Which Is Stronger, MEK or Acetone?

There are many different chemical cleaning and degreasing agents, including MEK and acetone, that can be used for industrial machinery or 3D printer nozzles, but which is stronger, MEK or acetone? While it is generally understood that MEK is a stronger chemical, both acetone and MEK are potent degreasing agents, but depending on your specific needs one solvent may be better suited for your use than the other. When deciding between purchasing MEK or acetone for your business it is important to understand the characteristics of both chemical solvents and what uses they are best suited for.

 MEK vs Acetone

  • MEK – This solvent is typically considered to be a stronger cleaning agent than acetone as it has a lower evaporation rate than acetone and a higher boiling point. MEK is a clear, flammable liquid that is water soluble and is often used as an industrial cleaner and stripping agent to remove bothe cured and uncured resins. MEK is also used in the production of glues, inks, and paints. MEK does require safety gear when handling to prevent irritation to eyes, throat, and skin.
  • Acetone – While acetone may not be quiet as strong as MEK it is overall less toxic and presents fewer safety concerns than MEK. Much like MEK acetone is also used to clean and industrial machinery and strip resins and and finishes. Much like MEK, acetone is also a colorless, water soluble liquid. Since acetone can be used in many of the same applications as MEK and it is generally less toxic, many industries choose to use acetone in place of MEK.

Shopping for the Best Solvents?

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