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Mithuna’s Internship Experience

This completes my journey at Ecolink as an intern. It has been a journey of growth and learning, which I assume is the case for every one that went through it with me. Coming into this internship, I knew how to write scientific papers that earns me an A in my college classes. I also […]

Tristan’s Internship Experience

When I first learned about the Ecolink internship, it caught my interest to say the least. I’ve always been passionate about the environment, so working with a company that emphasizes environmental issues and sustainability like Ecolink is a big priority for me. Plus, being able to work remotely and on my own schedule was great […]

Striving For Sustainability: The Shift Towards Lower VOC Emissions

VOCs, fully defined as Volatile Organic Compounds, are chemicals that evaporate with ease and are designed for versatility.  However, even though these elements are popular and reliable for a variety of tasks, they come with an exhaustible cost. The application of them comes with the possibility of problematic exposure. No matter how brief or elongated, […]

New Ideas for a New Future – Michael Spehalski

Chemically enhancing agricultural yields has been a process used in America since the 1930s and spurred an agricultural boom that has led to an unprecedented production of efficiently grown produce. However, this doesn’t come without adverse effects. Soil leaching, insect immunity to pesticides, and the genocide of native plant life are just a few of […]