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The Benefits of an Acetone Cleaner

A number of solvents can be used to remove grime off parts, aid in sanding, and for general cleaning; however, only a handful easily meet the needs of companies without creating extensive overhead. Acetone cleaner is one of the less expensive and least regulated choices on the market today. As one of the simplest ketones, […]

Armature Rewinding: Degreasing Damaged Coils, Stators

Coil Rewinding & Industrial Solvents Companies in the armature rewinding-business re-wind damaged coils or stators, fix hermetic seals on electric motors, and generally restore electric motors and components. In order to fix everything from small automotive generators to giant industrial and utility devices, industrial solvents are consumed in massive quantities annually by more than 2,300 […]

What is Toulene

Toulene is a colorless water insoluble liquid. It has many uses. Perhaps the most common application of Toulene is in paint thinner. Indeed, the smell of Toulene will be familiar to most people who have been around the latter. Toulene is also used in cement, contact glue, and fuel. More recent applications have been found […]

What is MEK? (Methyl Ethyl Ketone)

Methyl Ethyl Ketone is a liquid solvent that is found in adhesives, printing inks, and surface coatings. MEK cleaner contains lube oil dewaxing agents and is used as a medium to extract waxes, oils, fats, and resins. Its effectiveness has made it one of the most popular liquid solvent today. What can I use MEK […]