear, liquid that has a strong gasoline like scent. N-heptane must be handled with care and supplied in a responsible manner. For this reason, you will want to work with a responsible supplier like Ecolink who will help you find the right chemical for your needs, and provide necessary safety and handling information. If you are trying to decide if you need heptanes or n-heptane and would like to speak with knowledgeable professionals, Ecolink is here to help!

Benefits of Ecolink’s Chemical Supply Services

  • Expert Knowledge – Ecolink is a trusted chemical supplier who’s knowledgeable staff will work closely with you. Ecolink will learn your needs and help you to find the best chemical or solvents for the job. Ecolink will also help you understand how to properly handle and store your chemicals, to further ensure your safety.

  • Bulk Supply – Ecolink provides necessary chemicals such as heptane and n-heptane in bulk quantities up to 55 gallons. This ensures that you will always have enough supply on hand, and allows for the benefits of bulk pricing

  • Eco-Friendly – Ecolink prides themselves on providing chemicals in an environmentally conscious manner. Ecolink offers a large selection of green chemical alternatives in addition to chemical recycling resources.

Need To Learn More About The Difference Between Heptane and N-Heptane?

If you need guidance when shopping and deciding between heptane and n-heptane, contact Ecolink here! Ecolink is a reliable chemical provider who will help you find the best chemicals for your needs at a competitive price. Call today to get started!