what is a solvent recovery system

What Is a Solvent Recovery System?

If you work in a field that processes or deals regularly with solvents you may be familiar with or wondering, what is a solvent recovery system?  Solvent recovery systems allow solvents to be recycled and reused as cleaning agents. Solvent recovery systems work by extracting solvents from effluent streams or other solvent waste, and turns the collected solvents into reusable products. Extracting solvents in this method reduces the need for new solvents and is more efficient than purchasing new raw materials. Solvent recovery systems are a green solution to obtaining usable solvents, that help to save money and reduce waste. 

What are the benefits of using a solvent recovery system? 

  • Cut Costs – Using a solvent recovery system to recycle your solvents allows you to get multiple uses out of a single solvent which reduces the need to buy more solvents and allows your business to save money.
  • Less Exposure To Harmful Chemicals – Solvent recovery reduces your exposure to harmful chemicals. Instead of having to procure and use new solvents, solvent recovery occurs within a sealed chamber which allows you to spend less time exposing yourself to highly volatile chemicals and solvents.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Reusing chemicals and solvents reduces the need to produce or purchase more harmful chemicals than necessary. In turn this is a safer more environmentally conscious method of obtaining solvent and chemical materials.

Looking to Save Money Using Green Chemical Practices?

To learn more about solvent recovery systems and other green chemical practices contact us today! We are an environmentally conscious chemical and solvent provider. We offer an extensive line of green products and pride ourselves on our dedication to the environment. Ecolink also has an incredibly knowledgeable customer care team that is available to answer any questions you may have about solvents, green cleaners, or solvent recovery systems.



Save Money Using our Chemical Management Services

chemical management servicesIf you happen to be unfamiliar with chemical management services, here is a look into its business model to see if your industrial business can take advantage of its benefits.

Chemical Management Services

Chemical management services enable a customer to purchase chemical services and all aspects of the chemical management lifecycle, rather than just chemical itself. Chemical management services involves procurement, delivery and distribution, creating, logging, and maintaining inventory, monitoring and reporting related issues or problems, training employees on how to properly handle and use the chemical agent, as well as technology, treatment, and disposal information needed to maximize efficiency improvements. Under the guidelines of chemical management services, the chemical agent provider is compensated based on the quality of services provided that reduce the costs, risks, and environmental impacts during the entire lifecycle of the chemical offered, and not on the volume or quantity of chemical sold. The main and most purposeful effect chemical management services has is it places the same objective on both the service provider and the customer, and that is to work towards reducing chemical use and cost in order to achieve benefits that can be obtained through reducing chemical use, cost, and waste.

Save Money by Cutting Chemical Usage

One of the most serviceable benefits of implementing chemical management is the money savings. For examples, the cost of chemical management ranges can be upwards of three dollars for every dollar of chemical purchased. So, a facility purchasing a million dollars in chemicals could spend as much as an additional three million just to manage its use. The large cost is due to the expenses incurred as a direct result of using chemicals. Those expenses include compliance, safety, disposal, and space needed to incorporate the service, among other aspects. Chemical management services have proven to reduce all of the costs named above. In addition, chemical management services help manufacturers prioritize chemical management activities. For most manufacturing companies, chemical management is not considered part of the core business, therefore, imposing management criteria is not often a priority until some aspect of the service goes awry. As a result, the managing of chemicals by an industrial business utilizing chemical services is not performed as efficiently as other manufacturing activities. Fortunately, the implementation of chemical management services directly combats and eradicates this problem.

Eco Friendly Solutions

On the environmental front, chemical management services reduce hazardous chemical use, emissions, waste, the number of accidents on site, and liability. Chemical management services also drastically improve employee safety, it creates additional floor space for manufacturing, and it increases staff productivity by eliminating chemical management tasks from their duties, making its implementation a wonderful eco friendly solution for industrial businesses. Contacting Ecolink  – a green alternative solutions provider for industrial companies – will provide more information about the eco friendly benefits that come from using chemical management services.

Sustainable Chemical Management: The Rise of Green Chemistry

Green chemistry (a.k.a. sustainable chemistry) is a discipline that focuses on “designing of products and processes that minimize the use and generation of hazardous substances” (Wikipedia). Compared to environmental chemistry, which emphasizes avoiding chemical processes and solutions that harm nature, green chemistry is primarily concerned with developing technology that helps prevent pollution and reduce consumption of nonrenewable resources.

Green Chemistry And Solvents

When green chemistry is applied to the formulation of industrial solvents, sustainable chemical management is one of the primary areas of emphasis, as it helps accomplish the dual goal of green chemistry simultaneously: stop chemical pollution, and minimize the use of nonrenewable resources. For companies that implement solvents that achieve the goal, three important benefits can emerge: lower waste disposal cost, reduced solvent purchases, and the promotion of a good business image.

1. Lower Waste Disposal Cost

Chemicals that are sustainable in the sense of being re-useable inherently lower waste disposal cost. Instead of entering the waste trap, the chemicals get recycled and help preserve room in the trap. The trap will eventually fill or need to be emptied before at capacity to remove a certain chemical, but reusable chemicals help reduce the frequency at which the trap is purged.

2. Reduced Solvent Expense

Chemicals that are reusable also reduce solvent expense. For example, if a parts washing system is designed to recycle a degreaser for reuse in the parts washing system, the recycled degreaser would be used at least twice. Using rudimentary math, implementing this type of solvent could foreseeably reduce solvent expense by an estimate of roughly 50 percent.

