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New Ideas for a New Future – Michael Spehalski

Chemically enhancing agricultural yields has been a process used in America since the 1930s and spurred an agricultural boom that has led to an unprecedented production of efficiently grown produce. However, this doesn’t come without adverse effects. Soil leaching, insect immunity to pesticides, and the genocide of native plant life are just a few of […]

Common Swaps for More Eco-Friendly Products

The transition from non-eco-friendly products to eco-friendly products can be a smooth process if you know some of the common swaps. These common swaps are ideal because they are safer, have fewer chemicals, and have additional benefits that put harsher chemical products to shame. Honestly, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t made the swap sooner.  When […]

Borehole Water Treatment Chemicals

Boreholes act as a self-sufficient water source for industrial purposes but can be contaminated with various impurities, like bacteria or toxic chemicals. Usually, borehole water treatment must be treated with specific chemicals to prevent various problems, such as scale formation or contamination. Borehole water will sometimes require pH adjustment through neutralization or oxidation, in order […]

Process of Chemical Treatment of Wastewater

Wastewater chemical treatment is a necessary process that is done to remove contaminants and solids from the water, in order to ensure purification so that it is deemed safe for humans and the environment. Though there are different types of treatments for wastewater, chemical treatment is usually an additional process involving addition of specific chemicals […]