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Can You Use Hexane For Oil Extraction?

If you work in an industry that extracts oils from plant materials, you may want to look into hexane for oil extraction. Oil extraction is a process that uses a chemical solvent and heat to extract the oils from various nuts, seeds, or plants to create products such as CBD oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, […]

What Are The Best Solvents For Oil Extraction?

Before diving into the best solvents for oil extraction, you should understand the solvent extraction process. Oil extraction is simply the process of pulling oil out of plants like seeds or nuts, that produce consumer products such as olive oil, cbd oil, sunflower oil, and many others. There are several methods of extraction that involve […]

Electronic Solvent Cleaner: Finding Environmentally Safe Alternatives

A dependable cleaner is essential in the electronics industry to remove contaminants such as flux, adhesive residues, solder, and general debris left behind from the manufacturing process. Electronic solvent cleaners are used to increase the lifetime of the product by boosting surface resistance as well as other properties. As new products consistently decrease in size, […]