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Finding the Right Bulk Hexane Supplier

Bulk hexane supplies are often used as industrial solvents when manufacturing products such as adhesives and paint thinners. Hexane can also be used as an industrial cleaner for various manufacturing processes and can be found as an ingredient in products like fast drying glues, rubber cement, and paint remover. Desirable for its low boiling point, […]

Uses for Bulk Acetone and Finding a Reliable Supplier

Acetone is a naturally occurring compound chemical that is used as a solvent or cleaner in many industries such as cosmetics, medicine, and gasoline, which require a bulk acetone supply. Acetone is an organic chemical that is safe to use in personal care products while still being potent enough to remove substances like grease, oil, […]

Finding The Right Bulk IPA Supplier For Your Company

Isopropyl alcohol, also known as IPA, is a versatile, colorless compound chemical, best known for its ability to clean and disinfect, especially in industrial settings which call for bulk IPA supplies. While IPA is used in several applications across many fields such as cosmetics, hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, and ear drops, this is a much […]

Can You Use Acetone for THC Extraction?

THC extraction is a process where the THC component of the cannabis plant is extracted to be used in the production of various THC products. While products such as butane or alcohol are sometimes used in this process, you can also use acetone for THC extraction. Like other methods of extraction where a solvent is […]

What is Acetone Made From?

Whether you are using acetone to do something as simple as remove your nail polish, or something more extreme like using it to clean up the aftermath of an oil spill, there is almost no industry that couldn’t benefit from the use of this versatile solvent. Acetone is an organic, non-toxic product making it safe […]