AK-225 Phase out: Find a Safe Alternative Now

replacing bad chemicalsFor those industrial businesses that are still using AK-225 to clean and degrease parts, metals, and materials, it may already be public knowledge that this cleaning and degreasing solvent, per federal regulatory demands, is being phased out, with the complete decommissioning of this solution set at the beginning of 2015. No matter how attached industrial businesses might have become to this effective, yet harmful cleaning and degreasing agent, it has been rendered hazardous by the powers that be and must be phased out. If your industrial business is facing the scenarios of having to replace the AK-225 cleaning and degreasing solution, then the time is now to find a safe alternative. Fortunately, Ecolink – a company that researches and designs green alternative, eco friendly cleaning and degreasing solutions – has found a safe alternative that industrial organizations can switch to right away and commence protecting its labor force and the environment.

The eco friendly, green alternative industrial solution that can replace AK-225, and even clean and degrease with more efficiency is called FluoSolv WS. FluoSolv WS is a non flammable and non toxic chemical cleaning and degreasing solution that has already become a replacement for older, hazardous cleaning and degreasing agents such as N-propyl Bromide, or nPB, and Trichloroethylene, also known as TCE. Now, FluoSolv WS is considered the best replacement solution for AK-225. This chemical solvent has a very high allowable exposure limit, making it a safe cleaning and degreasing agent for uses that include wipe and dip cleaners. FluoSolv WS provides outstanding solubility for fluorinated and hydrocarbon oils and grease. This solvent is compatible with almost any type of metals, glass, ceramics, and elastomers. Another important reason why FluoSolv WS is the chosen solution to replace AK-225 has to do with its zero ozone depleting potential – the opposite of what was wrong with using AK-225.

For more details and specifications regarding FluoSolv WS, you are encouraged to contact Ecolink. Ecolink professionals have conducted their due diligence on FluoSolv WS, and can assist any industrial agency needing to make a transition to an alternative cleaner and degreaser by providing an abundance of information on the solvent, or by helping with the transition to the new solution, or both. Ecolink is considered a valuable resource for replacing harmful cleaners and degreasers. They develop and create green cleaners and degreasers, as well as aiding in the transition from a harmful solvent to a safe solution.

Industrial organizations still using AK-225 should not delay any longer. Allow Ecolink to help you make the switch to a safe alternative now – the FluoSolv WS cleaning and degreasing solution. Once you make the change, you will be providing a safety service to your workforce and to the environment. Call 800-409-3142