AK-225 Replacement Options

TimesUpStill using AK-225 (HCFC-225ca/cb)?

Not for much longer. Depending on who you ask in the industry and US government regulatory agencies the official mandated phase-out date is December 31, 2014 for HCFC-225 commonly known as Asahiklin AK-225 for precision cleaning, 225AES, 225T and 225ATE for defluxing, drying where alcohol azeotropes are used, 225DH for displacement drying and 225G for oxygen cleaning. Several notable sources are exiting the market by mid-year as early as June 2014. This material is manufactured in Japan and requires at least three months scheduling to allow for ocean shipping. Time’s up! Need help sourcing an alternative? Please call 888-996-8436 ext 125 or email to explore ready-to-ship and sell off-the-shelf solutions or work with our technical team to design custom blend specific to your success criteria in bulk and aerosol packaging.

 AK225 Phase-out 12/31/14

Asahiklin3,3-dichloro-1,1,1,2,2-pentafluoropropane (HCFC-225ca) CAS #422-56-01, 3-dichloro-1,1,2,2,3-pentrfluoropropane (HCFC-225cb) CAS #507-55-1 are commonly applied as carrier fluids for silicone and fluorinated lubricants (electrical or sleeve testing, low temp drilling fluid, mechanical testing (low viscosity, high density) as a coolant;  heat transfer fluid; precision cleaning of small intricate metal and non-metal parts to remove minor oils, grease, finger prints and particulate matter; defluxing agent to remove solder flux after solder reflow step.

 Vapor Degreasing

Vapor DegreasingA primary application of AK-225 is in vapor degreasing systems including Baron Blakeslee, Branson Ultrasonics and Crest Ultrasonics.  Degrease any component (automotive, aerospace, medical instrumentation and implants, optics and electronic) from all light weight hydrocarbon oils such as engined fluids, brake fluids, hydraulic fluids as well as sub-micron particles. Deflux in applications where you cannot tolerate ionic or metallic impurities on the surface of parts post-cleaned. TechSpray® is a notable supplier. Call 888-996-8436 ext 125 to explore options.

Aerosol Applications

Aerosol ApplicationsAerosol applications of AK-225 require rapid evaporation, leaves no residue, powerful cleaning, non-flammable and plastic-safe. Avionic and electrical contact cleaning, all purpose degreasing and defluxing aerosols that meet this criteria cost $30 – $50 per can and be careful when reading propellant % to calculate “useable content.” When looking at alternatives you need to navigate need for solvency (heavy vs light), plastic safety, flammability and cost per can after measuring % propellant. Buying at least 50 cases per year? We have lots of options to save you $ and time. Email before time runs out…