Mek vs Acetone: Which is The Right Solvent for You?

MEK, short for methyl ethyl ketone, and acetone are both potent chemical solvents that can be used for cleaning, but it is important to understand their difference when comparing MEK vs acetone, to decide which solvent best suits your needs. While both of these compounds are low toxicity solvents, and can be used for practices such as, industrial cleaning, degreasing, or stripping of resins, there are key differences you should be aware of when purchasing an industrial solvent for your business. Many manufacturing and industrial businesses rely on bulk supplies of solvents like these to clean and degrease their equipment, to keep their systems in high functioning operational order. Before deciding which solvent you want to use, familiarize yourself with these MEK vs Acetone facts.

Comparing MEK vs Acetone

? Toxicity – Both MEK and Acetone are low VOC solvents meaning that they have low toxicity levels and are generally safe when used and stored correctly. However, MEK is overall less volatile than acetone.
? Evaporation Rate – Acetone has a very high evaporation rate making it a great cleaner for electronics as any moisture evaporates at a rapid pace. Due to acetone’s fast evaporation rate, it is also more flammable. MEK on the other hand has a slower evaporation rate and higher boiling point than acetone, making it a more potent, stronger cleaning agent.
? Water Soluble – Both MEK and Acetone are water soluble, however due to MEK’s slower evaporation rate it is able to maintain a constant boil when mixed with water.

While Acetone and MEK are used for some overlapping purposes, due to their differences there are some applications where one is better than the other. Acetone makes a great paint thinner and cleaner for electronics as it evaporates quickly, and is a better solvent as it can dissolve more substances. On the other hand, MEK is a more potent cleaner and is great in inks and dry erase markers as it evaporates slower.

Looking for MEK or Acetone?

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