AK 225 Ban

HCFC 225 BAN 12-31-14 (CAS # 422-56-0 AND 507-55-1)

human-sources-of-flourinated-gas-emissionsBeginning January 1, 2015, HCFC-225 (also called “AK225”), a common precision solvent for high-end cleaning, will be banned for usage, per the Clean Air Act under the Montreal Protocol.

HCFC-225 is a mixture of two isomers, HCFC-225ca and HCFC-225cb. A common source of HCFC-225 is from Asahi Glass Company as Asahiklin AK-225, a precision cleaning solvent. AK-225 has many unique properties, including good solvency, and thermal stability. AK-225 is nonflammable. AK-225 is VOC exempt, per the EPA. VOCs are smog producing compounds that are highly regulated. AK-225 also has a low acute toxicity (the exposure level of AK-225 is 100 ppm 8h TWA), low viscosity, high density, and low surface tension. Due to the ozone depleting potentials of HCFC-225ca and HCFC-225cb, 0.02 and 0.03, respectively, it is now being phased out.

Property characteristics

  • No volatile residue (NVR)KleenATMS
  • Rapid evaporation
  • Non-flammable
  • Plastic-compatible
  • Solvent stability, eliminate need for stabilizers (examples: NPB, TCE)
  • Exposure limits 100 PPM compared to TCE 100 PPM and NPB 10 with 0.1 PPM pending *
  • Reclamation, recycling easily handled with simple distillation equipment with no decomposition and/or if you have a 2 sump vapor-degreaser

To date, the EPA has approved more than 300 substitutes for over 60 different uses. Potential substitutes for HCFC-225 include 3M HFEs, DuPont™ Vertrel® Solvents, and FluoSolv® Performance Fluids.

What is your application? Do you need bulk and/or aerosol packaging?epa compliance

  • Vapor degreasing
  • Defluxing of PCB’s and hybrid circuits
  • Contact cleaning for energized circuits
  • Dissolve fluorinated lubricants, i.e. DuPont™ Krytox® Greases
  • Carrier fluid for low temp drilling fluid
  • Electrical sleeve testing
  • Cleanliness verification

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