AK225 Alternatives

Asahiklin (AK225) was banned from production and import in the United States, effective January 1st, 2015.

Industrial businesses still using AK225, need not panic!

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Though AK-225, also known as Asahiklin, has been a popular, and for the most part effective cleaning solvent for parts, metals, and materials for industrial companies that need to clean and degrease products, studies have proven that when the chemical agent is released into the air, it damages the Ozone Layer. These studies contradict a lot of the information that can be found online that sheds positive light on AK225. However, the fact remains that enough evidence points toward the negative effects of using AK225.

For industrial businesses that have come to rely on AK-225, the need to find a suitable replacement for a parts cleaning solvent that can clean and degrease the way AK225 could becomes a major priority. A solid AK225 alternative would be FluoSolv CX, which is a non-ozone depleting solvent alternative for AK225. The following is a list of reasons why industrial businesses that are still using AK225 can find solace in switching to FluoSolv CX.

  • The acceptable exposure limit for FluoSolv CX is more than double the figure of AK225
  • FluoSolv CX is a much faster drying solvent, which makes the chemical agent more ideal for vapor degreasing and cold cleaning applications for aerosol.Ecolink1
  • The makeup of both AK225 and FluoSolv CX are quite analogous, therefore, both cleaning agents have similar materials compatibility with all metals and nonmetals, including ceramics, and polymers.
  • AK225 is commonly used for the precision cleaning of composite assemblies in aerospace, complex geometry metal parts, as well as electronic and medical devices because of its high density and low viscosity. FluoSolv CX has similar thermal and physical properties that make it an excellent AK225 alternative and ideal choice for precision cleaning in the just mentioned industries.
  • Since no equipment modifications or change is required to the operations of industrial companies currently using AK-225, these companies can make a seamless transition to the environmentally safe and cost effective FluoSolv CX solvent.