AK225 Flushing Fluid Replacement: Two Options From Ecolink

AK225 flushing fluid (a.k.a. Asahiklin) enjoyed a long run as a go-to solvent for companies that perform routine degreasing and general cleaning of parts, surfaces, and materials. However, the solution’s ozone depleting properties rightly placed it on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) list of solvents that are banned or regulated. AK225 was primarily produced in Japan and has been banned from importation or production in the U.S. since the beginning of 2015.

AK225 Replacement Process: Two Options

As it would normally do, the EPA made AK225 flushing fluid users aware of the solvent’s impending ban before the ban was active. Some companies completed the phase out process in 2014, well before the date of the solution’s ban. The question is whether they implemented a seamless replacement for AK225 flushing fluid or have made do with a similar solution whose efficacy at removing soils doesn’t conform to the strength of the AK225 solvent it replaced.

If your company or organization is in this position, we recommend considering the following two options for finding a final, suitable replacement for AK225 flushing fluid: Implement Fluosolv CX solvent, which can be purchased directly from our online store, or have our team of experienced chemists create a custom solvent that perfectly conforms to your cleaning processes. Let’s take a look at each option.

  1. FluoSolv CX Solvent

Fluosolv CX has the same efficacy as AK225 and possesses several additional advantages, as well, including: an acceptable exposure limit that is nearly double the limit for AK225, no required equipment modifications (e.g. changes to parts washing systems) are necessary for using FluoSolv CX as an AK225 replacement, and FluoSolv CX dries faster than AK225, making the latter a better option for vapor degreasing and aerosol cold cleaning applications.

Moreover, FluoSolv CX is widely viewed as the number one replacement solvent for AK225.

  1. Customized Solvent

Most users should be able to implement FluoSolv CX as a drop-in solution for any ineffective AK225 replacement solution they currently use. However, there are inevitably outfits that need the formulation of FluoSolv CX tweaked to meet unique chemical cleaning requirements. In this situation, we recommend letting our team of chemists create the needed solution.

Once your custom solution is complete, we’ll even send you a free test sample, so you can be certain that the solution works as expected. From there, we can supply your custom solvent on a scheduled basis, or as the need for the cleaner arises. Choose the supply scenario best meets your requirements.

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As new, green, industrial cleaning solutions continue to become available, industrial cleaning solvents that damage the ozone and pose other critical problems should eventually be eliminated. In the meantime, Ecolink is here to provide environmentally preferred stock solvents and custom solvents that deliver the same cleaning power of the solvents they replace.

To get started on implementing the best replacement for AK225 flushing fluid or one of its replacements simply that isn’t the best, please call us today at (800) 563-1305, or use the contact form on our website. We look forward to providing you with a safer, powerful solvent.