3. Good Business Image

At a time when advancing environmental consciousness and improving safety in the workplace with eco friendly solutions are sweeping goals, consumers and businesses like to support companies and organizations that have decided to “go green.” Companies that use sustainable solvents that green chemistry pioneers can put the feather of sustainable chemical management in their cap, use it to improve public relations, and even use it for marketing purposes.

How Ecolink Can Help

Since we opened for business, Ecolink has been a proponent of green chemistry, using our own team of chemists to create solvents that support sustainable chemical management solutions. To “maximize clean parts, minimize chemicals” is our business motto that best describes what we do from the standpoint of “managing” chemicals to maximize their sustainability.

Moreover, we design industrial cleaners that maximize the number of parts or pieces of equipment you clean, while minimizing the solvent you use to perform cleaning. The majority of our solvents are environmentally safe or environmentally preferred, which makes them an excellent choice for companies and organizations that operate green.

Take advantage of our specialty in green chemistry to enhance your operation’s sustainable chemical management. Call us today at (800) 563-1305, or use our contact form. We look forward to supplying solvents that lower solvent waste disposal cost, reduce solvent purchases, and support the public image of companies that understand the importance of eco friendliness.

Are Chemicals Keeping you from Meeting Deadlines?

Out of the myriad complications that industrial businesses must fret over and deal with should any single one occur, possibly the most debilitating scenario involves industrial businesses waiting on late chemical shipments that force these businesses to push back and delay deadlines. The inability to meet deadlines can cripple a business. How so? The failure of a business to meet its deadline could result in the following: high client turnover, complete loss of clientele base, loss and depletion of revenue and profit, additional expenses, forced discounts in hopes of keeping client base, time wasted finding and researching other shipping companies, bad reputation within your industry, inability to accomplish work on time (chemical cleaning), et cetera. In other words, as innocuous as a missed deadline due to late shipping might seem in the grand scheme of business operations, late shipments can cause a chain reaction of significant problems that could one day lead to crippling your business, so much so it may prove too difficult to recover.

If your industrial business suffers from periodic delayed shipments from your chemical supplier, you need to nip that problem in the bud now before a series of unfortunate events unfold for you. The first step for your business to make is to locate a new supplier of the chemical you need for your businesses to function and operate as needed, and to make sure the supplier can deliver shipments on time, every time. Fortunately, Ecolink – a company that has been offering eco friendly, green alternative chemicals that work more efficiently than older chemical solvents, as well as the chemical solvent your business is currently using – boasts shipping speeds that are not currently duplicated by any similar company. Ecolink has consistently proven to ship chemicals to clients faster than competing companies within the industry. The company’s shipping track records supports this claim.

By going with a chemical solutions providing company that can ship much faster than any of its competitors, an industrial business would never have to worry abut the several complication that can arise from using a company with unreliable shipping dates and delivery expectations. Take your industrial business away from the constant worry of whether your chemicals are going to arrive on time. Make the switch to Ecolink, where you will experience shipping speeds that will save your company several days, possibly even weeks (research has proven that industrial businesses aligned with Ecolink save, on average, a full three to six days throughout each year) waiting for your chemical shipments to reach your destination. Take advantage of Ecolink’s superior shipping speeds and rates, and rest easy knowing your business will not miss any more deadlines, and production will continue to roll without any hiccups in its process.

Can Companies Reduce their Chemical Usage?

Chemical usage is such an integral aspect of the makeup of industrial processing; it makes it hard to answer this question in the affirmative. While it is agreed that with today’s advancements in modern technology there should be a way to drastically reduce chemical usage, one must always keep in mind that chemical components are really a foundation, or building block for industrial operations and businesses. Chemicals are used to create and build industrial parts, metals, materials, components, and products – making these products much more efficient for their intended use. In addition, chemicals are used to clean these industrial components, ridding them of inhibiting particles and elements that would otherwise prevent these industrial products from performing or functioning as intended and needed. So, while everyone can probably agree that industrial companies can devote more research toward finding a true method to reducing all chemical usage, one key element is already certain – industrial companies can already dramatically reduce its hazardous chemical usage.

How so? Simple. Federal regulatory committees and agencies, watchdog groups, and green alternative solution organizations such as Ecolink have researched, discovered, and developed eco friendly, green alternative chemical components that practically eliminate the usage of any and all hazardous and toxic chemical agents still used by industrial businesses. In fact, these eco friendly, green alternative chemical solutions offer a seamless transition to a safer chemical product that will still function as efficiently and effectively as the previous chemical component, but minus the toxic profusion emitted by those older, harmful chemical solvents. Moreover, these devoted groups and organizations have made it as easy as possible for industrial businesses to realize whether the chemical components they have in use are toxic, as the abundance of information found have been posted online on their websites. Or, if there are any questions and concerns regarding your chemical usage, you can pick up the phone and call one of these agencies, and a professional would be happy to inform you on everything you need to know about your existing chemical compound in operation, and whether you need to switch right away to a safer, greener alternative.

While our country works its way toward drastically reducing its overall chemical consumption and usage, it can already stop, not just settling to reduce, the use of hazardous chemical solvents. If you are a member of an industrial business, and happen to be reading this blog, please become a part of the solution, and stop being a part of the problem, and switch to an eco friendly chemical alternative. Making the change is a simple as reaching out to Ecolink, or any regulatory agency that exists to help with developing solutions to the toxic chemical problem and dependency our nation has, which needs to stop now.